Design And Creativity – A Lead Priority For Tech Marketers

Tech Marketers are embracing creativity and challenging established marketing norms in the post-Covid world, a study found.

A recent study conducted by Opium, on behalf of creative studio Shaped By, found that tech marketers were adopting newer strategies to gain a competitive edge in the post-pandemic age. As per the study, tech marketers are embracing creativity and challenging established marketing norms.

While Europe is beginning to see the importance of tech marketers, it is already an established job profile in the US, as per an article published in StartUs Magazine

A tech marketer is a marketing specialist with in-depth knowledge in various marketing spectrums. Not only is a tech marketer a marketing specialist with superior technical skills, but he is a strategic copywriter, creative communicator, product marketing specialist and creates stories, both audio and visual, for the brand- all at the same time – according to the magazine.

The pandemic has created gaps and diverted the focus on avenues previously unexplored. Tech marketers are experimenting with these avenues, chief among which is creativity.

“Underlining the need for companies to adapt to rapidly-evolving audience demand, 66% of tech marketers in the Shaped By study assert that creativity in marketing is more valued by their organization than a year ago,” writes Business Wire.

“Similarly, design and creativity have emerged as a lead priority for 60%, as tech marketers seek alternatives to tried and tested methods. This is ahead of performance marketing (57%) and market research (55%).”

In addition to design and creativity, “tech marketers have embraced new communication channels” with a staggering 98% “expanding activities on lightly-used channels or experimenting with new ones.”

According to the Shape By study, online advertising and social media were amongst the widely used channels before the pandemic; however, the post-Covid world has shifted the synergy. New channels, such as online events and webinars have become the norm of the day.

That said, the survey points towards an alarming disparity between large and smaller companies.  Larger companies “were twice as likely to use online advertising and digital events, nearly three times as likely to use social media, and four times as likely to use SEO” when compared to their smaller counterparts, the study found.

Despite the imbalance, companies, big and small, are exploring new avenues. The study has shown that audiences are now “responding to new content and messaging” leading brands and tech marketers to formulate new strategies.

Additionally, the pandemic has led brands to switch from a “sales approach” to a “value-driven ethos.” “Many tech brands found themselves in the eye of the storm with Covid: their technology was in huge demand, but they also needed to step into a crisis situation,” said Nick Farrar, co-founder of Shape By. As a result, brands have strived to humanize their offerings and connect on an emotional level.”

The following video by Rebecca Kitchens, Executive Publisher, Tech Target, provides valuable insights for tech marketers in today’s world.

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