McDonald’s Aims to Reduce 120 Tonnes of Plastic Annually through Sustainable Packaging

Starting June, the fast food giant will start serving salad in new cardboard packaging along with introducing wooden cutlery across its restaurants in Romania.

In line with its Better M program, McDonald’s is set to introduce alternative packaging in all restaurants across Romania.

Starting June, the fast food giant will start serving salad in new cardboard packaging along with introducing wooden cutlery across its restaurants in the European country. According to McDonald’s, introducing alternative packaging along with other crucial actions will help them reduce plastic use by 120 tonnes annually.

The Better M program seeks to carry out a chain of local actions with the goal of replacing plastic with alternatives which are more environmentally friendly. Apart from switching to eco-friendly materials, the program focuses on making packaging easy to recycle and reuse.

The motive behind the Better M program is to make packaging for customers 100% out of recycled, renewable and certified sources. McDonald’s Romania is aligned with the fast food giant’s commitment to achieve this target by 2025.

“We align with McDonald’s global promise to replace all plastic packaging by 2025 and contribute to meet the objectives by constantly developing and implementing new solutions in Romania,” said Paul Dragan, Managing Director, Premier Restaurants Romania.

“Gradually, through all these actions, we are taking important steps and we estimate that we will reduce the amount of plastic used in our restaurants in 2021 by 120 tonnes,” Dragan added.

McDonald’s started taking positive steps towards improving materials for product packaging from January 2020 when it first replaced the packaging of McFlurry ice cream with a cardboard one along with removing the plastic lid. This was followed by the “Straw on request” initiative in October 2020. According to the initiative, customers were offered straws only on request. In February 2021, plastic straws were completely replaced by biodegradable and compostable straws.

While the new salad packaging and wooden cutlery are still being introduced across restaurants this month, McDonald’s Romania has already planned its next move of replacing the packaging of McSundae ice cream with an exciting new alternative.

Experts are of the opinion that McDonald’s Romania will be taking more steps in the next few years which will add to a sustainable future.

“We will continue to test different alternatives to meet customer preferences, but also our goal to build a sustainable future with them, as part of the process of constantly improving packaging solutions,” Dragan further added.

Image Credit: McDonalds

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