Google Fiber Introduces New Logo 10 Years After Launch

After previously using just a wordmark, Google Fiber launched its new insignia to “represent being fast, fairly priced, reliable, and open”

Google Fiber recently launched its new logo for Fiber and Fiber Webpass. After previously using just a wordmark, Google Fiber launched its new insignia to “represent being fast, fairly priced, reliable, and open.”

The new logo has been created by the Google Brand Studio almost a decade after it was first launched. The four colors of Google have been used in the logo which symbolizes playfulness. According to Google, the new logo will be used in ads and promotional events.

The Google brand studio explained, “The icon represents two key concepts, core to Google Fiber’s mission. The first is that of a catalyst. The dynamic shape upon which the icon is built inspires a feeling of movement in its upward arcing motion. The second concept is scalable impact, represented through its modular pattern. This new icon acts as the cornerstone upon which the brand is built, signaling the ambition to galvanize and uplift communities: from the single family home or small business, through to an entire city.”

Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass allow apartments and offices to stay connected just by installing a rooftop antenna. Available in 19 cities across 14 states, Google Fiber provides 1 Gig plan per month for as low as $70 and 2 Gig plan just for $100 per month.

“And we’re working on new ways to tell our story. If you’re in a city served by Google Fiber and/or Google Fiber Webpass, you also might notice that we’re telling our story in ads, in mailers, and with local internet reps in Google Fiber spaces and in your neighborhood,” mentioned Amanda Peterson, Head of Brand and Product Marketing.

Critics have been on their toes after the launch of Google Fiber’s new insignia and believe that the new logo could be part of a broader marketing strategy. Critics and a large portion of the population even believed that the Fiber service might become obsolete since it did not expand from 2017 to 2020. Louisville in Kentucky even lost access to Google Fiber services.

Twitter has been flooded with messages after Google Fiber launched its new insignia with some even comparing it with the Microsoft logo. Here are some tweets that compared Fiber’s new logo with Microsoft:

Greg Liebe, a Twitterati said, “Except that you don’t fix service for people who are already paying for Fiber. I feel so much better that you have a new logo – so confident it will make a difference in pathetic service.

Is it the start of something new for Google Fiber? Only time will tell. 

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