JD Gaming introduces new team logo

JD Gaming has replaced the iconic cartoon monster with a logotype that only features the monster’s horns from the old design.

JD Gaming, winner of the Summer Split of the LPL Season 2020, recently revealed its new logo through a social media post. The new logo has been introduced just ahead of the League of Legends Summer Split 2021.

Created in 2017, JD Gaming’s logo featured a cartoon monster as the centerpiece of their visual identity – the monster served as the brand mascot of the team. The monster logo, seen below, has been replaced by a wordmark which only features the devil’s horns from the old design. 

Teams such as FunPlus Phoenix and Rogue, LEC’s Spring Split final runners-up, have already rebranded themselves successfully. JD Gaming, in an attempt to overhaul its brand identity, has gone for a three-character logo while retiring its iconic white monster.

Here is the all new logo of JD Gaming:

The sharp edged lettering in red signifies passion, violence and victory. The letters “J” and “G” have the horns from the old design and signify the defeat of the toughest adversaries. Another new addition to visual identity is a trident which symbolizes power and dominance.

Quberten, a San Francisco-based design house responsible for designing Virtus.pro’s uniform for T19, has revamped JD Gaming’s visual identity.

Quberten, in its official website , mentions, “The updated style is based on two concepts at once: the devilish one, preserved and modified from the previous style, and the Mecha theme: a futuristic image of robot machines from anime. The main sign of the new design system is the JDG monogram, which combines demonic symbols and the aesthetics of Mecha. One of the devil’s attributes, the trident, was chosen as an additional brand identifier…”

Though a lot of effort has gone into designing the new logo, fans’ reaction to the new visual identity has largely been mixed.

JD Gaming tweeted, “Long time now see. Rekindled passion. Enkindled logo. Please continue your support for JD Gaming.”

All LPL teams that have gone for a rebranding have dropped their mascots from their logos. Teams like Suning Gaming and LNG Esports are among the few who still have their brand mascots included in their insignia. However, only time will tell if mascots will remain a part of their logos if they choose to rebrand themselves.

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