Best Graphic Design Ideas For Your Business

It is no secret that well-crafted graphics can set a company on its feet. Cool graphic design makes everything about the brand look better, more creative, fancy, and special. It can help set any business apart from its competitors in the same industry and strengthen its identity.

Graphic design has become an essential part of every company’s branding efforts, and nowadays, with so many people getting involved in the field, you can find all types of inspiration everywhere! As with any other things, there are better and worse examples out there, so be smart when reaching out for the best graphic design ideas for your business.

Logo Graphic Design Ideas

When it comes to the visual representation of your brand, possibilities are endless. Logo ideas tend to kick in at the very beginning of a brand’s journey. Even companies which technically didn’t have any over-the-top graphic design experiments with their logo, like Harrod’s or Nike for example, have already had it since the very first establishment of their company. Today, anyone can easily spot their logos even without their brand name’s written next to it, and this is how you can tell that their logos are one of the most successful ones ever designed.

To set your brand off on the right track, your business needs to leave a mark in the world with a recognizable sign – that is the logo. In general, there are three main types of logos which you could take into consideration when conceiving a cool graphic design for your business. This includes:

  • Letter-based Logos
  • Text-based Logos
  • Abstract Logos

In this article, we will be explaining each of the main types of logos to you while also including some great examples of each.

1) Letter-based Logo Examples

Logos based on single letters are quite popular in the graphic design world, and you can probably guess why. There is nothing simpler than having the first letter of your brand transform into a fancy logo design. At the same time, it’s hard to find anything more brilliant than this idea.

In this case, what instantly comes to your mind when you see a logo for the first time (as well as each of the other following times) is the brand’s name, which usually starts with this letter. Check out this witty example of a lettermark by George Bokhua to understand the power behind a letter-based logo.

Letter-based Logo Examples

Image source: Behance

Nowadays, graphic designers seem to wonder: how can my logo speak equally well to millennials and the older generations when times and design trends have changed so drastically? Well, the response to that is the use of variable logos!

Variable logo designs has been a recent trend in the design industry and are those that embraces adaptability. Basically, what you get are two logos in just one space. And no, we are not talking about the general use of negative space. We are talking about logos that can be customized and adapted accordingly to each specific channel, such as an animated logo option for platforms that allow for videos. They help clients meet their specific needs and are the best option to go for, especially in this digital generation.

Image source: Dribbble

Variable logo design

Image source: Dribbble

Not everything is as ideal as it seems though. One may be wondering how they can righteously use these cool animated graphic designs on printed marketing tools such as business cards, posters, and flyers, and that is actually a good question to ask.

Remember, your logo doesn’t have to always be animated for it to look amazing. In this case, we’ve got another example for you of how a logo can look on printed objects. This logo elicits the ultimate retro and vintage style. Printed on a piece of wooden furniture, this truly adds to its visual appeal and makes it look just as stunning as other digital versions of logos. I

Printed on a piece of wooden furniture logo

Image source: Pinterest

2) Text-based Logo Examples

  • Amazon

Unsurprisingly, the same trend of animated logo appears in many of the text-based logos there are today. Take a look at the current Amazon’s marketing visuals, for example. With the prominent use of technology, and especially so with online platforms, this gives rise to the number of digitized logos that have been created by many companies and designers.

Amazon logo

Image source: Dribbble

  • Listen

And what about letters turning into a sound waveform? The one below was created by Joe Ski and is incredibly visually engaging. This is a prime example of all the design possibilities that can be achieved nowadays with a bit of imagination and some craving for smart graphic and technological solutions.

Listen logo

Image source: Dribbble

  • Shouut

It’s not hard to guess that the general look and feel of text-based logos heavily depends on the type of font that was used to create them. But who says that a word or brand name has to be structured using basic shapes and letters only?

Check out the example below of how Kavya Singh has revolutionized text-based logo designs with all the details she’s added to each single letter. This logo design for the company, Shouut, is absolutely outstanding!

