How To Make A Logo For Your YouTube Channel Online

Did you just create a YouTube channel? Are you wondering how to make a logo for your YouTube Channel online? Then you are in the right place. I will talk about how to make a logo for your YouTube channel in this article plus share 10 tips for growing your YouTube channel.

You may have composed a rocking song or found that perfect vegan recipe, what do you do next? Yes, you make a video and upload it on YouTube! The online streaming platform has successfully shifted power from big media houses to content creators who once found it difficult to share their ideas. There was a time when big media houses showed what they wanted to according to their whims and fancies; but, YouTube changed the monopoly by distributing power to the people. More and more people continue to join the revolution created by YouTube since 2005.

What is a YouTube Channel?

Simply put, a YouTube channel is your personal space on YouTube. You can create a video using your mobile phone or a professional camera and then upload it on YouTube after editing it. Yes, it is that simple! You can create a YouTube channel for free and start uploading just as soon.

Fact: The most popular social media platform among American adults is YouTube.

The second most visited online platform in the world is YouTube: just behind Google. This only means you cannot ignore the importance of YouTube if you are looking to build your business online! YouTube has made life easier for original content creators, so if you don’t have one, get started on making your first YouTube channel!

What are the Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel?

Along with it being the second most visited platform in the world, YouTube is also used as a search engine. So having a YouTube channel will not only help your business reach potential customers but also give you the desired recognition. Before I talk about how to get a logo for your YouTube channel, let me give you five important benefits of having a YouTube channel.

1. Growth Hacking

Connecting a YouTube channel to your website will ensure good traffic. The more your videos solve problems, the more will people come back and stay longer on your videos. The new guidelines have made it easier for businesses or youtubers creating original content to get noticed. So, give your business that leverage by creating a YouTube channel that helps people solve their problems. The best videos are the ones that help people in some way. So, if you think your videos are original and helps people solve problems, then YouTube truly is your place.

2. More Traffic

Be it your website or your YouTube channel, traffic and engagements are the two things that never seem to leave your mind. Having extra content on your YouTube channel will definitely help you gain more traffic and engagements. If you have a business website, linking it to your YouTube channel will play a huge role in driving traffic. Initially, your website will drive traffic to your YouTube Channel, but with consistent good content, it will slowly change: more and more people will start visiting your website from your YouTube channel. YouTube channel can serve as the second place, after your website, where you can publish your videos and give your brand more visibility.

3. Personal Connect

Personal connections are the breathing ground for developing communities. Developing communities will further allow your business to grow. Your actions and reactions in a video will allow people to understand you and develop a powerful connection. Once you are successful in establishing a powerful connection with your audience, traffic and engagements will become smoother. The best way to quickly establish a powerful connection with your audience is by making them a part of your video. If your YouTube channel is about cooking, ensure you encourage your audience to cook along with you. This will allow you to connect with your audience on a personal level.

4. Contemporary

Videos are the “in thing” right now! A good YouTube video will not only increase engagement or enhance personal connections, it will also help you stand out from the crowd. Bloggers from all around the world are now getting into the video niche and are making a good living out of YouTube videos alone. Blogs can be converted to successful YouTube videos and profitable podcasts or both, depending on how you want people to engage with you. With so much happening around the world, in terms of video marketing, YouTube can be your best bet to staying relevant and contemporary.

5. Revenue

YouTube has become an alternative source of income for many. People from around the globe are making a comfortable living by turning their knowledge into profitable YouTube videos. You may be a musician or a great cook, you may be a digital marketing expert or a financial advisor, turning your knowledge into interesting videos will definitely help you in taking your knowledge across to people who need it and the best part, you get to make money! You can generate revenue through YouTube ads or by adding a video course. YouTube allows you to do what you love doing best while making some extra money!

What is a YouTube Channel Logo?

Though it is true that creating a YouTube channel comes with its share of benefits, it is equally true that thousands of YouTube channels get lost in the clutter every day.  Everybody wants a piece of success and popularity that YouTube has to offer and I am sure you want it too. Thousands of people, everyday, create a YouTube channel in hope of making it big, but scrap the idea in matter of months or even weeks because of a few roadblocks. It is going to be tough since everybody wants to be seen! Once you realize this, half the game is won. There are a few things you can do to begin your journey as a successful youtuber and the most important among them all is to first create a logo for your channel. 

Your logo will not only help you stand out from the crowd, but will play a vital role in giving you the much deserved visibility. If you have some experience in making videos, you already know that YouTube allows you to add a logo in every video. However, if you are new, you can easily confuse the logo with the user icon. Your YouTube channel logo and your user icon are two completely different things. User icon is a photo displayed on the main page and the logo or the watermark is displayed on your videos. Most popular or established channels have their logo displayed on the channel banner and the videos they make. 

