Kellogg’s New Sustainable Packaging to Help Environmental Causes

With scientists at Kellogg discovering ways to reduce the air from its boxes while still protecting the product inside, the company expects to strip out 700 tones of carbon from its packaging.

Kellogg recently unveiled its new range of cereals which will contain less salt and sugar and minimized packaging.

The food giant used air pillows to protect the delicate contents inside the box for decades; however, with scientists at Kellogg discovering ways to reduce the air from its boxes while still protecting the product inside, the company expects to strip out 700 tonnes of carbon from its packaging.

According to the food giant, the company will address the carbon footprints of its packaging and operations across Europe over the next ten years. Kellogg has also pledged to feed more people in need along with increasing fiber and decreasing salt and sugar from its products.

According to a report in Kellogg’s official website, a staggering 311 million tones of plastic is churned out every year. However, “Kellogg has one of the smallest packaging footprints among peer food companies,” the website mentioned.

The company will further cut down the use of plastic and cardboard by almost 190 tones annually. This when combined with transport and other logistics efficiencies will successfully eliminate 700 tones of carbon a year.

“We’re incredibly motivated to be part of the solution,” said Nigel Hughes, senior vice president, research quality, nutrition and technology. “We’re wasting no time in working toward our goal of using 100 percent reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by the end of 2025.”

The new boxes will include the same weight of cereal with lesser air pillows and are scheduled to launch this spring from its production lines at Manchester. Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, and the UK will be among countries to get the first line of the products.

Kellogg Europe’s president, Dave Lawlor, said, “People are rightly demanding more from companies like ours and everyone expects good food to do a world of good too. We agree. That’s why we are launching a major new plan to improve our foods.”

“But the impact of our food is much broader than just what goes in the box. It’s about how we grow our ingredients and the impact we have on the planet and how we cook and make our food. It’s also about the social and emotional role of food and how it brings people together,” he added.

In the U.S., Kellogg is reducing the thickness of their bag-in-box retail cereal packages by 17 percent, according to their official website. The reduction of plastic packaging will amount to 97,000 kilograms annually.

“While we don’t have all the solutions, we’re hard at work testing and learning out loud,” said Nigel.

“This means researching, collaborating with partners, and piloting new approaches to keep our foods safe and fresh while also protecting the planet.”

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