Top 10 Inspiring Gaming Logos

In the wake of the booming popularity of online gaming, this casual entertainment turned into professional esports, a market on its own. It’s a no-brainer that gaming logos have entered the scene to play its part in professionalization. While the game, the gamer or the team of gamers play important roles the logo takes the leading role. Gaming logos serve as a calling card for companies to be recognizable at video game tournaments, international championships, global esports events, and conventions.

The eyes of the established community of dedicated gamers, game developers and multi-million sponsors all go to the best games which is the reason why gaming logos are crucial in making a great first impression.

Logos Galore

The gaming industry represents a sector with thousands of people involved and new game releases dropping on the market everyday. Same happens to the gaming logos. Here comes the obvious question – how to stand out and grab the attention in the heap of logos? Exploit all the visual tools to create an eye-catching effect and use unique symbols and layouts as well as distinctive color palette.

We have compiled a list of cool gaming logos for you to draw inspiration from.

Mighty monkey with synthetic eyes LogoDo you want to show a strong and fierce attitude? Mighty monkey with synthetic eyes and artificial elements will make your business one to be reckoned with. Its half-robotic nature shows your team works as a unity with every member being a vital element. Pursuing one goal, you can go bonkers like this ape surmounting any hurdles. Many game developers resort to the theme of apes as its brand or a game logo. Examples include Space Ape Games, Savage Ape Games, Ape of Steel.

Initials or your stage name LogoIf you’re a solo gamer broadcasting YouTube, Twitch or Facebook, your initials or your stage name will make the best gaming logo. Though the idea is simple, if done properly, it can speak volumes. That is the case with DrLupo who is a world-known streamer with millions of views and subscribers. His logo design represents the first letter of his stage name, split in two with a flash of lightning, and is placed on a pitch black background. Don’t be afraid to resort to different typography techniques and make your own name a globally known trademark.

Ghosts and supernatural symbols LogoBlack and white will never go out of style. Same goes for eerie themes of ghosts and other supernatural symbols. The minimalistic design with a peculiar font and a simple graphical phantom will make you opponents recoil in fear at any tournament. In this case, the game studio opts for an uncanny creature as its mascot and conveys the idea of the developers standing behind a great product. Among the leading companies opting for such a gaming logo are Ghost Games, the creators of Need for Speed. Follow the footsteps of the gaming giant to make the same strides.

Greenblade Gaming Logo InspirationCyclones, thunders, spheres and other shapes will sweep away all the opponents and steal the hearts of potential customers. Among video game developers who feature such symbols are a giant Ubisoft from France, featuring a black graphical tornado on a white canvas, as well as its subsidiary Blue Byte from Germany, with a blue funnel. The company’s brainchild is the Assassin’s Creed which is a great example to look at. Do not underestimate simple gaming logos ideas since less definitely means more.

Winstrike Team LogoTo infinity and beyond! Spaceshifts, missiles and rockets as a part of a cosmic theme tantalize many, and the gaming industry doesn’t stand aside. It exploits the outer space for stellar logos. Esport organizations and teams appeal to space exploration and use its attributes to show the desire to conquer the world. It works the same way with a gaming team, Winstrike, who compete, among others, in Dota2, FIFA, and Fortnite. A spacecraft placed on a starry sky communicates a strong message that the fellows are ready to reach the highest heights.

Immortals Logo InspirationShow the power of the undefeated warriors by placing vikings, knights and barbarians as symbols on your gaming logo. Follow the lead of the Immortals, the professional cyber sports team from the US, who have partaken in League of Legends Championship Series, among other achievements. Their logo is minimalistic with a tiffany blue text placed on a white surface. The icing on the cake is the knight’s silhouette placed inside the letter “O”. Simple? Yes. Remarkable? Indeed.

Esports LogoSpeaking of silhouettes, make the spectators use their imagination and complete the missing parts of the text. N1 Esports logo concept conveys the idea perfectly, playing with shades of blue as well as with the appearance of the letters. The latter comprises two types of fonts where one represents torn letters and the other pictures “E” as three hyphens.

Riot Games LogoKnock everyone out just like Riot Games did with their powerful symbol. A renowned game developer and creator of League of Legends has appealed to a revolutionary red to represent its values and used a fist as its logo. The layout is simple yet memorable thanks to using two contrasting colors and a wordmark symbol. The concept impeccably conveys the developer’s DNA for innovative games and tournaments they organize internationally.

Ninja Logo InspirationAs a gamer do you want to prove you are quick, agile and smart enough to beat all your opponents? Then keep up with the professional and the most viewed streamer known as Ninja who have used Japanese mercenary as its mascot. As with many logos, this doesn’t entail many graphical and intricate patterns and elements. Just four colors and fine lines that create an easily recognizable character will be enough to create a world-known logo, of course, if skills are equally unparalleled.

How to Design a Gaming Logo

Either you decide to make a logo by yourself or seek help from professional design makers. Start with the basic elements that contribute to designing best gaming logos. Those are the symbols, themes, colors, typography techniques and layout.

Most popular design themes entail hawkish symbols of warriors, soldiers, vikings and ninjas. Others appeal to a fantasy theme with fairies, wizards and dragons. Natural disasters come in the form of tornados, cyclones, thunders and blazes. The last but not the least is the logotype and the initials of the gamers.

The selection of themes might be a conundrum since the cool ideas for a gaming logo are plentiful. Design Bro offers its helping hand in creating your own unique logo taking into account your preferences and company’s ideology. We will make sure your logo will correspond to all of your demands and will draw the attention your business has coveted.

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