Cisco Relaunches Webex with New Capabilities and a Brand New Logo

Webex by Cisco, formerly Cisco Webex, has a multitude of added capabilities and has officially been launched as the “Webex Suite”.

Cisco relaunched Webex with a new logo, new positioning and a new name at a virtual event Tuesday morning.

 Webex by Cisco, formerly Cisco Webex, has a multitude of added capabilities and has officially been launched as the “Webex Suite.” Cisco aims to make Webex Suite the most comprehensive and most reliable communications platform. The new logo very well compliments the company’s new marketing strategies and goals.

The centerpiece of the new logo is the “W” which looks like a double helix. The logo portrays the coming together of two hands in harmony. Green and blue in the logo suggests peace, harmony and creativity

“I believe this business decision goes a lot deeper than simply updating a name and logo and committing to a new marketing strategy like I see some companies do,” writes Forbes.

“The future of Hybrid collaboration primarily drives the decision to rebrand the company’s collaboration platform as we continue to experience working with both in-office and remote employees simultaneously.”

Hybrid work—a combination of office and remote work— is very quickly becoming the norm globally; therefore, a platform which addresses the new work culture will gain prominence in the very new future.

Jeetu Patel, Cisco’s Senior Vice President, in an interview said that the Webex platform would now be focused on addressing hybrid work.

A Cisco survey, according to Patel, found that at least one remote participant was included in “8% of all pre-Covid meetings.” The number is expected to go as high as 98% post Covid-19.

“With the new launch, Cisco seems hyper-focused on creating a superb user experience for hybrid work, which is essential because it wants to be the most loved brand in collaboration,” Forbes further writes.

The full suite of Webex tools, according to Patel, “are 40% cheaper than they would be on a stand-alone basis.”

Customers who have a Webex contract along with the Webex Suite can save up to 50% on devices such as Webex Desk Pro, Webex Desk Camera and Room Kit. This, according to business experts, is an aggressive move which will bring them in direct competition with Microsoft, Zoom, RingCentral and the likes.

Though numerous challenges lie ahead for Webex by Cisco, they truly have taken a leap of faith towards the right direction.

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