Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

Brands around the world spend sleepless nights in creating the perfect logo that would not only enhance their brand image but also convey unspoken messages perfectly to potential customers. But, why do brands spend so much time behind creating a logo? Well, the answer is simple: logos can grab attention of the audience within seconds. Apart from making a strong first impression, a well designed logo promotes brand image along with fostering brand loyalty.

A graphic symbol used to promote brand awareness, the word “logo” has evolved from the Greek word “Logos”. Logo designs have travelled a long and have now evolved as business-science and arts.

The world has progressed at an unimaginable rate and so have businesses. There was a time when businesses did not worry about the logo or promoting their brand image, but that has all changed. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars just to get their image right. The right logo can work its magic and allow the brand to set itself apart from the crowd.

Some brands have found the perfect logo which has now become timeless and iconic. Here is a list of top 15 iconic logos that speak louder than words:

1.   Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

One of the world’s oldest film studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) was founded in 1924. This American media company has made some of the most memorable films of all times. I am sure you love your James Bond movies, who doesn’t?

Trivia – Do you know all 24 James Bond movies have been distributed by MGM!

The iconic MGM logo with the lion in the middle has been redesigned nine times in its history. The logo beautifully expresses power, beauty and excellence through the roaring lion in the middle of the “film roll ribbon”. The power of the logo is such that you can’t help but marvel at its beauty. Truly an iconic logo!

2. Walt Disney

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

The Jungle Book, Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, The Chronicles of Narnia and many such films have been produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Filmmaker Walt Disney along with his brother Roy Oliver Disney formed the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in 1923. Along with creating amazing films, Disney can be credited with the creation of immortal characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

The Walt Disney logo has been redesigned a few times but it has retained the name of its founder in the logo. Cinderella’s castle was first featured in 1985 and has only evolved since then. The Walt Disney logo has all the elements to attract young ones and old. Colors, magic and power is what the logo symbolizes.

3. Columbia Pictures

Air Force One, The Shawshank Redemption, Stuart Little and The Pink Panther are some of the most memorable films produced by this Hollywood film studio. The world’s fourth largest film studio today was one of the “three little’ studios during Hollywood’s golden age. Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth were among the studio’s top stars.

Trivia – Cohn-Brandt-Cohn Film Sales Corporation was founded in 1918 and changed its name to Columbia Pictures only in 1924.

The Columbia Pictures logo is instantly recognizable across the world and remains one of the most iconic movie logos. The lady with the torch first appeared in the logo in 1926 and has been a part of it ever since. The logo appears like painting and symbolizes power and elegance. This timeless logo perfectly celebrates the company’s heritage.

4. Universal Pictures

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

From Jaws to Bruce Almighty and from Jurassic Park to Fast & Furious, all have been produced by Universal Studios. Universal was established in 1913 and has successfully retained its popularity till date.

Trivia – Universal Studios is the oldest surviving studios in the US.

The logo has been consistent all through its history. Though there have been minor adjustments, the globe has always retained its place as the main element in the logo. The iconic Universal logo depicts its creativity and style.

5. Nike

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

Founded in 1964, Nike is the world largest supplier of sportswear. 2020, the pandemic year saw the brand being named the most valuable company among sports as it generated revenue in excess of $ 37.4 billion.

Trivia – Nike is named after the Greek goddess of victory.

The iconic Nike logo has been in use since 1971. The Swoosh, as it is popularly known as, was designed by Carolyn Davidson. Davidson created the iconic logo for as little as $35. The logo portrays movement and energy which goes very well with what the company does: make athletic shoes and apparels.

6. NBA

NBA Logo

America is known for its love for basketball the world over and the NBA is where all the action takes place. Packed up stadiums, intense players and screaming crowds is what the National Basketball Association (NBA) is all about. The NBA is among the top four sporting organizations in the world by revenue.

The blue and red of the American flag is clearly visible with the silhouetted figure of Jerry West, the legendary LA Lakers basketball player. The iconic sports logo is very straightforward and depicts its connection with basketball.

