Jewelry Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Logo designing for the jewelry industry, compared to the other industries out there, takes quite a bit of different approach. As the jewelry business is one that heavily deals with fashion and aesthetics, visual branding becomes incredibly important for this sector.

Due to jewelry being the more expensive and valuable items that people need to invest in, you can’t just pick out any basic diamond symbol and call that your logo. Jewelry logo designs will involve a lot of time and effort, especially when it comes to selecting the colors, shapes, style and font types that are the right fit for the brand.

Although there will be room to add some creativity to the design, the logo should always be based on the same style that has been implemented throughout the entire product line of the company. Hence, you need to have the knowledge and be confident about who you truly are as a brand and what your niche is.

Are you a high-end or affordable jewelry brand? Are you selling jewelry to adults or teens? Does your jewelry line have more of a luxurious, high-detailing or minimal style? These are some examples of questions that you will need to know the answers to prior to designing your logo.

Having said that, the processes of designing the perfect logo for jewelry companies can definitely be a more challenging task for graphic designers. However, once done right, the logo can play a key role in bridging the emotional connection that consumers feel towards the brand. With outstanding visuals, this can add value to the overall brand identity of jewelry companies, and this will be beneficial in terms of sales.

Dynamic Branding for Jewellery Companies

Many jewelry brands opt for the dynamic branding approach for their business. It is an approach that you can take with your logo design in order to show your customers that you are a brand that grows and evolves with time.

For example, when producing marketing materials for your brand, you can always choose to make minor tweaks to the logo accordingly to specific seasons or occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s or even weddings.

As with any other fashion sector, designs and styles constantly change. Therefore, by implementing dynamic branding, this allows for jewelry brands’ logos to always stay on trend and be relevant to their surroundings. It allows for the logo design to remain timeless.

However, as this might not be the preferred choice for every brand, there are many other ways in which you can design an excellent logo for your jewelry brand. In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best jewelry logo ideas that can be of great inspiration for you!

The Best Jewelry Logo Ideas

1) The Modern/Avant-garde Jewellery Logo

One of the creative ways in which your brand’s visuals can break out of the traditional jewelry logo compositions is by adopting modern and avant-garde styles. Typical jewelry logos tend to include Victorian emblems as these designs are often associated with luxury and intricate craftsmanship. As jewelry is considered to be a highly delicate yet valuable item, there is no doubt as to why emblems have been widely placed in many brand’s logos.

However, to stand out in the market, you should always try to aim for a unique aesthetic for your brand. By modernizing your logo or adding hints of avant-garde elements to them, this won’t only make your logo more trendy in the eyes of consumers. Your brand will also appear more luxurious and high-end to consumers. Therefore, for a jewelry brand, we can not see why modernity wouldn’t be a great style choice.

Take a look at the example below.

The Modern/Avant-garde Jewellery Logo

Image Source: Dribbble

This logo design uses a simple arched shape. The letters “B” and “J” that stands for the brand’s name, Busetty Jewellers, are written inside it using an elegant font. Unlike the usual Victorian emblems, it can be assumed that this shape could resemble either a shield or historical church windows. This could be a signifier of beauty, strength, but also heritage depending on how you interpret it.

The thin and clean lines used are what enhances the modernness of this logo design. Paired with the burgundy background and the golden symbol, this logo elicits an incredibly classy feel.

2) The Minimalist Jewellery Logo

The Minimalist Jewellery Logo

Image Source: Dribbble

On the second hand, minimalist logos have also become extremely popular in the recent years. By incorporating minimalism into your jewelry logo design, you can definitely expect a timeless logo for your brand as it will be able to retain its amazing appeal for the long term.

An important element that defines minimalist jewelry logos is the use of clean and thin lines, similar to the first logo we have looked at. Clean lines add modernity to the design and make logos look extremely trendy, especially towards younger consumers. You can even choose to pair it with traditional fonts if you’d like.

As seen in the Luna La Luna Jewellery logo, the design retains its simplicity. One simple shape of a curly crescent moon is created to represent the term “luna” from the company’s name. The shape is drawn in a continuous line including both sharp and curvy points.

