Pringles Slogan: “Once You Pop, the Fun Don’t Stop”

Pringles’ slogans, “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop” and “Once you pop, you can’t stop,” are amongst the most iconic catchphrases the world has ever known.  Both the Pringles slogans are perfectly aligned with the brand narrative and symbolize the addictive quality of the products. The moreish flavors of Pringles have also made the line of  products one of the largest selling in the world.

An article published on Campaign in 2005 mentions: “Datamonitor puts Pringles’ brand share at 12.5% of the £1.3bn UK processed snacks market, which excluded traditional potato crisps as Walkers, while owner Procter & Gamble claims that Pringles is its most global brand. The FMCG giant says it sells more units of Pringles than it does of any of its other brands.”

In 1956, chemist Fredric J. Baur was designated with the task of creating a different kind of potato chips. Procter & Gamble wanted the new variety to be non-greasy and strong. Baur developed the now-famous saddle-shaped chips using fried dough, which he put in a tubular can. The incredible combination of the new variety and packaging was the result of a two-year trial and error battle. 

Fun fact: Alexander Lipa, another researcher from Procter & Gamble, can be credited for improving the taste of the new variety.

Before we get into the Pringles slogans, let us understand the purpose behind slogans

What is a slogan? Referred to as a catchphrase or a catchline, a slogan represents a brand or a product. A slogan effectively communicates the key benefits associated with the things it represents. A carefully crafted slogan lingers in the minds of the consumers compelling them to associate with the brand or buy their products. The following are the purpose behind slogans:

  • Brand Recognition: A good logo, the brand name and a catchy slogan are the three main elements of brand identity. A catchy slogan, along with a great logo, can easily put your brand in a good position in the market. You may manufacture great products or provide crucial services, but if the customers do not know your brand, everything goes in vain.
  • Fosters brand-customer relations: Slogans are the bridge between a brand and its customers. They build strong and lasting brand-customer relations which is crucial for a company’s longevity. While bridging the gap between a brand and a customer might be difficult for a marketer, a slogan in line with the company’s mission will take the brand to the next level.
  • Stand Out: A distinctive slogan makes your brand appear different from the others. A unique slogan, which is relevant and simple, ensures your brand stands out from the crowd. A catchy slogan allows customers to remember the brand even when the brand name is not mentioned. Examples: “I’m lovin’ it” or “Finger lickin’ good.”

Apart from the above, brands and business create slogans because of the following:

  • Helps with brand positioning
  • Fosters brand identity
  • Increases demand for product or service
  • Makes the brand reliable

Pringles Slogan

In the US and the UK, Pringles are marketed with the slogan “Once you pop, you can’t stop” along with “Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.”

The Campaign article mentions: “‘Advertising is a key driver of the Pringles business in what is a very competitive snacking market,’ says Pierre Dresco, brand manager for Pringles in the UK & Ireland. ‘TV ads win top scores in quantitative consumer testing, and TV has been a proven business-builder over the years.’”

The “Pringle Jingle” was launched in the 1980s and became very popular. The lyrics of the “Pringle Jingle” are as follows:

“Once you taste the flavor, then you get the fever, then you’ve got the fever of the flavor of a Pringle.”

Best Pringle Brand Slogans

  • Once you pop you can’t stop
  • Once you pop the fun doesn’t stop
  • Your piehole just smiled
  • You don’t just eat’em
  • Big crunch big flavor
  • Enjoy good fortune and great taste with Pringles
  • Stack different flavors your way
  • 3 layer deep stack
  • Everything pops with Pringles
  • Great taste less sodium
  • Even more delicious
  • Comfort at your fingertip
  • Why stop now
  • The Shaq stack
  • New perfect flavor in every bite
  • You don’t just eat ’em you DUCK LIP ’em
  • Can you find the fat free Pringles
  • The gobble stack
  • Dip ‘em or don’t awesome either way
  • Lighten their road with a moment of fun
  • Something alien to the world of multigrain
  • Follow your taste buds
  • 90 reasons to be gleeful
  • So tasty with or without dip
  • 3 layer dip without the dip
  • Chip of the old block
  • Be 90 times more popular
  • Let’s make salty-sweet happen
  • More chips more fun challenge
  • What’s wrong with a little blend
  • So slim it must be put on the spot
  • With Pringles its big pop feeding
  • Everything pops with Pringles
  • Pringles all the way
  • It’s not the width
  • You don’t just eat ’em, you stack ’em
  • Even more delicious
  • Snack time fun

What We Can Learn from the Pringles’ Slogans

Pringles’ slogans are the perfect examples of key components of a good catchphrase coming together. As a marketer, you can learn several important aspects of creating a memorable slogan.

Pringles’ Slogans are Relevant

One of the most important elements of a great slogan is its relevance. A slogan that clearly communicates the brand’s identity is considered to be a relevant logo. While logos use various design elements such as colors and symbols to communicate various messages, slogans use the power of words to do the same.

Slogans are an extension of the brand identity; hence, catchlines that communicate the brand’s mission are considered to be relevant.

Both the Pringle slogans are perfectly aligned with the brand’s mission and are relevant to the market they serve.

Pringles’ Slogans are Memorable

Memorability forms one of the key elements of a great slogan. A memorable slogan connects the customers with the brand the first time they see it. Some of the greatest slogans have the quality of instantly attracting customers. Think of the first time you saw some of the greatest slogans; I am sure you were hooked immediately. Be it the Red Bull’s, “Red Bull Gives You Wings” or Subway’s “Eat Fresh,” they must have grabbed your attention as soon as you saw them.

Memorable slogans are like a hook of a pop song; they keep lingering in the head even after you’ve stopped listening.

Pringles’ slogans do what “Just Do It” or “Because You’re Worth It” does.

Pringles Slogans are Simple

Another key element that great slogans share is simplicity. Simple slogans create an impact without revealing too much about a brand. The Pringles’ slogans are simple yet create an impact without revealing too much about the brand.

A simple slogan focuses mostly on the mission behind the company or the brand. They highlight the most important aspects of a brand effortlessly. When a powerful logo is combined with a powerful slogan, you create an invincible army for your brand.

Final words,

From French Rosemary and Olive Oil to Japanese Keema Curry, Pringles come in over a hundred crazy flavors. The Pringles’ slogans perfectly describe the fun and the craziness that the product promises.

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