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The clothes we wear help us present ourselves to others. A logo is to a company what clothes are to us. A great fashion logo design will help your customers make sense of what your company stands for, and will allow your company to become recognizable, even as the clothes evolve. It’s key in making a good first impression. So, it’s vital that your company is dressed to the nines and ready to stand out before heading out to shake your customers’ hands.

We’ve assembled some of the best fashion logo designers to tackle your project and many more like it. So, whether you’re seeking to delve into the world of children’s clothing, prom dresses, or male clothing, we’ve got you covered.

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What’s included

  • Logo design
  • Rounds of feedback
  • Full copyright

How we work

  1. Fill in our easy questions here
  2. Pay for your project
  3. You will receive up to 10 logo designs within just days
  4. Select the best designs & provide feedback / request changes
  5. Select your winner & receive the final files & the full copyright

What are the deliverables?

  • All file formats that you require: ai(Adobe Illustrator) and pdf.
  • Full copyright

Some of our portfolio:

You want a logo that’ll last, that will represent the very best of who and what your company is, make your customers feel connected to the brand, and keep your best clients loyal. DesignBro offers this for the right price.

How we work

Just watch our short video to understand our way of working & to find out how we manage to deliver an “agency quality design for a freelancer’s price” while making your life easier.

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