Additionally, only one color is used, which is a nude shade of pink. This softens the overall aesthetics of the logo, giving it a very gentle and feminine look. Hence, from this logo design alone, it can clearly be understood that this brand sells dainty, minimalist jewelry for women who adore the more feminine styles of accessories.

3) The Handwritten Jewellery Logo

The Handwritten Jewellery Logo

Image Source: Dribbble

Furthermore, selecting a handwritten font for your logo can be another way in which you can differentiate yourself from many of the existing jewelry logo designs in the market. Many jewelry brands opt for the luxurious fonts, mainly those coming from the serif and sans-serif family of fonts. Others tend to go for classic calligraphy for their brand name.

However, instead of using these typical fonts, you should highly consider using more decorative fonts for your jewelry logo. A really good choice is a handwritten font as it can still give your logo the delicate feel you may be going for. Yet, at the same time, handwritten fonts are also recommended if you want to appear fashionable to your target consumers. These fonts are very stylish, and this is strongly proven by Ania Miko’s jewelry logo.

Handwritten fonts would also go well with many types of product styles, whether it would be feminine, elegant, minimal or chic styles of jewelry. Hence, if your brand offers a wider range of accessories and you don’t want to limit yourself to just one style, you should consider using handwritten fonts for your logo as they are a safe and great font to use for jewelry companies that cater to different niches.

4) The Unconventional Jewellery Logo

The Unconventional Jewellery Logo

Most jewelry logos often stick to the same color scheme for their logos which consists of black, white, blue, and gold colors. According to color psychology, these colors are used because they give off a tranquil, serene, yet fashionable touch to the design, and this is the same kind of feeling consumers experience when buying diamond jewelry.

However, contrary to popular belief, there are many more colors out there that can evoke similar emotions. In this day and age, there is no need to always stick to conventional ways of jewelry logo design, therefore, why not try out all the unexplored colors to give your logo that extra pop? There is absolutely no harm in that. In fact, this is what’s going to make your logo even more unique.

In the Black Swan logo seen above, you can see that the designer has incorporated colors such as purple and pink into the logo design, which are two colors that are associated with femininity. Purple is a color that represents wealth, nobility, power, and ambition, which are symbolism that highly matches that of jewelry. On the other hand, pink brings out the romantic and charming ambiance of the design. The combination of these two colors cannot be any more perfect for a jewelry company.

5) The Abstract Jewellery Logo

The Abstract Jewellery Logo

Image Source: Dribbble

Last but not least, incorporating abstract designs is yet another great idea that jewelry brands should consider using in their logos. By creating abstract shapes or symbols of typical jewelry, this will give your logo an interesting twist to it, and this has been clearly demonstrated by the amazing Ciiner jewelry logo above.

Abstract design involves the use of shapes to create an extremely unique design, and this style has been popularly used in many logos today. For jewelry businesses, you may consider creating abstract diamond or prism shapes. In the Ciiner logo, for example, the designer has used multiple circles to make up the shape of a diamond which is really smart! The logo isn’t too ambiguous as consumers would still be able to tell that this brand sells jewelry, and at the same time, the design also isn’t too mainstream. It doesn’t use the common images of diamonds used by many other jewelry brands in the market, which allows this logo to stand out.

Moreover, the addition of the golden gradient to the diamond shape gives a luxurious touch to the logo, making the brand appear more classy to their audience. Although this logo technically did not incorporate any extraordinary design element that isn’t common in jewelry logos, simply implementing abstract styles is what really helps this logo to look much more different than the others. Hence, abstract designs can truly transform your logo and give it a fresh look.


To become a successful jewelry brand, it is not only important that you design jewelry that is unique and special to your target customers. You also need the right branding to kick your business off to a good start, and one of the best ways to do this is to create a stunning logo design.

At DesignBro, we have a team of professional designers who are able to design high-quality logos that will surely impress your customers. With years of experience in the field, you can expect custom-made jewelry logos that are a perfect match for your specific brand. Contact us here to find out how you can get started with our logo service.

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