Best Graphic Design Ideas For Your Business
Shouut logo
Shouut logos

Image source: Behance

Placing a bunch of letters together to turn it into a great logo design is never an easy thing to do. You need to constantly work on it while also keeping your customers’ interests in mind. Meaning, you need to regularly give them the reason to keep investing their time and money in your business, and this is why many brands take up rebranding and redesigning so often.

  • Arts Wave

An intensely powerful sign and illustration of the ‘wave’ within the company’s name is paired perfectly with the slogan ‘Funding Arts. Fueling Community. Lately, many brands have been inserting slogans into their logo designs, and this has made them become a significant aspect of business’s visuals.

In Arts Wave’s logo, the wavy lines that make up the word ‘wave’ gave power to the overall design as it strengthens the name of the company. This is a great example of how designers can play around with the texts in logos and add relevant details to it. By adding wavy lines in the text, this allows the logo design to communicate the essence of the brand even more clearly.

Hence, a good tip that can be taken from this logo design is: if there is any design element that adds value to your brand’s name and visuals, be sure to include it in the best way that you can.

Arts Wave logo

Image source: Under Consideration

  • Stefan Leitner Photography

As mentioned, the best logo designs are those that are customized accordingly to the personality of the brand or a person (in the case that you are a freelancer). In the following example, you will see how the psychological ‘appearance’ of a person has been taken into consideration when creating a business card.

This bold, courageous font on a business card belongs to an extraverted, ambitious photographer, Stefan Leitner. This strengthens his brand as a person and communicates his style very effectively. For other photographers who may have a more dainty style of work, this font might not fit them very well. Therefore, when designing text-based logos, be sure to pay extra attention to the typeface you plan to use.

Stefan Leitner Photography logos

Image source: Creative Bloq

3) Abstract Logo Design Examples

Besides letter-based logos and text-based logos, there is a third category of logo designs that you should definitely take note of – that is abstract logo designs. The abstract logo department leaves room for an unimaginable number of interpretations for audiences, hence maybe this is the reason why they have become so popular.

With abstract logo designs, you are able to visually communicate your brand’s main message in very creative ways. It’s your responsibility to help your customers associate your conceptual ideas with the logo design, however this may be a bit difficult as people tend to perceive abstract designs differently. Yet, at the same time, these different interpretations are also the beauty of abstract logo designs.

At the end of the day, abstract logo designs is all about creativity and thinking outside of the box. To spark some ideas for your logo design project, check out these inspiring abstract logo examples below.

  • Powersense

There is something truly enchanting about this logo that involves an image of multiple abstract whales overlapping each other. It’s full of colors, it appears optimistic, and it just makes you feel instantly attracted to the design. The right colors are used and placed on top of a neutral background which makes the logo visually appealing. This logo designer knew exactly what he was doing when creating a powerful visual fruition through his design.

Powersense logo design

Image source: Behance

  • Monk Café

In this logo design, the mental association with inner peace and nirvana does not go unnoticed . This is exactly the type of feeling this abstract logo is trying to elicit. If you look at it closely, the symbol is an abstract outline of a person in a common meditation pose, holding a cup of tea.

Although you may not notice it in the very first glance, you can definitely spot the shape of the crossed legs as well as the steaming cup of tea. The use of curved lines create a very calm and relaxed-looking shape with goes hand-in-hand with a classic font and a light pastel color. Therefore, this abstract logo is something that is perfect for a café logo design as it truly evokes a very organic and natural image of the business.

Monk Café logo

Image source: Behance

  • Skinova

Skinova dermatology and laser clinic’s logo is simply based on an illustration of a rose, and as you may or may not know, flowers are known for being the symbol of beauty, femininity, and finesse. In fact, they are also associated with mature femininity, hence why it fits especially well with businesses that focus on beauty. Overall, the logo itself is simple, and at first sight, gives the impression of a butterfly! This smooth, pastel pink logo definitely serves as a good inspiration for those who own beauty or skincare companies.

