ABC to roll out fresh new logo this fall

Being termed as “brand evolution” by the network, the American TV giant is getting an on-air branding package along with a new logo, according to reports.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is getting ready to roll out a fresh new logo this fall, according to several media reports.

While ABC did not immediately respond to media outlets about the reported changes, NewcastStudio has obtained information from network’s affiliates about the TV giant’s plan to introduce a refreshed new look.

ABC’s affiliates have been provided by new style guidelines of the possible changes in what is being termed as “brand evolution” by the TV giant.The guidelines, according to sources familiar with the matter, contain information regarding the new logo and on-air branding package.

Established in 1948, ABC is the fifth-oldest broadcasting network in the world with over 232 affiliated television stations spread across the US.

Designed by Paul Rand in 1962, the current ABC logo has been with the network for almost 60 years. While the logo has gone through several changes, the central theme of the logo remains the same.

While there are going to be significant changes in the new design, certain key elements of the logo will remain the same.  “Dot,” the circular globe design, will remain a part of the new logo along with the curved lower case lettering. However, there will be minor changes made to the letters.

The ascender of “b” along with the down stroke of “a” is being shortened. The tips of “c” are being brought closer together. The size of the letters has been significantly reduced inside the globe to give it a minimalistic look.

According to NewscastStudio ABC has made a “switch to a lighter, condensed sans serif typeface along with a distinct, bold serif for titles that’s very much in line with the current typographic trend of using serifs with an attitude.”

Along with its own network, ABC has asked its affiliates to update “co-logos” with the new insignia. ABC, in its new guidelines, has mentioned how affiliates need to proportion the new insignia with their logos. According to the new guidelines, “it should be at least 60 percent of the height of other elements in the logo design,” reported NewcastStudio.

Along with fostering sports and entertainment, the ABC logo is used in promoting the network’s news division. The new logo may be expected to be seen this fall; however, it may take more time for stations to fully upgrade.

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