5 Charming Car Wrap Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Cars have been serving us as a necessity, a luxury, and a personal statement that speaks louder than words. From advertising space for your business to simply eye-pleasing designs that spark your personality through car wrap designs, a lot can be achieved by designing a car wrap that stands out from the crowd. Nonetheless, coming up with car wrap ideas is not as easy as it seems. 

To help you with the inspiration for car wrap designs, our team has handpicked the best car wrap designs that are shining across the world. 

Before diving into the legendary car wrap ideas, let us have a better understanding of the benefits of well-designed car wraps

  1. Protection: Your car wrap is not merely a packaging element centered towards aesthetics; it protects your car from inevitable damages from the sun, dents, rust, and gravel. 
  1. Affordability: With a number of options available (full car wraps, partial car wraps, commercial car wraps, etc), you can select a car wrap that fits your budget without compromising as much. 
  1. Prompt: A car wrap is one of the quickest ways to design and protect your car altogether in one easy process. 
  1. Ease: Maintaining your car becomes very easy when it is covered with a well-chosen car wrap. Not only the car, managing your car wrap and removal of your car wrap is also quite easy. You could also upgrade it without any challenges on your road. 
  1. Business-centric: If you are an entrepreneur or building your personal brand, you could leverage car wraps that are designed specifically for your business and marketing purposes. 

Now that we realize the benefits of car wraps, here are excellent car wrap ideas that will give you limitless options to design unique car wraps:

1. Mercedes SLR Vehicle Wrap in Chrome

5 Charming Car Wrap Ideas That Never Go Out of Style


Mostly spotted in France, Mercedes SLR cars have been restyled with a flashy chrome that fades into exquisite colors for car wraps (such as black and silver). While Mercedes SLR cars are as powerful and appealing as they come, you can add a seamless glossy chrome car wrap on it to enhance its beauty. 

Though the above-shown image of this car was taken while it was in park, it is not difficult to imagine the reactions from onlookers when it would be on the road. 

2. Copenhagen Zoo’s Snake Bus

5 Charming Car Wrap Ideas That Never Go Out of Style


This car wrap design truly crushes the concept of unique car wraps – figuratively and literally. There is a very rare chance that this car wrap design would go unnoticed when it is around you. 

Designed for Copenhagen Zoo in the year 2009, this commercial car wrap is a fun illusion consisting of a giant snake graphic serving as a car wrap. It is strategically placed in a manner that highlights the name of the Zoo and targets its customers (mostly family market) to visit the zoo. 

‘If its bus is this exciting, how exciting would the zoo turn out to be,’ is a thought that this commercial car wrap provokes amongst onlookers. 

3. FedEx UPS Truck

5 Charming Car Wrap Ideas That Never Go Out of Style


FedEx is certainly known for its creative marketing strategies. However, with this controversial car wrap design, FedEx took the extra mile, and we love it. While the design of this trailer wrap had people divided in two: some liked it, and some did not, we cannot disregard its creativity to imply that FedEx is able to do twice as much as other delivery companies in the market. 

With a solid and clear concept, its on-point logo placement, and its clever yet pretty design elements, this trailer wrap is quite memorable in itself. 

4. BJR Rainbow Livery 

5 Charming Car Wrap Ideas That Never Go Out of Style


A rainbow color paint scheme is not unusual when it comes to car wrap designs. It is a confident and bold choice made by many car lovers. With this racing car from the Australian Supercar series, Brad Jones Racing Holden took the rainbow car wraps to a more meaningful level. 

As Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras play a role in Holden’s sponsorship, the colorful design of this car wrap features not only branding from Holden but also supports equality amongst all. 

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5. Forklift System X-Ray Truck

5 Charming Car Wrap Ideas That Never Go Out of Style


Known to deliver services and product parts at your doorstep, Forklift Systems is not only creative with its brand name but also its designs. 

With its seemingly ‘open truck that is missing its tailgate’ design, this trailer wrap is most certainly a talking point for whoever comes across this. 

Also, the Forklift System ensures that it carefully partners with its business logo which is remarkable enough to pop in your mind whenever you need any of the Forklift System’s services. Its truck wrap very evidently shows the importance of a well-designed wrap and the commercial benefits that comes with it. 

Bonus: Factors to Consider When Designing Car Wraps 

In a way, if only used commercially, car wraps can be considered ‘billboards on wheels.’ The car wraps are used for advertising and building brand awareness of companies in a very cost-effective manner. 

Car wraps are not only limited to commercial purposes, these are also used to add taste to your cars and express your personality through your car and car wraps. 

We can all agree that regardless of their various benefits, car wraps are not very traditional yet. This makes its design process a bit new and tough. Therefore, we have collected the most important factors which makes an impact when it comes to your car wrap design: 


Yes, it is quite an obvious factor to consider when designing your car wrap. Even so, it cannot go unmentioned. 

It is important to know that car wrap size is not the same as your car’s measurements. Measure every side, roof, hood, bumpers, positioning and angles of curves, door handles, rivets, and every other element. This will save you the cost of wasting the first car wrapping your design.  


Regardless of the purpose of your car wrap: personal or business, it is important to limit the amount of text you place on your car wrap. 

Look at it this way: people hardly read texts on billboards (which are still), so what are the chances of someone reading text placed on a moving vehicle. It is inconvenient and seems like an arrogant marketing effort. 

Nonetheless, if you do use text, ensure that its font style matches the car wrap design and your objective. 

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Chrome is certainly a safe choice. However, there are a number of options even when you go chrome with your car wrap design. 

When coming up with car wrap ideas for branding purposes, you could explore the psychology of color combination, it will help you target your audience in the most precise manner. It is also best if you incorporate your brand color palette in the car wrap design. Many prefer bright colors regardless of their brand colors, as bright colors are easier to get noticed. 

All in all, be noticeable with your car wrap design but do not oversell it.

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