Newsmax Announces Brand New Logo: Mixed Reactions on Social Media

The redesigned logo of Newsmax clearly draws inspiration from the US flag and portrays patriotism, valor, purity, vigilance and justice.

Newsmax recently unveiled a brand new logo which “embodies Newsmax’s new role as a major news outlet serving the American people.”

Designed by graphic designer and branding expert Rod Vera, the new logo of Newsmax features bold blue capital letters with the “N” featuring a red trapezoid and a white stripe. The logo clearly draws inspiration from the US flag and portrays patriotism, valor, purity, vigilance and justice.

“We began the rigorous rebranding process back in 2019,” said Vera. “The goal was to elevate the Newsmax brand to a level of maturity and sophistication that acknowledged the past 20 years of growth and impact in the industry. That goal required a logotype that was strong, clean and flexible. When paired with the “N” logomark, the final result can be seamlessly integrated into any branded environment.”

The new logo will be seen across Newsmax’s media properties, including Newsmax TV, Newsmax Magazine and various other online platforms.

Seen as an emerging competitor to top news networks, such as CNN, Fox, CNBC and MSNBC, Newsmax’s cable news and OTT channel, Newsmax TV, has been rated 4th among cable news channels in the US.

Nielsen has also rated the channel among “top 20 cable properties among all networks rated.”

Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media, said “Our job is to give Americans the best available information with clarity, and I think the new logo affirms that mission.”

According to an article published on the official website of Newsmax, there has been an increase in the number of people “tuning in to experience the Newsmax difference” after the news channel along with its other digital properties turned into 24/7 platforms.

The article further states that Newmax’s award-winning journalists and their no-nonsense approach towards news is the real reason behind the channel’s success.

 The new logo truly works as an extension of the brand’s values and what it stands for—Real News for Real People.

The logo has drawn mixed reactions on social media after Newsmax revealed its brand new logo.

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