DJ logo ideas – how to make a great DJ logo

The logo plays a very important role in marketing a business. It becomes your identity and helps people recognize you.

For DJ’s this is no different. Whether you are a one-man team or a team of workers working together to offer DJ services, you need a professional DJ logo to make yourself more prominent and improve your chances of success.
DJ logo ideas - how to make a great DJ logo
Logos can be quite expensive to make, especially if you choose to work with well-known logo designers. In fact, some major music companies have spent tens-of-thousands on getting their business logo.

We understand your budget might not allow you to spend so lavishly on your DJ logo. This is why we have covered some amazing DJ logo ideas with tips on how to make your own DJ logo so that you can get a kickass business logo without having to spend a fortune.

Let’s get started.

DJ Logo Ideas To Give Your DJ Business a Boost

The first thing you need is an idea.

Since being a DJ is all about playing around music, it is best to include musical elements in your logo.

The first rule of a logo is to choose one that’s memorable, unique, and easily recognizable. You need to be different and stand out from the crowd, yet you need to be connectable at the same time.

A logo that doesn’t tell people what a business is all about would not do well. Consider some of the most popular logos in the field of music:

  • Universal – It is nothing but a universe.
  • Sony & BMG – The logo is all about music.
  • Rave FM – The logo has musical beats in it.

While most of these logos are simple, some companies opt for very complex logos, some of which can be very hard to understand as well. This strategy works for some people but, in most cases, it can be difficult to market logos that are a little too unique.
DJ logo ideas - how to make a great DJ logo
This is why the best logo idea is to stick to a simple design that resonates well with your audience.

Let’s check below for some tips on making your own logo:

Make Your Own Logo With These Logo Ideas

You must design a logo that is colorful, attractive, and memorable. Look at it from the perspective of your potential clients to judge how good or bad it is.

#1 Include Musical Elements

The logo of your business should tell people what you do without having to explicitly shout about it from the rooftops. This is why it is best to include musical elements, such as musical beats, instruments including guitars and headphones, and other such signs and symbols in your logo.

You can even be a bit creative and use these elements in a unique manner. Look around and see how other companies present their logos.

#2 Choose to Add Your Complete Name or Initials

It is very important to include your business’s name in the logo. You can also use initials if the full name is too long or if you do not want to include the full name, but in most cases it is best to use the complete name as those who do not know about your business may find it hard to identify it when they come across the logo for the first time.

Consider the PlayStation logo, it is nothing but a PS but you will also, in some cases, see the complete word (PlayStation) written.

#3 Do Not Include Taglines

Gone are the days when taglines used to be a part of logos. Today’s logos are simple and without taglines. At least, when you look at cool DJ logos. Could you imagine a Tiesto logo with a tagline ‘I get you to bounce’- not cool. The name and logo itself should radiate mystique and complete awesomeness.
DJ logo ideas - how to make a great DJ logo
Taglines are long and can make the logo look bigger and boring. This can be a problem, especially since your business logo will be used on a variety of documents as well, including your letterhead, business cards, etc.

You can use the tagline to promote your business in other ways but it is best to remove it from the logo. However, if your tagline is already very popular and has become synonymous to your business, then you may include it in the logo.

#4 Be Very Unique

It is okay to take inspiration from other DJ logos but it’s not okay to steal someone else’s design. It may get you into legal trouble and also cause your efforts to go to waste.

Changing the font or color setting is not enough. You need to work on the entire design and come up with something new.

Also, being unique doesn’t mean to include unnecessary elements. The logo should be good on the eye. Avoid going overboard and choose a nice blend of colors.

Tips and Guide on How to Make a Logo By Yourself 

Now that you know how to create a logo, it is time to get started. You can make your own logo even if you have no previous experience.

#1 Use Software

Turn to software like Illustrator to design your first logo. It’s one of the most popular graphic designing tools out there. However, a subscription could set you back a couple of hundreds. On the other hand, a free trial is available.

DJ logo ideas - how to make a great DJ logo
Go through guides and tutorials to know more about how to use the app. It’s quite easy. If Illustrator doesn’t work for you, then you may choose other software like Sketch.

#2 Turn to a Website

If you do not want to use software then you can use turn to different websites that allow you to build free and paid logos within minutes. There are built-in designs, images, and logos to choose from. You can customize these to create your own logo.

Don’t Know How to Make a Logo? We’ll Make a Cool DJ Logo For You!

If you are still struggling then get in touch with us to get your cool DJ logo. We offer customized and professional logo designing services and cater to all kinds of niches.

DJ logo ideas - how to make a great DJ logo
We’ll study your business, listen to your requirements, and create a logo within your budget.

Get in touch with us and find out more about how we can help give your business a boost.

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