NTUC Income: Proving The Importance of Rebranding

The idea of changing a brand in its entirety – or even an element of the same – can be dreadful. And it becomes even more back-breaking when the company is targeting customers through meeting their most essential needs, such as their finances. 

Be that as it may, there are certain benefits of taking this leap of faith, and changing the elements of your business which no longer serve you or your customer. Having said that, reading the signs can be the trickiest part. Therefore, with the increasing competition in all the industries, there is a need of keeping a constant check on what you need to adapt and what you need to lose. 

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The only insurance co-operative in Singapore, NTUC Income, certainly knows how to do it right. Not only are they making an effort to rebrand themselves, but also ensuring that the rebranding elements are in alignment with the brand promise.

Therefore, to begin with, established in 1970, the company crossed out the previous tagline “Made Different” and moved to a new, more approachable one: “Made Yours.” Undoubtedly, changing a tagline that has been there for 12 years could not have been an easy decision. To that, the CMO of NTUC Income, Marcus Chew, says that through the new tagline “Made Yours,” the company aspires to hold up its end by promising a more empathetic and inclusive approach to helping its customers with their financial health. 

Moreover, fruitful rebranding has been cooked by giving appropriate attention to every ingredient. For instance, the typography. The font used in the new tagline, Ubuntu, translates “I am, because you are,” in Zulu – all while giving a hint of contemporary approach, which matched the company’s goal: to become a more modern and accessible insurer with the support of around 3000 employees. 

Along with the tagline, the company has also switched their logo to a slightly warmer tone of orange – while keeping the base color intact. Psychologically, not only does the warmer tone of orange will match a wider palette of colors, but also – as intended – convey warmth to the customers. In addition, the updated color of the tagline, blue, stirs the factor of trustworthiness and reliability in the customers, which is certainly a necessity when services are finance-centric. 

Serving more than 2 million policyholders, the company assures that this is just the beginning of a positive spin through their efforts into rebranding and reaching customers with the brand promise on the pedestal. 

To promote their rebranding activities, NTUC Income, along with BBH Singapore and Freeflow Productions, acknowledged and appreciated the beauty of distinctiveness and challenges in our lives through a 2-minute short film. As the film shows the hurdles faced by different families in a building – cancer, broken bones, and even death – it ensures that a well-planned approach towards insurance and finance can be of help beyond imagination.

“Who says marriage isn’t for those in their sixties? Or parenthood always looks perfect? No matter what your journey looks like, Income will accompany you along the way.

– Janson Choo, Group Creative Director, BBH Singapore

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