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Brooker Law Firm Logo Design by Designbro
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Brooker Law Firm Brand Identity Design
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Get a custom logo for your law firm that would raise the bar

The typical scales of justice or the gavel of a judge do not necessarily need to be part of lawyer logos. Having a precedent does not inevitably make something correct. As an attorney, you must object to the overuse of generic legal imagery in your law firm logo designs.

Your logo will be the first thing anyone notices about your law firm, and your brand identity should convey Integrity, trustworthiness, authority, strength & advocacy. You should leave no stone unturned to create a lasting impact.

Be bold! Be creative! Innovative ways exist to make use of traditional legal imagery. A unique custom logo for your law firm can be designed by setting a new path.

Your law firm logo should be minimalist in appearance but bold in approach. Special care should be taken while picking the colors to prevent spoiling the brand image of your firm. It is best to create a color scheme before starting with the design to avoid unnecessary edits later.

Our graphic designers at DesignBro, understand how to use simple customized fonts, color scheme, and custom legal imagery to create an attorney logo for your law firm that is visually appealing and timeless. Of course, you can redesign your law firm logo, but the branding should be consistent to prevent confusion among your prospective audience.

With DesignBro, invest in top graphic designers who will create an appealing legal logo for your law firm so you stand out among your competitors.

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Business Illustration
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“The designer was beyond great to work with.”

“The designer was beyond great to work with. His original design was fantastic!! He listened to all of my requests and was quick to bring me new updated ideas. I'd work with him again any day!! ”

What does law firm logo design cost?

The logo design price of your law firm depends on the design level you decide to choose. The different options contain different levels of service and number of unique designers working on your logo design. No matter which one you go for, you get original and professional work done by top-quality designers only. That is the DesignBro promise!



Expect 3 - 5 designs
From 3+ professional designers guaranteed
Unlimited revisions
Blind Contest
Vector (open) files
Full Copyright
Money back guarantee*
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Expect 5 - 8 designs
From 5+ professional designers guaranteed
Large designer prize
Unlimited revisions
Blind Contest
Vector (open) files
Full Copyright
Money back guarantee*
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Expect 10 - 14 designs
From 10+ professional designers guaranteed
Large designer prize
Unlimited revisions
Blind Contest
Vector (open) files
Full Copyright
Money back guarantee*
Priority support
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Full Agency


Delivered by our Pro Services team
Expect 5 designs
From 5 hand-picked designers
Project intake call with a brand consultant
Made to order solution
Vector (open) files
Full Copyright
Money back guarantee*
Dedicated acccount manager
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Add a custom brand identity design for your law firm

Jem Brand Identity Design Project

Get more than just an attorney logo. Start a brand identity project, starting at $600, to give your law firm the visual identity it deserves. Created by our top-quality designers, including:

Logo design
Letterhead design
Business card design
Compliment note design
Envelope design
Receive full-copyright and ready to use files

Start an attorney logo design contest online for your law firm

An attorney logo design contest lets our designers compete for your law firm, and can get you lots of unique logo ideas. This drives original and high-quality logo submissions. You choose the winning design which will be fully yours and delivered in all necessary files.

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3-10 professional designs

How many designs do you want to choose from? Just select your number. Designers can’t see each other’s work so there’s only unique and creative content.

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Full copyrights & all files

The chosen winning design will be delivered to you in all necessary files, including 'open vector format', and you will own the full copyrights.

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Money back guarantee

We want you to be happy. That’s why we don’t call it a refund policy but our Happy Client Policy. Read more about the terms right here.

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As a law firm you want to make sure your brand comes across as reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable while at the same time having a certain degree of authority, or 'power' as you can call it. When your clients, or opposing sides see your letterhead appear, it must invoque a subconscious feeling of 'these guys know what they're doing'.
Our team has years of experience in the design industry. Not least of all our founder who also previously founded an award winning, industry-leading agency that worked with global brands. From our years of experience, we have created a simple, but powerful tool that is focused on 2 aspects: 1. Getting high quality information from our customers that meet such standards that our top-level creatives can work on the briefing. 2. Ensuring that we have best-in-class designers that are able to distill this information into fantastic design concepts.
A little known but true fact: a brand by itself does not exist, it merely lives in the minds of our customers. The same also applies to your competitor’s brands. By understanding the story that your brand tells (or would like to tell), and the story that your competitor’s brand tells, our designers are able to decipher these visual cues & ensuring that your brand contains the right emotional triggers that continue to build equity in your customer’s mind.
Most important is that we vet all designer's recent work before they are allowed to join DesignBro. We only accept the best 5% of designers that apply. We don't believe in actively selecting where they are from, as long as their talents meet our high standards. Besides this, we do notice that the majority of our designers are from Europe & The Americas.
Yes! Actually, you are encouraged to do so. You will have a direct chat with all logo designers working on your project. You will be able to ask them to make changes & ask questions in general.
There is no set limit to the amount of feedback or the number of revisions you can ask for, as long as there is enough time on your logo project. You can communicate directly with the different designers & tweak your logo to the point you are loving it.
At DesignBro, the price of a logo design project for a law firm ranges between $300 and $905 depending on the number of designs you want to choose from.
The initial design stage takes 10 days, this is when you receive your designs. You will be able to give feedback & communicate with the designers directly. You will then be able to pick up to 3 finalists. You will be able to work closely with these designers for an additional 5 days. After that you pick your winner & the designers upload their files.
Yes, as a part of our general terms & conditions, the designer automatically hands over all copyrights once they are chosen as a winner.
You will be delivered all the agency standards for you will get the ‘open’, ‘editable’ .ai or .eps files, as well as jpg and png for direct use. If you need anything specific, don’t hesitate to ask your designer.
You can select the NDA option during checkout. It will cost an additional $45.
Yes. You can order a brand identity project, which includes design for your; logo, letterhead, envelope, business card and compliment slips.
Yes, just reach out to us & we will be able to help you.
Our track record shows a 98% satisfaction rate from our customers. That’s very important to us, but what’s even more important is that we regard our customers as our partners. When we create a brand identity design for one of our clients, we know that we, and our designers, will likely be working with them for the next years to come. We are eager to lay a foundation of success, as that is the only way a great creative partnership should be forged.

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