12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

There’s something about stars that’s so fascinating and enticing. It is a very interesting symbol, often associated with positive thoughts and metaphors, representing purity, ambitions, and good luck. They are also a significant part of our history and spiritual symbol for many religions across the world. For instance, in Christianity, the star of Bethlehem depicts the guidance of God whereas the star of David is a potent symbol of protection. 

The power, importance, and versatility of stars make them perfect for use in branding materials, particularly logo designs. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best star-themed logos adopted by different brands. But before that, let’s take a quick look at a few significant aspects of star symbols and their types.

Spiritual significance of stars

Stargazing is beautiful and relaxing, but do you know the spiritual side to these twinkling lights in the sky? In dreams, shooting stars are an indication of ambition, self-fulfillment and progress in life. They may also symbolize fresh beginning, rebirth and hope. In short, stars are typically tied to aspiration, imagination, inspiration, dreams and everything new.

In some cultures, stars signify divine guidance and protection. In the ancient Chinese texts, the Chinese character for “star” (xing 星) stood for the real stars in the sky. Nevertheless, the word “star” was also used for referring to the various Chinese gods. For instance, Fu, which signifies happiness, fortune, blessings, good luck, and happiness, also refers to the “Lucky Star” (fuxing) or the “God of Happiness”. The Chinese people hoped and believed that the Gods shined over them in real life, similar to the stars of the night sky.

In Hinduism, (according to Vedic texts) nakshatra means a group of stars, a divine mansion studded with stars, a specific location in the sky, and a unit of time. The location of stars and their connection with planetary Gods help Hindu astrologers determine the fate of an individual or predict future incidents.

Information about stars also helped ancient Indian seafarers travel by the seas and establish trade with those in distant lands. Since stars and their location provide help and guidance to people who have lost their way in the sea, stars in Hinduism are often equated with seers and spiritual gurus. Some of these stars are also believed to be the souls of some Gods, ancient seers, and celestial beings.

In some cultures, stars also represent the afterlife. In olden times, the Egyptians used stars to adorn their temples and tombs’ interiors. It was supposed that stars resided in the Duat, the realm or underworld of the dead, and they descended there every night.

Types of Star Symbols

In terms of artistic depictions, stars vary greatly. Some common star symbols have been discussed below.

The four-pointed star: In Christianity, a four-pointed star is typically used to resemble a cross and may also be used to depict the “star of Bethlehem”, representing the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Pentagram or six-pointed star: The five-pointed star is often associated with a sense of togetherness through the five key elements: fire, air, water, earth, and spirit. Some also suppose that it connects to human beings (depicting the five physical parts – two arms, two legs, and the head).

The six-pointed star (Star of David): Also referred to as a hexagram, the six-pointed star is known as a key symbol of Judaism, as the star of David. This is in reference to King David in the Bible and his renowned shield, which symbolizes divine protection.

The eight-pointed star: In Chinese mythology, this star represents the entire universe and life, from birth to death. In Hindu culture, it also symbolizes the eight different types of wealth: health, knowledge, nourishment, victory, patience, prosperity, riches and mobility.

The nine-pointed star: This symbol is often used by the Ba’hai community to represent unity ad perfection. In Bible, it is also used to depict the Fruits of the Spirit. These holy fruits of the spirit are: happiness, peace, patience, love, compassion, goodness, gentleness, loyalty, and self-control.

The shooting star: Since times immemorial, a shooting star has been linked to wishes and positive vibes. Spiritually, it indicates being close to attaining your life’s purpose or fate. However, it also bears some negative messages. In Christianity and Judaism, falling stars stand for falling angels, whilst, in some other cultures, they are bad omens about the future.

Top 12 Star Logos to Inspire You

If you’re looking for an exclusive star emblem for your brand, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of inspirational star-themed logos that’ll show you how creativity has been used to create them.

  1. All Star Finance
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Cliché yet beautiful, this clean logo design of All Star Finance features a simple star in sky blue color. While the shape of the star is very traditional and regular, the designer added some gradient to the arms and streaks of the emblem to break the monotony. The center of the star features a rocket with a jet stream, possibly depicting “business taking off”.

  1. M Star
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

This is another star logo that we particularly liked for its regular yet memorable design. The star emblem is made of triangles and a rhombus with an integrated (and invisible) M within. It looks extremely sleek and versatile, although it is doubtful if it would have the same effect if it was rendered flat.

  1. Israel Travel Star
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Even though this is a concept logo and not really a brand logo, we chose to enlist it here for its unique creativity and fun rendering of a star. The emblem is made up of a paper flying plane and a David’s star to combine the message of Israel and travel in a single image.

