Logos with Long Company Names

It can be quite a challenge to create a logo for a company that has a long name. Designers often find it difficult to incorporate the full name in the logo due to space limitations, whether that would be on a logo, website, social media channel, or packaging design. However, if you look around, you will find dozens of such examples that may help inspire your work. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some real-life examples of logos with long company names. For the sake of clarity, we will be including examples that contain three or more words.

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#1 Natural History Museum

Logos with Long Company NamesWe do not know much about this logo but it is one of the best examples of logo designs with a long company name.

The designer has highlighted the first letter ‘N’ on the left with some unique elements. There is an emphasis on the color green, which is associated with nature and peace. 

On the righthand side of the logo, its full name “Natural History Museum” is positioned in a way that fits perfectly next to the larger letter “N”. Each word is indented into a new line that seemingly works for this logo design

Over the years, we have become accustomed to recognizing the brand with just the ‘N’ logo. 

#2 Better Homes & Gardens

Logos with Long Company NamesYou can see two examples for the same brand above. The first one only highlights the first two words ‘Better Homes’ which makes sense since the company is mainly known for home improvement. The designer has done this by enlarging the font size of the two words

The second one includes the full name, yet the emphasis on words gives the logo a completely different impression. In contrast to the green logo on the left, the logo on the righthand side emphasizes that it also offers garden-related products and services in addition to home improvement. The text are all written in the same font size. 

#3 American Eagle Outfitters

Logos with Long Company NamesNow a popular brand, American Eagle Outfitters is known to have a unique logo. Most people only pay attention to the Eagle, which has become synonymous with the brand. There are no colors in this logo and the designer has only used black color and white spacing.


#4 Lord Hobo Brewing Company

Logos with Long Company NamesWhen the company first launched, it used the full name on almost all its products. However, over the years, they have moved to emphasizing only on their initials (LHBCO), which you will see displayed on most products today.

This is a clever way of creating a logo for a business with a long name. You may choose to only concentrate on the initials once people have become familiar with your brand.

#5 Ultimate Fighting Championship

Logos with Long Company Names

You will find several versions of the UFC logo but almost all of them only include the main initials. In actuality, UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship, a company that has carved a niche by producing high-quality content. 

When people became familiar with its abbreviations, they began to use only the letters “UFC” in their logo design rather than having its entire name written down. 

#6 British Broadcasting Company

Logos with Long Company NamesThe BBC logo is so popular that some people don’t even know it stands for British Broadcasting Company. The company has upgraded the logo several times but they have almost always stuck to the same style.


#7 Harvard Business SchoolLogos with Long Company Names

Compared to the many other companies that we’ve looked at, this logo is arranged in a unique manner. It looks stacked and the badge that appears on the corner does not mention either the name of the school or the initials in it.


Instead, they have used unique symbols and colors that help people recognize the badge and its association to the Harvard Business School. If you are someone who is not familiar with their main visual elements, this may make it harder for you to recognize the logo without the text written on it. However, for others who are, simply using the badge as their logo may work very well. 

#8 World Wrestling Entertainment

Logos with Long Company NamesThis is one of the most unique logos out there as it only highlights two words and does not mention the E, which stands for Entertainment.

The company had to launch this logo after it got into a legal battle with the World Wildlife Fund to retain rights to its original WWF logo. 

Now that you have seen some great examples, we hope you will have no difficulty in creating a logo for a company with a long name. If you’re still struggling, get in touch with us and let us handle the job for you. We have the best design experts on our team that will be able to provide you with high-quality and professional logo services

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