Below is a list of requirements the channel logo must meet:

  • The channel logo should be in PNG or GIF format
  • Use transparent background
  • Image must be under 1 MB
  • Image must be legible
  • Use of multiple colors must be avoided
  • Refrain from using inappropriate images or it may result in your channel getting banned

What are the Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel Logo?

Thousands create YouTube channels on a daily basis due its popularity; therefore, it is super easy to get lost in the crowd. Having a channel logo will ensure that you remain visible. You may have great content, but what use is it if people don’t see you? Content is the most important element to sustain a YouTube channel but logo gives you an upper hand in terms of visibility. Here is a list of benefits of having a YouTube logo:

1. Credibility and Professionalism

Having your own logo changes the way people perceive your channel on YouTube. People associate logos with being established and add the element of professionalism. Anyone who watches your video will do it so with seriousness and with respect.

2. Brand Recognition

The first thing people notice about a brand is the logo. A good logo will help your channel achieve longevity. The more eye-catchy your logo is, the more your YouTube channel will stand out from the crowd.

3. Strong Branding

When you begin to display your logo in every video, people will very easily associate your brand with trustworthiness. Displaying your logo will help you brand your products and services.

4. Help Your Marketing

A logo will play a vital role in not only promoting your channel but your business as well. Once you begin to display your logo on every YouTube video along with  products and services your business provides, people will easily remember your brand. Logos play a crucial role in marketing a brand.

How Do I Create a Logo For My YouTube Channel?

Now that you know the importance of a logo, it is best left to professionals who can help you with a timeless piece of logo. DesignBro has vetted designers from all over the world working under one roof. So if you are worried about not getting the visibility on YouTube, start by trusting us; we will help you with a logo creation without burning a hole in your pocket.

How Do I Upload It to the Channel?

Once you receive the logo from us with the full copyright, it is time for you to upload it on your YouTube channel. Here are the steps to upload your YouTube logo:

Step 1: Open the YouTube channel
Step 2: Click on your avatar and select “Your channel”
Step 3: Click on the “Customize Channel” button
Step 4: Under “Channel customization” select the option “Branding”
Step 5: Under the “Branding” option you will find “Banner image” and “Video watermark” (You will need to upload two images of different size each for both the categories.)
Step 6: YouTube has three options for the “Video Watermark” category; you can choose when your audience will see the logo. Following are the options:

– End of video
– Custom start time
– Entire video

On selecting the one of your choice, do not forget to save your changes. Yes, that is all!

Hurry and get a YouTube channel logo and tell the world what you are all about.

Now for the bonus you had all been waiting for; here are 10 tips for growing your YouTube channel:

#1. Post multiple times per week

Channels that post more than two videos in a week perform much better. The YouTube algorithm promotes channels that maintain regularity; posting two or three videos per week on a scheduled time can raise your channel on the algorithm. If you are new to YouTube, upload more than three videos per week.

#2. Start your video with an interesting hook

Let the viewers know what your video is about in about a line in your opening sentence. If your video is DIY, then show the result first and then go ahead with the rest of the video.

#3. Keep titles and credits short

The attention span of the viewer is short and is getting shorter as we speak. The best way to go about opening credits and titles is to keep them under 5 seconds.

#4. Promote your videos with end screens

End screens allow you to link other videos, playlists, and web pages or ask someone to subscribe to your channel.

#5. Cut distractions out from your videos

Don’t keep bouncing from one subject to another or have long pauses. Make it as engaging as possible for the viewers. Keep your videos fast and up to the point.

#6.  Use custom thumbnails

Thumbnails are crucial for your success as a youtuber. Make your thumbnails as interesting and attractive as possible so that people click on your video when YouTube suggests it to someone.

#7.  Replicate top performing videos

It is really difficult to find the recipe for success but once you find it, stick with it! Take a dive at your YouTube analytics and replicate your top performing videos. Maybe try making a series out of it!

#8. Improve watch time by making longer videos

Keeping titles shorts and editing the long pauses out are important but improving watch time is crucial to keep up with the algorithm. Make longer videos as long as it makes sense to you. If you don’t have the time or expertise, making long videos (or multiple long videos), can become cumbersome very quickly, especially when taking into account everything we’ve mentioned that you should keep your eye on in order to get the most out of your video. As a good alternative, you can always consider hiring a video production company and outsource it instead.

#9. Go Live

Going live is extremely important and the best way to make a YouTube video. Once you master the art of live videos, there is no looking back.

#10. Understand the three types of video content

If your videos have any of the three, you will very quickly taste success:

  • Sharable content
  • Searchable content
  • Solving a problem

Following any of the three or all three will grow you as a youtuber in no time.

Logos impact people in more ways than one. Getting a logo for your YouTube channel may put you right at the top with the very best. So don’t over think about it and get one today!

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