Top 50 Inspirational Volleyball Team Name Ideas

The joy you feel after you ground the ball on your opponent’s court is something that cannot be expressed in words. Whether on a beach or your college ground, Volleyball can be played anywhere and in any way you like. This highly competitive sport remains a regular fixture in school and college-level games. Volleyball is also played professionally and has been consistently featured in the Olympic Games since 1964.

Just like selecting the right volleyball team, choosing a name that defines your team is essential. The right volleyball team name lets the opponent know what they should be expecting from you. We have curated a list of 50 exciting volleyball team names for you, but before heading to the list, let’s explore how the game is played and what you should consider before naming your volleyball team.

A little about volleyball

Two teams play against each other on either side of a net in a volleyball match. The two teams compete against each other to score a point by grounding the ball on the opponent’s court. 

In 1895, William G. Morgan created a new game called Mintonette, which included characteristics of various sports such as tennis, handball, and baseball. The game was originally designed for members of the YMCA who were older and wanted to play a game softer than basketball but required a bit of athleticism.

Alfred Halstead named the sport “Volleyball” in 1896 after observing the volleying style of the game. Here is an interesting video on “passing techniques” of the ball.

Things to consider before naming your volleyball team

Picking the right name for your volleyball team can be really challenging, which is why many people repeat certain things that should be avoided at all costs. The following tips will enable you to create a great volleyball team name:

Stay Simple

Simplicity is the key ingredient to creating an attractive volleyball team name. A simple team name is both easy to remember and print on every kind of team merchandise.

Pro Tip: A new volleyball team looking to create a loyal fan base should consider using a simple yet unique team name.

Be Original

One mistake that a lot of us are guilty of is copying our favorite volleyball team names: this can be a disaster! Originality definitely pays when working on a team’s name.

Create an Impact

The volleyball team name you pick must inspire your team to perform well. It should generate passion and a feeling of competition within every teammate.

Apart from the above, the following points can help you create an attractive volleyball team name:

  • You can name your team after famous one-liners.
  • It should strike fear in the opponent’s hearts.
  • It must evoke competitive emotions.
  • It should be aligned with the logo design

Here, as I promised, is the list of volleyball team names for your inspiration.

  1. The Eye of the Striker
  2. The Go-Getters
  3. The Smash-Blockers
  4. Holly-Volley
  5. The Hurricane-Raiders
  6. We Will Knock You
  7. The Shark Attack
  8. Spike-Up
  9. The Volley-Guns
  10. Hit and Run
  11. Slam It Up
  12. Rock and Block
  13. Strikers On The Storm
  14. Anti-Gravity
  15. The Spikermen
  16. Strike and Fight
  17. Volleywood Dreamers
  18. The Smackers
  19. Stinging Strikers
  20. 3 Spikes Down
  21. The Net Raiders
  22. Volleyball Superstars
  23. We Serve Hot
  24. You’ve Been Served
  25. Block of Ages
  26. Queen Bee
  27. Lady Guns
  28. Dink Heads
  29. Spiker Boys
  30. The Volley Girls
  31. Ball Slappers
  32. We SMASH Hard
  33. Hard Hitters
  34. Court Rulers
  35. Dinkin’ Gonuts
  36. Server Is Never Down
  37. Volley Terror
  38. The Rulers
  39. The Superstars
  40. Serve Block Attack
  41. We Volley the World
  42. The Volley Bomb
  43. The Serve Squad
  44. You Get What You Serve
  45. The Raider Squad
  46. Serve and Smash
  47. Smashed
  48. Smashhead
  49. Net Surfers 
  50. Here to Win

What’s in a team name?

The name you choose for your volleyball team speaks volumes about the kind of franchise you are. The name and the logo form an essential part of the visual identity of the brand. The following pro tips will help you choose the right volleyball team name:

  • The team name should mirror the characteristics of the players in the team.
  • The team name should be understood by the others, especially the opponent team.
  • The team name should not be left to an individual but be a team effort.

While the journey of creating a team name can be an exciting one, getting professional help can sometimes get you a better result. You can create names, logos, websites, banners, T-shirts, and team jerseys by hiring a freelance graphic designer or visiting an online marketplace.

Bonus: What you can learn from NVA (National Volleyball Association) team names

The NVA is one of two major volleyball leagues in the US. The NVA can boast of having some of the best players in the US. Founded in 2017 in Costa Mesa, California, NVA currently comprises 10 volleyball teams.

The ten teams have unique and attractive names. Let us quickly explore what you can learn from the NVA volleyball team names.

LA Blaze

Among the ten teams of the NVA, the LA Blaze can be unpredictable and dangerous. The name perfectly describes the team members’ fiery persona and never-die attitude. Blaze signifies a large fire capable of burning anything. LA Blaze, like a large fire, can bring any team down on their day.

Chicago Untouchables

The Chicago Untouchables did not put up a great show recently, but just like LA Blaze, they can be destructive on their day. The name depicts superstar attitude and a high standard of professionalism. The team name and the logo look perfectly aligned with the team’s mission: “to be a positive force for Midwest volleyball.”

Ontario Matadors

The Ontario Matadors is another team that put on a poor show in their last season. But don’t let that fool you into believing that they are the underdogs.

Do you know who a matador is? A matador is a bullfighter who kills the bull in a fight. The name is perfect for the team as they go out to “kill” the opponents every time they take the field.

Dallas Tornadoes

The Dallas Tornadoes are a new addition but can match up to any team in the NVA. The Tornadoes’ mission is to grow the sport of volleyball and “compete with class and honor.” The Tornadoes’ name, logo, and mission are perfectly aligned. While they show respect to the opponent on the other side of the net, they can be as ruthless as a tornado.

Las Vegas Ramblers

One of the best teams in the NVA, the LA Ramblers won 8 out of their 12 games in their last season. The name “Ramblers” perfectly suits the team because the team members played for different teams before joining their current team: LA Ramblers. 

Texas Tyrants

If you are looking for inspiration to create your own volleyball team name, look no further than Texas Tyrants. The name perfectly portrays the fierce and competitive attitude of the team, which also reflects in their performance. The team won 7 out of their 10 games in their last season.

Southern Exposure

The Southern Exposure is a team committed to excellence and integrity. The team’s name and logo are well aligned with the team’s mission. While the team had an average season, they have the power of demolishing any NVA team.

Team Freedom

Committed to “growing the game,” Team Freedom’s vision is to “bring the game to life.” The name portrays the idea of creating new opportunities. The franchise is dedicated to finding new talent from the unlikeliest places. The team name beautifully highlights its mission and vision.

Utah Stingers

A team name must highlight the characteristics of its players—Utah Stingers is a perfect example. The Stingers seem to be a perfect name since they love winning all their matches. The team won 9 out of their 12 games last season.

Orange County Stunners

Just like their name, the OC Stunners like to stun the opponents with their moves. The team is dedicated to providing “entertainment and winning NVA championships.” The team won 8 of their 12 games last season.

In Conclusion

A good volleyball team name is simple, relevant, memorable, and produces a powerful impact. The idea behind creating a good volleyball team name is to unite the team and its followers.

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Top 50 Inspirational Volleyball Team Name Ideas

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