Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Intentionally or otherwise, we let our clothing do a lot more than simply present us to the world. Consequently, from comfort to various feel-good elements, the clothing industry is expected to concern a wide range of factors before offering its products to the world. Standing tall on aesthetic pedestals, fashion brands are highly dynamic, versatile, and approachable. Be that as it may, today, the fashion industry holds a worth of 3 trillion dollars; this represents the competition that comes along with it. As a result, becoming a leading brand in the fashion industry is quite a tough nut to crack. 

It goes without saying, the brands in the apparel industry attract potential customers by conveying what they bring to the table, but in an appealing manner – that is mostly the crux of the entire industry: conveying with aesthetics and comfort, a.k.a. clothing. 

Nevertheless, attracting customers in a pool of such a challenging industry can be justifiably difficult for fashion brands. The key, though, which not many brands consider, is the first impression: logo. 

Awe-Inspiring Worldwide Fashion Logos Explained

We have discussed the anatomy of a perfect logo, quite a number of times: how it should be memorable, versatile, attractive, simple, convey a brand message, and so on. All in all, a logo should be in sync with the brand as well as the target audience. As a clothing brand, the applicability of this principle is a bit heightened. To help you gather inspiration, here are some of the best fashion logos in the world:

Japanese Clothing Brand Logos

To describe the Japanese clothing industry in a few words, those would be minimalistic, futuristic in fashion, and streetwear. Known for an aesthetic over-the-top approach, Japanese clothing is popular in the entire world for the same. Nonetheless, being famous worldwide, for its unique aspects, would not have been possible without Japanese fashion brand logos that convey it all. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

With a petite name, Uniqlo is one of the most famous Japanese fashion brands. With more than 900 stores in Europe, the US, and Asia, the brand is popular for its quality products and credibility. Along with its clothing, the brand reflects its quality and credibility through its red and white logo with the company’s name spelled out in capitalized, monospaced, and centered typography. As numerous fashion brands in Japan have bold, red-colored logos, Uniqlo surely takes its place in the competition with the same. 

Comme des Garçons

Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

The brand that carries heavyweight when it comes to country clothing in Japan, Comme des Garçons, has been the base of the 2017 Met Gala theme (along with its founder, Rei Kawakubo). In addition to this, the brand is known for its iconic heart-shaped logo designed by Filip Pagowski. While thinking is a crucial part of graphic design, the designer here suggests that going with your gut is not necessarily a bad idea, “I got this idea of a red heart with a set of eyes. I drew it instantaneously and the first draft was it. The rest is history.” says Flip. 

Issey Miyake

Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Launched as a self-named brand by the designer, Issey Miyake is one of the household names in Japan and overseas. With a futuristic perspective, Issey is one of the most influential designers who is known to bring the world of art, nature, and fashion together, and serve it to the world through its clothing line. Years ago, the logo of this Japanese clothing brand was an emblem that had a few versions featuring the famous serif font style. However, confident in his brand’s success, the current logo of the designer’s brand is more minimalistic without the risk of being lost in the crowd. 

German Clothing Brand Logos

House to hundreds of brands offering unconventional clothing, Germany is the fourth largest clothing exporter in the world. It goes without saying, home to some of the biggest fashion brands, Germany is also known for its exquisite designs. Let us go through some of the logo designs of German clothing brands. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Founded by the brother of Adidas’ founder, Puma has never set aside healthy competition in the world of sportswear. From contemporary collections with artists such as Rihanna to classic footwear such as Suede, Puma has been serving it all. Of course, this applies to the apparel industry as well. As well as to its logo: from the leaping wildcat logo surrounded by a stylized letter D, to softened wild cat that represents speed and professionalism.

While the Puma logo has undergone a number of changes, its base (the wild cat) remained the same and changed with time and showcased the company’s attempt to represent what it stands for throughout the same.


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

To say that Adidas has one of the most popular logos would be an understatement. Well, it does. The famous three-stripes logo with a black and white color palette was not only used by Adidas, but also by Karhu Sports, which sold the rights to Adidas after several hits during World War II. Known to some, the logo represents a mountain sloping upwards. In addition to this, the lower case font used for the brand name in the logo suggests the casual and informal nature of most Adidas shoes. 

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Jil Sander

Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Founded in 1986, the brand has pioneered in luxury clothing and represents minimalism through its brand and product designs. For more than half a century, Jil Sander has been dominating the German clothing market. In alignment with the same, the brand’s logo design is one of the boldest logos in the history of the fashion industry. An all-black and Sans typography certainly plays a role in reflecting sophistication and boldness as a luxury brand must.

British Clothing Brand Logos

Britain, known for its wide array of superstars such as David Bowie, Bill Collins, and even Queen, has an ever-growing fashion industry that one shall have within their radar. With some of the most refined craftsmanship by fashion designers in the country, there are clothing brands you cannot afford to miss. Furthermore, with some of the iconic clothing brand logos, the following brands are hard to miss regardless of your geographic location. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

With more than 150 stores in 15 countries around the world, this London-based global fashion chain was founded by David Reiss. For around 3 decades, the brand was only into men’s clothing and moved to women’s apparel in the year 2000. While checking out milestone boxes on its journey, the brand maintained a very sophisticated brand identity, represented mostly through its logo. It is rare to pull off a well-spaced, all-black, capitalized typeface logo design, but Reiss sure did it smoothly. 

Paul Smith

Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Named after the founder and designer, Paul Smith offers clothing ranging from tropical printed casual t-shirts to classic leather jackets. As Paul is known for its aesthetically pleasing combination of traditional and modern clothing, the company follows the same principle to this date. To bring this into brand identity design as well, this British clothing brand logo poses his signature in handwriting. With its bold and soft lines, the typeface of this logo is a highlighted design element. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

One of the oldest British clothing brands, Burberry became famous for a unique fabric named gabardine – this was before it was even a company. Transforming itself into a legendary brand, Burberry also had multiple variations in its logo designs: red emblem with a horse in the 1900s to today’s youthful logo design with extra bold typeface and elegant black color. 

