Guide to Designing Stunning and Memorable Flower Logos

Explore an effective journey to designing remarkable floral logos for your business. Understand elements, types, and process of floral logo design.

As one of the most aesthetically pleasing elements of mother nature, a flower design is used in product packaging, clothing material, interior decoration products, and the list goes on and on. It goes without saying, companies across industries have leveraged floral design and created eye-pleasing flower logo designs. 

Besides companies, record labels and music bands such as Guns and Roses are making the best possible use of flower logo designs. 

This embedding of floral designs into our lives is nothing new, we do share a history with flower designs. While we started with sculptures to represent a city’s rich culture, we have now moved on to logo designs that represent companies associated with the same. 

Floral Patterns and Logo Design

As digitization is increasing with time, many designers resort to flower patterns for their designs ideas. However, some might debate that these floral designs do not work for every industry – and it is not entirely false. 

Nonetheless, with the number of options available in creating a floral design – from a vibrant African Daisy to a tasteful Frangipani Flower – every industry can not only pull off a flower logo but also leverage its power to create a remarkable brand identity. 

Mostly used by companies that provide floristic services, event planners, beauty salons, and flower companies, a flower logo design is suitable for other businesses as well. For perspective, one of the leading sports shoe manufacturing companies, the Adidas logo has been associated with the Trefoil flower for a very long time (precisely from the year 1971 to 1991)- and it worked wonderfully.  

Besides apparel manufacturing companies, many other companies in different industries have been rocking a flower logo design; Brewing companies (such as Sweet Magnolia Craft Meadery) and accounting companies (such as Rozenberg Management), to name a few. 

Selecting The Elements

Guide to Designing Stunning and Memorable Flower Logos

With logo design becoming a flourishing industry, getting a logo designed by a logo designer is not as tough as it was in the recent past. Along with that, there are a number of logo design tools available at your fingertips. 

Nonetheless, be it getting your floral logo designed by a logo designer or doing it yourself via a logo design tool, you will want to be careful with the elements. These logo design elements are precisely what makes an ultimate floral logo and help you represent your brand identity through the same. 

The Flower 

As we will discuss in the next segment, there are types of flower logos from which you can take your pick. Before diving into that, it is important to select the type of flower with which you will proceed. 

For instance, if you want your logo to represent a soft, subtle, and aesthetically pleasing vibe, you can go with flowers such as roses, daisies, or water lilies. On the other hand, if you want to convey sophistication, you might want to create a flower logo with orchids or cherry blossoms. Also, you do not necessarily have to go with one flower, it can be a bouquet or a cute couplet of flowers as well. 

The Color

Color psychology is considered one of the most crucial factors when designing a logo. It goes without saying that the importance of selecting the right color increases when you are designing a flower logo. This is mostly because the color of the selected flower also plays a role here. For perspective, if you select rose, most of us would relate it to the color red regardless of its availability in other colors. 

That being said, this does not mean that you cannot go color-rich while designing a flower logo. You can certainly choose an extraordinary color combination to step out of the box and design a flower logo with multiple colors, or you can go with a simple colorless flower and design a minimal floral logo. 

The Font

While you can go with sophisticated and safe typography options such as Sans Serif and Serif, a flower logo design gives you your creative space to leverage the font at its best. Along with a flower or floral design, you can also use typography to convey the personality of your brand and its product and services. 

You can also choose to be playful and stem your letters from the petals or leaves of the flowers. Another way to go ahead with being creative with flower logos and typography is to mimic winding curves out of a stem using a script font. 

Types of Flower Logo Designs

With an understanding of how flower logos bloom a business and various elements required for the same, let us go through the types of flower logo designs that you can use for your business. 

Flower Frame Logos

Guide to Designing Stunning and Memorable Flower Logos

While logos of legendary brands such as Mercedes, Starbucks, and BMW have successfully proven the power of logos surrounded in a frame-like shape, an upcoming brand can also get on board with the same and leverage similar advantages. To take it up a notch, depending upon the tone of your brand, you can add floral elements to a frame of a logo. Some of the examples of brands with floral frame logos are Petite Petal Company and Kenya Breweries Limited. 

Vintage Flower Logos

Guide to Designing Stunning and Memorable Flower Logos

From cars and clothing products to designs and logos, vintage never goes out of style. Therefore, brands such as Wildwood Floral and Gifts explored a logo design with a combination of the two: vintage and flower logo elements. This combination brings a sense of aesthetic to your logo design which only one of those cannot. 

Abstract Flower Logos

Guide to Designing Stunning and Memorable Flower Logos

Mostly seen as a part of logos in the health and wellness space, abstract flower logos are not as indistinct as one might assume. In fact, it is the opposite of indistinct. Abstract flower logos add visual interest to your logo design and make it more heightened and appealing. One of the biggest examples of abstract flower logos is Huawei which symbolizes the Hua word which translates for petals in Chinese. 

Minimal Flower Logos

Guide to Designing Stunning and Memorable Flower Logos

With time, we have learned to exclude all the unnecessary elements considering not only design but our lives as well. As seen on Pinterest, minimal floral designs are one of the most trending designs at present. Brands such as Beauty by Fiona prove that a brand can be conventional and modern at the same time. When you align modern-day minimalism with mainstream logo design (such as a flower logo), you convey to your customers that you are catering to the needs of all of them individually. 

Now that we have covered the elements and types of flower logos, let us start designing a flower logo. 

Designing a Flower Logo

Mistaken by many of us, the floral logo you design is not the entire brand identity. Rather, it is a part of a larger visual system of your business. Including a logo design, all these aspects of your brand’s visual system should be aligned with each other perfectly. 

Be that as it may, understandably, a logo design is an aspect that is most relied upon by brands as a recognizable representation of the brand itself. 

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Therefore, designing a flower logo should be done in an effortless manner, and the following are the few steps to ensure the same:

Set The Tone

It is not poetic, but brands are mostly built to earn money. To maintain commercial survival, brands do not only need to sell their products but themselves too. With thousands of companies around the world, one of the best ways to get noticed is by setting yourself apart from the crowd through storytelling. However, if you have a tough time with representing your story through a flower logo, then the next best option is to set the tone of your flower that is similar to your brand’s voice. 

Brainstorm The Concept

Once you have finalized the tone of your flower logo design, you can then get to decide how you want your logo to be perceived. You could begin with opening a dictionary and selecting words that describe your brand the best. From thereon, you can simply begin to doodle the very first draft of your logo design that conveys the selected adjectives which describe your brand. While sketching the first draft of your flower logo, try to finalize the flower you will be using, and sketch the logo accordingly. Remember, this is simply a draft and does not have to look exactly like the selected flower. 

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Refine The Logo

After having a few sketches, get feedback and finalize a sketch. Once you have a final sketch ready, refine it based on the adjectives you selected (include if any of them seems untouched). Furthermore, to this finalized sketch, you can add design traits of the sketches of logo designs that you did not end up selecting. Lastly, you can go digital and bring life to the flower logo design. To finish it up, make sure you select color and typography that is scalable and does not limit the brand from growing in the future. 


After considering keeping so many factors in check, designing a flower logo might not seem as seamless as it sounds. Be that as it may, if you make sure that the selected flower is the standalone feature of your floral logo design – of course, along with the other logo design elements – then your flower logo design will bloom out to be one of the most appealing logo designs. Lastly, ensure that the logo you design is versatile enough to be used in all formats: fabric print, website logo, and application icon.

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