7. Mercedes-Benz

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz had formed two separate companies but merged in 1926 to avoid the crisis created by the war in Germany. The largest seller of premium vehicles today fought its way to the top amid the crisis caused due to World War I.

Gottlieb Daimler had mentioned about the three-pointed star in a postcard and hoped it would bring luck to his factory. The three-pointed star now sits on the logo of the company and has brought them dominance over all companies.

8. MTV

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

No one can ever forget the famous Grammy nominated song by Dire Straits, “Money for Nothing” especially the opening lines, “Now look at them yo-yo’s that’s the way you do it, you play the guitar on the MTV.” No matter how the song projects MTV, the American music channel has gone on to conquer the globe. Oh, and before I forget, MTV played this music video for years! Many artists and musicians made their mark because of MTV.  Artists, bands and musicians continue to grow because of MTV.

The MTV logo has largely remained the same since its inception. The logo is simple and conveys what it does: plays music on TV.

9. Facebook

Facebook Blue Logo

Facebook has truly changed the world by bringing people and businesses together. Launched in 2004 as an online photo directory, Facebook is now a premier social networking service provider. Though Facebook has been subjected to numerous controversies, it has not lost its appeal and continues to grow.

The Facebook logo is characterized by a blue rectangle with Facebook written in lowercase.  The blue and white color scheme looks perfect for the social networking site. Truly an iconic logo for an iconic company!

10. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola Logo

Invented by John Stith Pemberton in the late 19th Century, Coca-Cola was marketed as patent medicine. One of the largest selling soda brands in the world, Coca-Cola has managed to keep its recipe a trade secret. Coca-Cola ranked third by Interbrand’s “best global brand study of 2015

The logo is a two-color design and is simple yet eye-catchy. The red and white color combination conveys purity, passion and youthfulness.

11. Pepsi

Pepsi Logo

Did you know Pepsi was marketed as a medicine that could relieve dyspepsia or indigestion?  The now famous carbonated beverage company entered bankruptcy in 1923 due to falling prices of sugar amid World War I.

The Pepsi logo displays the American flag and conveys its patriotism. The 1940s saw America enter into World War II: the origins of the logo. The iconic globe logo of Pepsi looks extremely attractive due to its “smile” effect.

12. FedEx

Fedex Logo

Have you seen the movie where Tom Hanks plays a FedEx engineer and gets lost somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean? Yes, I am talking about “Cast Away”, an iconic movie. FedEx is known all over the world for introducing real-time updates on package location and for overnight carrier services.

Now take a look at the gap between “E” and “x” . Did you see it? Once you spot the arrow, it is really difficult not to see it! The arrow depicts pace which is perfect for the company as it deals with fast delivery of packages.

13. Google

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

You want to find something useful or get a great recipe or maybe find a ride for the weekend getaway, what do you do? You got that right, “JUST GOOGLE IT”. Google has really made life easy in every way possible.

The iconic Google logo is simple, colorful and extremely attractive. The colors have an energetic vibe which instantly attracts its audience.

14. Microsoft

Top 15 Iconic Logos That Speak Louder Than Words

What comes to mind when you think of computers? The Internet, Google, Facebook, and obviously Microsoft are the ones that immediately come to mind. Microsoft along with Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon is regarded as one of the “Big Five” companies in the U.S. IT industry.

The current Microsoft logo was designed by Jason Wells and features four colorful squares that form a bigger one. The colorful logo never fails to attract its audience. 

15. Apple

Apple Logo

Be it the iPhones or the iPads, who doesn’t like to own an Apple product? Owning an Apple product is not only a status symbol, but also guarantees superior service. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976, Apple is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world today.

The iconic Apple logo can serve as a brilliant lesson in modern marketing.  The minimal logo is truly iconic and a trendsetter in modern logo designs.

Well to be completely honest, great logos may take days and sometimes even months in its making, and sometimes, an iconic logo may be designed in spur of a moment! It is a combination of great many factors that turn a logo into an iconic one. 

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