NAAA Introduces New Logo, Tagline

“For 74 years, we have been The Gold Standard of the auto auction industry,” Tricia Heon, CEO, NAAA.

Celebrating its 74th year, the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) revealed its new logo and tagline Monday.

Established in 1948 as the National Auto Auction Protection Association, the NAAA today boasts of representing a humongous remarketing community.

The new visual identity of the NAAA consists of a thick blue circle over a white background with a golden outer circumference. The NAAA acronym sits in the middle of the circle, and the wordmark finds its place in between the thickness of the circle, while the tagline, “The Gold Standard” is placed beneath the NAAA symbol.

The circle symbolizes community, friendship, and unity, while the colors blue and gold portray professionalism, security, success, wealth, and knowledge. The logo and the tagline appear to be aligned with the company’s mission of strengthening and promoting the interests of the “members and the wholesale auto auction industry.”

The new logo and the tagline followed months after the association appointed a new chief executive officer and a new president. 

Tricia Heon, CEO NAAA, said, “This is the 74th year for the National Auto Auction Association. And for 74 years, we have been The Gold Standard of the auto auction industry.”

“NAAA auctions represent integrity, honesty, and are entrusted by both car buyers and sellers. Our member auctions take pride in providing excellent customer service, adhering to a strict standard of ethics, and setting clear expectations for how to conduct business professionally,” Heon further mentioned.

The last couple of years has seen various automobile companies completely overhauling their visual identities. From Audi to Volkswagen to Nissan, top auto brands adopted minimalistic logo designs to represent their companies.

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Speaking about the latest fascination of brands adopting flat designs, Dan Beckett, the lead designer of Toyota’s newest visual identity, said, “With the advent of digital brand touchpoints and especially small mobile screens, all those fiddly bevels and gradients meant the logos became little grey smudges, indistinguishable from one another… I don’t see [minimal designs] as a new trend; I see it as the logical solution to a universal problem created by a different trend.”

While the new NAAA logo is not completely a flat design, it does have elements of minimalism, which separates it from the crowd.

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NAAA Introduces New Logo, Tagline

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