Brand Identity and Lettermark Logos: Top Brands with Extraordinary Letter C Logos

Everything needs a visual stimulus. Let me rephrase it correctly: everything’s better with visual stimuli. We may overlook this by making reasonable explanations such as ‘it is not just about the aesthetics,’ or ‘quality of products and services speak for themselves regardless of graphics associated with the same,’ and etc. While all these are true, it is important to understand that these are only partly true. In order to make these effective, to convey the quality of your products or services to your target customers, you require to reach out to them through strong brand identity

In simple words, brand identity is everything that makes a customer go from “oh, I tried a new product (or service)” to “It is brand XYZ, I am excited about their new product (or service) launch.” It is through a strong brand identity that a brand:

  • Attracts meaningful recognition from the target market. 
  • Enhances customer loyalty in terms of quality and quantity. 
  • Reaches maximum effectiveness of its advertising efforts. 
  • Lowers the price sensitivity and consideration of the same amongst consumers. 
  • Enjoys word of mouth without even knowing its degree. 

While it takes time and continuous efforts to build a brand with a strong and clear brand identity, it is best to start from the beginning. With a logo being one of the foremost branding elements, the branding element which is the first thing that a customer comes across and associates with the brand, it is important to get your logo design right. While working on solid brand identity, starting from logo design, you will need to select the type of logo that suits the best with your brand. 

Well, there is no right answer when it comes to logo design selection. Be that as it may, most of the top brands go with the lettermark logos. Therefore, in this article, let us discuss some of the best letter logo designs. Also, as there are numerous lettermark logos, for this article, and to be specifically informative, we focus on letter C logo designs. 

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Brand Identity and Lettermark Logos: Top Brands with Extraordinary Letter C Logos

Gabrielle Chanel, famously known as Coco Chanel, is one of the most iconic personalities in the world of business, as well as in the fashion design industry. However, what many of her fans do not know is that she is also the designer of the world-famous Chanel logo, which effortlessly includes two opposite letters C intertwined with each other, representing the name of the founder itself. Known for her eye for simplicity and design in all aspects – clothes, purses, fragrances, and even logos – she designed one of the most futuristic logos, in a time of bright colors and heavy typefaces. It goes without saying, the elegant letter logo was followed by other luxury brands such as Dior and Gucci, but Coco Chanel was the first to introduce us to the power of letter logos in the luxury clothing industry. 


Brand Identity and Lettermark Logos: Top Brands with Extraordinary Letter C Logos

Not only is the brand a household name all over the world, but is also known for its rich marketing campaigns and branding history. Dating back to the year 1886, this Atlanta-born soft drink company has undergone several changes in terms of branding, including its logo. However, throughout the years, all the logo variations have been a form of letter logos. Moving ahead, in the early 1900s, the company added its iconic swirl to the letter C, which adds a layer of striking transformation to the logo design in its entirety. Fast forward a few decades, the company wanted to be known for the energy it brings through its products. Thus, it moved to a bright red color, which still symbolizes passion and energy associated with the soft drink. In the coming years, a few tweaks were made to the logo. 

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Along with the same, the brand reached its success and increased customer engagement through various campaigns such as Keeping It Real, Share a Coke, and Taste The Feeling.


Brand Identity and Lettermark Logos: Top Brands with Extraordinary Letter C Logos

Considered as one of the most valuable companies in the world, in terms of financial success and the services it provides, this multinational technology company is known for more than networking and cybersecurity services. One would think that a company built in such a field would have a dull logo, however, it is quite the opposite. In 1984, the founders of the company landed on Cisco’s iconic logo inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge. A decade later, the logo was changed in terms of colors and entire design, this was to meet the digitization occurring at the time. Enclosed in a box, the logo of the company represented network bars and switches. Moving ahead, the company removed the box for the next logo design. Eventually, in the year 2013, the color palette was changed to light blue, representing transformation and the strength of the Golden Gate Bridge, which was the inspiration for the very first logo of the company. 

Calvin Klein

Brand Identity and Lettermark Logos: Top Brands with Extraordinary Letter C Logos

With the brand being one of the most famous luxury clothing brands in the world, not many people know about the rich history associated with the same. Founded by Calvin Richard Klein and his friend Barry Schwartz, the brand has been following and portraying a sense of minimalism considering not only its products but its brand identity as well. Starting from its first logo designed in 1968, using a thin typeface, the brand has changed the logo a few times. Be that as it may, all these changes reflect how even the tiniest of elements of logo design affects, here, typography. Be it paying attention to the height of letter I and letter L, or working on the dot placed above the letter I, all the logo revisions focused on clarity. Eventually, leading to a combination of the famous CK emblem and the entire name of the company formed into a logo. 

Conclusion: Letter Logos and Brand Identity

Your brand identity is your attempt to convey the message of your brand, its tone, and what it stands for to your target audience. In order to do this, you will certainly need a set of visuals and letters to reach out to your customers effectively. Given the above-mentioned examples, it goes without saying that a letter logo does the job in a more simplistic manner as compared to heavy graphics, which of course, have their own benefits. Nevertheless, with a hint of creativity and clarity, your letter logo will boost your brand identity in incredible ways. 

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