  1. Araminta Barbour
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

This is an excellent example of an intricate emblematic vintage logo design with a star at the centre, enclosed by refined decorative design elements. It’s a unique take on a traditional logo design and would work amazingly well if their luck and target audience are well aligned.

  1. Pret A Manger
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

An English food company with a global recognition, Pret sells food in far away countries like Hong Kong and the USA. They are known to be one of the biggest suppliers of healthy yet convenient foods.  This exclusivity and popularity makes the star emblem in their logo a perfect match.

The use of strong and bold lettering has given weight to an otherwise regular logo design.  The logo only uses the wordmark “Prêt”, the nickname for this famous food brand. The designer has drawn on popular red and gold colors to bring their brand into focus.  Although very common in the food industry, these colors give an added richness that emphasizes the quality of their products.

  1. Converse All Star
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Many people have owned a pair of Converse at one point of time or another.  And even those who haven’t are typically familiar with their iconic star logo, which is forever displayed on the ankles. This star represents both the Converse brand and the stars of basketball, who often wear this trendy shoe. The logo colors represent the red, white, and blue of the American flag.  Nevertheless, the shades used are a little darker.  This is purposely done so it doesn’t clash with the color of the shoes it’s featured on. Trendy and extremely popular, the All Star logo is quite inspiring and expected to remain fashionable for a long long time.

  1. Macy’s
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Macy’s is a famous and easily spotted brand in the USA.  The brand uses a friendly and elegant lower case lettering to go with its star emblem. As one of the leading department stores, Macy uses a bold red star to catch the customers’ attention.  The star, however, has its own significance in the logo.  Macy’s was launched by a sailor who got a star tattooed onto his arm.  This symbol has become synonymous with the brand, and is used across all advertising and promotional collaterals of the brand.

  1. Matchstick Alliance
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Matchstick Alliance, a group of highly talented people from various industries, aims to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals. As mentioned on their website, “Your entrepreneurial idea is a matchstick. It contains the potential to set the world on fire. Yet, without the right conditions, it could also quickly flame out, or never ignite at all.”

This start logo design is truly unique. The glow of the matchstick is real, and the simple star shape with the stick end making up one of the pointers of the star instantly catches your attention.

  1. Hanna-Barbera
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

If you are a cartoon lover, you will surely like this logo design.  The star in the emblem signifies a high standard, while also depicting the ‘stars’ behind this famous cartoon series. The rounded shape creates a soft, approachable aesthetic, which is just right for a cartoon company logo.  The curved stripes within the design indicate movement that appeals to audiences of all ages. The colorful palette enhances the 3D look within the logo.  The star along with the stripes gives a youthful touch to the logo design.

  1. Star Kids 
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Here’s another simple yet impressive star based logo where the negative space features a silhouette image of a kid. The multiple stars around the central star create a fun and quirky vibe – a design technique that works extremely well for the kids’ entertainment industry, as well as non-profit or charity organizations.

  1. Design Star
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Just as we love stargazing, we also love watching popular shows that use star logos to represent them. This star logo, in particular, uses a star vector in muted forms. It also uses a rounded typography with lower case letters to impart a friendly and contrasting look to the star’s edges. This iconic design show logo features lighting in the background, clearly indicating that it represents a television program.  The star is featured in a very clever way – as the dot on the “I”.

  1. DC Shoes
12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

Like the Famous Star Kids logo, this one too is one of those inspiring logos that give a simple yet modern vibe.  The brand uses a bold font to create symmetry and simplicity.  The star has been positioned close to the letter C and the company name is written in the same bold font with slightly thinner letters. This logo uses a black and white palette, which hints that DC Shoes can design shoes in any color without generating a clash.  This iconic star logo will always stand out amongst the crowd.

Final thoughts on designing a star logo

So, as you can see, the image of a star can be used in several creative ways to imply different meanings. Unlike other basic shapes like the square, circle or triangle, the meaning of a star depends greatly on societal culture and the perception of the viewer.

A good graphic designer knows how to use different shapes and motifs in an inventive way to draw people’s attention. Remember, today’s consumers are smarter and more sensitive than before. They’re already bombarded by countless advertisements on social media, and they have mostly become blind and deaf to them. To reach consumers and target them, you need help from a good design agency that analyzes your branding needs and works accordingly. A small investment today will go a long way in securing and strengthening your brand’s future.

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12 Shining Star Logo Designs that Stand True to their Brand’s Reputation

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