American Clothing Brand Logos

Materialistic stereotypes such as a car from Germany, or an Irish stout, or a Swiss watch, these all hold true to a certain extent. Similarly, American clothing is known worldwide for its affordable prices, wide-ranged availability all around the world, and a sense of its culture embedded into its clothing. Here are a few examples of companies who got it right, starting from their clothing brand logos – set as standards for the rest to learn. 

Calvin Klein

Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

The famous emblem logo of one of the best fashion labels in the world, Calvin Klein, is known for its sophistication, clarity, and minimalist design. With the use of lightweight sans-serif, the logo has been changed a couple of times. Be that as it may, none of the changes affected the overall personality of the logo. From a conservative sans typeface to the capitalized font used in the present logo design, the fashion brand logo has conveyed the tone of the brand to its customers worldwide. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

The logo of the most remarkable footwear and apparel company has a name for itself: Swoosh. That speaks for itself, the logo almost has a life of its own. Designed by a graphic student, Carolyn Davidson, the logo did not quite catch the attention of Phil Knight, a co-founder of the brand. Nonetheless, they decided to go through with it all the same. Years later, it is safe to say that was a well-thought decision for the company, as well as the design industry. 

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Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Along the time, as a designer, you must have come across some of the highly used adjectives to define how a logo should look: versatile, memorable, clear, readable, and simple. The logo of the clothing brand, Gap, has all the same – and even more. While the original logo, designed in 1969, was a wordmark with black and white color palette, which was used for a few revisions in the future as well, the company explored with the famous blue box Gap logo for 3 decades. This blue box was then blurred and moved to the top right corner, to be ruled out completely in a few years, and moved to a logo similar to its original logo. 

European Clothing Brand Logos

As home to some of the most luxurious clothing brands, Europe holds its reputation in terms of design as well. The fashion giants based out of Europe are not only known for their emerging aesthetics in the clothing industry, but also for the quality of the same. Mentioned below are some of the examples proving the same:


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

As a phenomenal name in the fashion industry, this company’s clothing items and accessories have been worn on red carpets more regularly than many of its competitors. Given that Gianni Versace sold only designer clothes for the first four years, it was not surprising that he designed the logo himself.

Nevertheless, the brand changed its logo quite a number of times – once as the name of the brand was changed to Versace from Gianni Versace – and all these versions had a different tone of the brand. Some wordmark in monochrome while some emblems in yellow color, it was quite clear the brand worked towards aligning its logo design with the tone of the brand at the current moment. This is a lesson one cannot afford to miss. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Immediately recognized by its two-letter logo, the brand is the household name for people who do not shy away from spending on quality clothing. The meaning of the word Gucci itself means excellence, which is represented through its clothing line and the memorable logo. The two intertwined letters are a testament to the great work of Aldo Gucci, son of the founder of the company. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Speaking of intertwined letters formed to design an incredible logo, the Chanel logo had to make the list. Founded in 1909 by Coco Chanel, who designed the double C logo on her own, the brand initially targeted the wives of wealthy businessmen. However, now its customer base is much wider than one would expect. Furthermore, the logo of the company represents its sophistication, along with the prestige that the brand offers. It is only by knowing your target customers that one can design a logo that is true to the brand and the customers too. 

Korean Clothing Brand Logos

The fashion industry of Korea has been growing immensely for the last five years. This advancement has been often brought to the world through Kpop celebrities, TV shows, music festivals, and so on. Be that as it may, what many of us do not know is it’s another form of effective marketing: logo design. 

Hyein Seo

Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

Founded by the young designer under the same name as the brand, the brand is known for its streetwear high-end clothing products. In addition to the same, the brand is adored worldwide due to its uniqueness and edgy, which is the antithesis of what one might call classic Korean clothing. Working towards breaking patriarchal norms, the brand has a clear approach regarding the same. This is conveyed quite clearly through the simple monochrome logo design with the bold capital typeface. 

Reike Nen

Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

One of the perfect combinations of contemporary and classic, the brand is reputed simplicity and sophistication, with a side of colorful clothing. Combined with the spelling of the designer Yoon Hongmi, the meaning focuses on a person who accepts visuals regardless of age, sex, and nationality. The logo comprises poignant corners with rounded typeface. In addition to the contrasting and attractive font style, the logo is in monochrome to express the simplicity and sophistication that the brand and the product offer to the customers. 


Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World

One of the things that I love about the brand is that you could go any way, browse any section during your shopping spree, and would never be disappointed. Be that as it may, the founder, Lee Hymee, known for her unique style by combining art and lifestyle, has made sure to reflect vintage in her clothing line. Moreover, the designer is loved for her boldness, the same is conveyed through its very bold logo design with a capital and bold font style. 

Bonus: Brief to Make Your Own Fashion Logo

How to make your own fashion logo?

As understood with the logos mentioned above, every fashion brand has its unique taste. This taste, more often than not, is reflected in the logo design that helps to lay a foundation for communication and relationship between the brand and the customers. It goes without saying, your fashion brand logo would need the same to reach its full potential. 

While most of the fashion brand logos have the unique voice that they bring to the table, there are things that every fashion brand logo designer keeps in check. Therefore, as a logo designer working on a fashion brand logo, make sure you convey the features such as the tone of the brand, durability of products, price, target customers, and scope of the brand message.

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Greatly Appealing Fashion Logos of Leading Fashion Brands Across The World
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