Fairfax County Seeks To Trademark Its New ‘Made In Fairfax’ Logo

In its attempt to help nonprofits and small businesses steer clear of the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fairfax County has formulated several plans. The use of ‘Made in Fairfax’ logo to indicate products’ originating county is one such attempt to help local businesses flourish amid the pandemic.

Fairfax County has formulated different programs to help nonprofits and small businesses to recover from the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The use of “Made in Fairfax” logo to indicate products’ originating county is one such attempt to help local businesses flourish amid the pandemic.

A new Grant Program has been formulated by the county to provide financial support to nonprofits and small businesses. Additionally, the Board Supervisors voted Tuesday to seek a trademark for a new logo.

The blue and white wordmark indicates stability, health, freshness, and simplicity. The “Made in Fairfax Virginia” logo is simple, effective, and delivers what it is there to do—letting the world know the product’s originating county.

According to officials, the new logo will act as an effective marketing tool for businesses that use it. The new “Made in Fairfax” insignia will also work in the county’s favor as it tries to build a vibrant economy.

“This is an innovative approach. This is how we differentiate ourselves. This is how we make Fairfax County a leader in new areas as well,” said Lee District supervisor Rodney Lusk.

Launched in 2018, the Made in Fairfax program was initiated to identify and support local businesses and give them the required visibility. Initially, the program focused on what the county called the “maker” businesses – manufacturers that make or produce anything from food to furniture.

Doug Loescher, program manager for Fairfax County Community Revitalization office, said, “We recognized that we probably had small-scale production businesses in Fairfax County, but they were not very visible… Our hopes were that, by being in commercial shopping centers and retail areas, they can be more visible, and we can support them better.”

While it is true that the program has supported larger businesses, Made in Fairfax has not deviated from its purpose of supporting smaller brands. According to Loescher, Made in Fairfax primarily seeks to identify and work with businesses that are isolated and do not have a proper marketing mechanism in place.

“There’s recognition by people about how important it is to actively support small, independent, local business enterprises, and this is just another way of doing it,” Loescher said.

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