Skinova logoImage source: Behance

  • LunnScape

The new design by TubicStudio for LunnScape, a landscaping company, evokes rather a positive attitude that is great for any business in this field. The logo represents the dragonfly as their main mascot as they are commonly found in South Florida, the location in which the company is based in.

In this design, you can see that the dragonfly is placed in the center of a water circle, as illustrated by the light blue circular shape. What’s even more creative about this logo is that the dragonfly’s wings look very much like floral leaves. The vivid color palette used in this logo are also very representative of the brand’s landscape and gardening services as it gives off a very natural and summer-like appeal to it. Therefore, the entire logo illustrates the nature of the landscaping business very well.

LunnScape logoImage source: Tubik Studio

  • Rafiki

What about this exquisitely smart logo for a veterinary clinic? It uses a basic shape to illustrate a dog’s head in order to leave consumers with no doubts about their business. Even without the details drawn in, within one instant look, audiences will easily be able to tell what this business is all about. Additionally, the bright blue color gives off a very pet-friendly feel to the logo, which enhances the communicative power and appeal of this abstract logo. With this logo, customers can be sure that their pets will be kindly taken care of.

Rafiki logoImage source: Behance

Tips on How to Create a Graphic Design Logo

Now that you’ve seen some great graphic design logo examples, let’s cover some valuable logo design tips that you can apply to kick your branding efforts off with a successful start!

1) Know your brand by heart

To keep it sweet and short, before starting the logo design process, you should always take the time and effort to first carefully define your brand’s identity. Meaning, you should get to know your goals, visions and your best qualities. What is it that makes you different from all the other brands, and who is it that you are trying to target with your products and services? Be sure to make this very clear through your logo.

2) Search for graphic design inspiration

After the initial phase of brainstorming your ideas, search around for more inspiration to see what kind of logo your competitors have, and eventually use them to decide on your own unique graphic design style. After all, you want to differentiate yourself as much from what’s already been done in terms of logo designs in your industry.

So, whatever style of logo it is that you are going for, whether that is letter-based, text-based or even abstract logos, do not hesitate to look around for inspiration to spark your creativity. You never know what other ideas can come out of it. There are plenty of cool and trendy inspiration that you can find online and offline, and while it doesn’t hurt to use these amazing logo designs as references, make sure you are not completing copying them as this can get you into legal trouble.

3) Selecting the right design elements

Keep in mind that logos are composed of a collection of visual elements like color, shape, graphics, and typography that compliment each other well. All of these choices will boil down to the style you decide to employ for your logo design.

Do you want your brand to be perceived as a more classic, retro, vintage, modern, or fun and quirky brand? Specify your choice and select design elements that are fitting to that style. However, what’s important to underline here is that there is no best logo design style. You simply need to choose what’s best for your brand.

Moreover, be aware of the color choices you make as this is one of the most crucial elements of the logo. Each color has certain types of emotions and ideas associated to it which allows people to react to it a certain way. On top of that, the symbolism and meanings of colors also differ between cultures.

Therefore, while it is a must that you pay attention to the various tints and tones you decide to add to your design, you should also consider researching the country your target consumers are based in and its culture. If you are an international business, the best option would be to try to go for the universal color symbolisms.

4) Finding a professional graphic designer

After picking the right style, typography, color and other important elements for your logo design, it is now time to get in contact with a graphic designer who can help make your logo ideas come to life. You can either choose to go with a design agency, an online logo maker, a freelance graphic designer, or any other logo design services available. Ofcourse, if you are someone who is skilled and experienced in graphic design, you could even consider doing it all by yourself!

However, if not, the best way to go about this is to reach out to other design experts to help you out. At DesignBro, we have a team of professional graphic designers who have had years of experience in the industry. If you are interested in a high-quality and affordable logo service, feel free to contact us to find out how you can get started!

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