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Seashore Drinks Packaging Design
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What is the significance of a
beverage packaging design?

The product label communicates a certain message to the customers, and it is this message that drives the buying decision. The beverage industry is highly dependent on product labels, as it helps create an impression of the brand. So it is the beverage packaging design that strikes a chord with the buyers and attracts them, whether inside a real-time store or online.

The three major functions of a beverage packaging design are communication, convenience, and promotion. It communicates the brand’s message to the customers, gives an idea about its convenience, and stirs word-of-mouth promotion. With so many products on the shelf, it takes more than aesthetics to attract buyers to your brand. However, one should also keep in mind that the packaging helps protect the product from spills and contamination. So it is essential to understand what kinds of materials are used in the packaging before deciding on the design elements.

Foodtruck Illustration by Designbro
Foodtruck Illustration by Designbro

Last but not least, the beverage packaging design should also initiate word-of-mouth and other promotional endeavors. They should be able to instill confidence and pride in the minds of the customers. Every person has different choices of beverages, and they tend to stick to it. They cherish their favorite brands and feel proud of them. Your products should be able to generate this pride through the packaging design. Only then will they capture the attention of potential buyers.

If the label highlights a social or environmental cause, the impact of the brand will be huge. However, such aspects of the packing design should also be noticeable from a distance. The colors, typography, imageries, and backgrounds should work in unison to create a striking impression. One need not go for top to toe packing to insert everything that makes the beverage stand out. Simple and careful use of the design elements will help meet the goal. It is challenging, no doubt, but quite achievable.

ademibar image

“I will definitely use DesignBro in the future and recommend it to my friends”

“DesignBro allowed us to bring vision of our protein bar packaging to life. The platform is extremely easy to navigate and the team was very helpful and fast to answer every question I had. The designer is a true professional.

He was very patient and responded fast to all my requests. I will definitely use DesignBro in the future and recommend it to my friends.”

What does beverage packaging design cost?

With our service, you are given the choice to buy between 3-10 designs. Simply, the more designs you decide to buy, the more design choices you’ll get to pick from. Whichever amount you decide to go for, we guarantee you professional and original work created by top-quality designers only.

Number of designs to choose from:
3 designs to choose from $499
5 designs to choose from Popular $689
7 designs to choose from $854
10 designs to choose from $1034
What’s included?
Creative, custom made designs
Created by pre-vetted designers
Copyright on the winning design
Refund policy*
Blind contest
Vector (open) files

Add website design for your beverage brand

Creative Website Design of Fatbird Brewery

Get more than packaging. Start a website design project, starting at $499, to show your brand to the world. Created by our top-quality website designers, including:

Website design (design only)
Choose how many pages you need
Design for desktop & mobile
Ready to use files
Copyright to your final design

Beverages packaging design contest

Design contest lets our designers compete for your business. This drives original and high-quality design submissions. You choose the winning design which will be fully yours and delivered in all necessary files.

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3-10 professional designs

How many designs do you want to choose from? Just select your number. Designers can’t see each other’s work so there’s only unique and creative content.

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Full copyrights & all files

The chosen winning design will be delivered to you in all necessary files, including 'open vector format', and you will own the full copyrights.

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Money back guarantee

We want you to be happy. That’s why we don’t call it a refund policy but our Happy Client Policy. Read more about the terms right here.

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