Discord Introduces New Logo and a Refreshed Look to Celebrate Turning 6

The chat app, looking to expand beyond gaming, has also created an innovative new font along with revealing a new color scheme.

Discord, a VoIP platform designed for creating communities, recently introduced a new logo and a refreshed new look to celebrate turning 6. The chat app, looking to expand beyond gaming, has also created an innovative new font along with revealing a new color scheme.

The Discord logo, lovingly named “Clyde”, has gone through a significant amount of change. The new Clyde has now evolved from rounded rectangle to a squared-off shape. The new shape makes it easier to put Clyde on everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs.

According to Discord, the new icon was redone several times before finally settling for the current one. The new version of Clyde can change expressions and every time the app is launched, its facial expression will change.

“Most of the time, you’ll see Clyde within a rounded rectangle chat bubble. Technically, being inside this bubble is Clyde’s “home.” Whether it’s on our website within a profile icon on our social pages, or inside the app icon on your computer or mobile device, Clyde was always “in” something, like a hamster stuck in a rolling ball,” mentioned Discord on its official website.

Discord mentioned that it took them a lot of hard work to come up with the current version of Clyde.

“In the end, we believe changes to Clyde present him in a more friendly tone, reshaped to be more understandable whether smaller or larger, all while still keeping our pal looking unique and familiar to the most veteran of users,” Discord further stated.

Another significant change apart from the logo is the new custom font which is based on “Ginto.” According to Discord, the custom font was created to complement the new logo. The unique font also captures the cheerfulness of Discord.

The new color scheme is a brighter and more saturated version of “Blurple.” Discord describes “Blurple” as something between blue and purple.

Discord shared the refreshed look on Twitter on Thursday to mixed reactions from followers.

Discord, on its official Twitter handle, mentioned, “Hey, we’re updating our brand look. Improved logo, font colors. Not too different: Just a little friendlier. Discord has become a place where people come to explore, grow, and belong. So we’re updating our look to be just as welcoming…”

Though the rebranding was bound to be met with some hostility, all in all Discord has taken a positive step in the right direction.

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