Construction logo design ideas for your company

The construction industry is among one of the largest industries in the world, having spent more than $1,231 billion. No matter what industry you operate in, every type of business will have to invest in marketing material, with one of the most important being the company logo.

There are thousands of big and small construction companies out there, each with its own unique identity and logo. However, very few companies have a logo worth remembering.

Sadly, most companies either do not work enough on getting the right logo or do not know how to design one. If you are struggling to come up with a kickass logo, then be sure to check out the following construction logo design ideas for your company.

How to Design Great Construction Logos

When you’re in the process of creating a logo, it is always a good idea to begin taking some inspiration from popular logos that already exist within your industry. With that being said, let’s take a look at a few of the best construction logos:

Work Horse Logo

Construction logo design ideas for your companyWhat is great about this logo is that it’s very simple, yet highly creative. There is a horse in the middle that serves to highlight the name of the construction company. Plus, the name is also written in block letters for better clarity of the logo. 

As you can see, the designer has incorporated the horse in a very unique manner. Including symbols of the different elements used in construction, the designer was able to bring the horse to life while also making the logo more representative of the company. 

Despite using just black and white, the logo is able to leave a very strong impression on audiences. 

SibleyConstruction logo design ideas for your company

Compared to the first logo shown which was black and white, this one is completely different as it involves splashes of color, which in this case are the different shades of blue. 

Interestingly, the designer has used lines to create the letter ‘S’. The company name ‘Sibley’ is also written in block letters for readability and easier recognition. 

Unlike the previous logo, this logo is smaller in size and can be used for all kinds of purposes.


Construction logo design ideas for your company

The Jarkikoti logo is very important because it reveals the international appeal of logos. This non-US company uses the same trick to make their logo highly defining of their business.

On this logo, you are able to read the full name of the company. There is also a small image on the top, which appears to be shaped like a house. The addition of this icon is extremely important as one may not understand what a company does if there is no relevant image to support its name.


Construction logo design ideas for your company

This is the most unique logo on the list because it is one that does not include vector images. All you can see is the name of the company, Draco, written in a unique style.

The designer hasn’t used place text. Instead, he or she has made some tweaks to the font which helps make each of the letters appear more attractive. When you are only counting on your font to make the mark, it is highly advised that you add an interesting touch to it. Therefore, the writing must be visually impressive for it to gain the attention you desire.

Another great tip would be to use a background image that will highlight your logo even more. 


Construction logo design ideas for your company

Ecosource is a construction company that focuses on a small niche – roofing and solar. If you take a careful look at the logo, you will see that the designer has made this message very clear with the help of the vector image used.

When it comes to branding, visually communicating the essence of the brand will be important, and Ecosource has illustrated this well on their logo. On the left, you can see a white roof and yellow bars that greatly signify sun rays. With this vector image, audiences will be able to easily figure out what the company does. 

Additionally, the name of the brand is also written to leave no confusion for consumers. Unlike other examples discussed above, the designer has refrained from using all block letters to write down the name.

Tips on How to Create a Construction Logo

Now that you have had a look at some of the best construction logos, let’s go through some tips on how you can create a logo for your own construction business:

Tip # 1: Use Colors Wisely

While black and white logos are still popular today (as seen in the Work Horse logo above), most companies now opt for color logos since they are considered to be more attractive and memorable.

However, when selecting colors, you need to be careful with your choices. All the colors used must be in sync with what you do. The color of the image and the font color must also complement each other well. 

For construction logos, red, brown, black, blue, and green are said to be the best colors. However, do not be afraid to experiment with more colors. 

Moreover, you may also choose to use a color that best represents what your company does or is about. For example, green can be used to highlight an eco-friendly construction company.

Tip # 2: The Font Should Be Big and Readable

As seen in the example above, all the companies made it a point to write the name using big fonts. This is very important because only having an image may confuse people, even if the image consists of the first letter of your name.

Hence, it is necessary that you choose a font that is readable. Stay away from basic fonts or try giving it a unique twist as seen in the Draco logo. With this, you are free to experiment and get creative in order to come up with a font that is visually appealing. 

Tip # 3: Choose an Attractive Image

This is one of the most important factors because having a bad image can ruin the entire look of your logo. It is recommended that you choose an image that is highly relevant to your business.

For example, the Ecosource logo clearly tells people what the company does, leaving no room for any type of miscommunication.

Tip # 4: Always Be Creative

Creativity will always be key when it comes to logo designs. To leave people mesmerized by your logo, there is no doubt that you will need to come up with an impressive final design. The Sibley logo can be a good example of creativity. It is simple yet very impressive due to the unique way the designer has crafted the letter ‘S’.

Tip # 5: Hire Professionals

If you have no experience with designing a logo, it would be best to let the professionals take care of it. With years of experience in logo designs, DesignBro is a reliable company that offers the best logo designing services to construction businesses. 

If you are interested, be sure to get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you.

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