Biden reveals new branding for infrastructure law: “Building a Better America”

In his efforts to promote the bipartisan infrastructure law and an accompanying new website, US President Joe Biden launched the “Building a Better America” initiative Wednesday.

Biden extensively spoke about the bipartisan infrastructure law and the new branding during his Kansas City speech Wednesday. 

The new branding, “Building a Better America,” will be used extensively wherever Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris travels for conferences, tours, and other events across the country, an official familiar with the matter said.

“We’re here to talk about rebuilding America, investing in America and building a better America,” said Biden during his Kansas City Speech.

“Our ‘Building a Better America’ tour is going to give a chance to meet people where they work and here, with the communities they live in [and] showcase how our bipartisan infrastructure law, which has changed their lives for the better, came about because we worked together.”

Biden revealed that the law was passed with support from Democrats and Republicans in Congress. The president discussed the importance of the law by laying out various details that would help rebuild the country in many different ways. Apart from replacing water infrastructure and reconstructing roads and bridges, “Building a Better America” will create enough jobs in various infrastructure rebuilding sectors.

According to the White House official, the “Building a Better America” initiative will create more union jobs, battle the climate crisis, and create a sustainable energy infrastructure. Additionally, the new program will seek to invest and promote American-made goods and manufacturing.

“We’re constantly messaging, as you know, to the American people every day, making sure they know what it is that the President is doing to make their lives easier, to deliver for them and we’re constantly looking for different avenues and different ways to do that, and so this is part of it,” said Karine Jean-Pierre, principal deputy press secretary. 

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has been tapped by Biden to oversee the proper execution of the $1 trillion law.

$550 billion will be delivered by the legislation for investment in various infrastructures projects, including bridges, roads, waterways, airports, rail, and mass transit in the next five years. 

The package also includes a $65 billion investment in updating the nation’s electric grid, water system, and broadband infrastructure.

While Biden’s new initiative has the spark, does it have enough firepower to meet all its branding goals? Branding is not only about creating a captivating tagline and attracting the audience by announcing fanciful schemes. It is about authenticity in branding and fulfilling promises.

The objective behind branding is to attract people who would turn into loyal customers. In politics, branding is done to achieve similar results, except the idea here is to turn people into loyal followers. The “Building a Better America” branding does follow some crucial branding strategies, such as creating a brand positioning statement, advertising and communications, and pricing strategy. However, many important branding components have been left unattended. Workspace experience and management are among key branding components left by the Biden administration.

While Biden’s “Building a Better America” looks great on paper, does it have enough muscle to face the ground realities? Only time will tell.

Here is a video that shares insights on Biden’s Kansas City speech.

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