Volvo Introduces New Logo, Social Media Goes Frenzy

“Line weight is inconsistent, structure isn’t there, it’s not minimalist, it’s unfinished. Design agency got very lucky,” writes a Facebook user.

Auto giant Volvo shared its new logo look across its social media handles and website earlier this week.

The Swedish car manufacturer has adopted a clutter-free minimal logo design as its new visual identity. While the new logo is designed keeping the latest trends in mind, it manages to hold on to its timeless design element—the ‘iron mark.’

The new logo features a circle with a diagonal arrow affixed at the upper right, executed using a black and white color scheme with the wordmark placed in the middle.

The new visual identity of Volvo is an old alchemical symbol for iron. The circle with the arrow on top also symbolizes Mars: the god of war known for wielding iron weapons. The same symbol was used in OV 4— the auto giant’s first car manufactured in 1927.

Volvo vehicles featuring the new logo are slated to launch in 2023; however, there is no information regarding which vehicle will bear the new iron mark. According to reliable sources, Volvo may debut the new logo on a new generation automobile rather than an existing model.

An article published on Drive mentions, “‘An updated version of the Volvo Iron mark will be used exclusively on products and in small digital spaces when clear visibility of the Volvo spread word mark can’t be ensured,’ a Volvo spokesperson told Drive.”

“We start by rolling out the identity on our main website, main social media platforms and in the new Volvo Cars mobile app. The updated iron mark will be rolled out in other areas step by step, and the first car with the updated iron mark will be launched in 2023…”

With Volvo revamping its logo, the automobile giant joins the club of big brands that have rebranded with a flat look in the last few years. BMW, Kia, and Nissan are among the few brands that recently redesigned their look. While some brands have been successful at pulling off their refreshed minimal look, for some, it has been a disaster.

Volvo’s social media handles were flooded with mixed reactions and comments as soon as the auto giant revealed its new look. One twitterati commented, “Looks horrible, as much as I love a simple design, this feels like a bust.” While another Facebook user wrote: “Line weight is inconsistent, structure isn’t there, it’s not minimalist, it’s unfinished. Design agency got very lucky.”

In terms of its overall design, Volvo’s new look may have a few inconsistencies, but it certainly is a step in the right direction. 

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