15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional

Script fonts are attractive and powerful, which breathe life into designs. The 15 script fonts described in the article can help anyone with their designs and blogs.

Would you like to give your designs an unexpected twist? Would you like to breathe life into your content? If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then script font is what you have been looking for.

Script fonts are stylish and versatile. Script fonts can not only be used for wedding invitations and romantic notes, but they can also be great for various design projects, such as logo designs and packaging designs.

But, what really are script fonts? I will explain that and much more in this article. Apart from defining them, I will explore the different types of script fonts and reveal 15 script fonts that can breathe life into your projects. Furthermore, I will give valuable tips on using script fonts effectively in the bonus section of this article.

Let’s drive straight in.

What is a script font?

Script fonts are a group of fonts that have been specifically customized to be used for concise writing purposes. These fonts resemble cursive handwriting or calligraphy. Script fonts are mainly used for greeting cards, advertising, logos, packaging designs, brand identity designs, banners, billboards, and places where limited writing is required.

Here is the easiest way to spot them if you are still confused about identifying script fonts. One distinct aspect of a script font is that the letters are connected to each other. They also have flexible strokes, similar to cursive or calligraphy. The truth is, they are not very difficult to spot because of their over-the-top curves.

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Types of script fonts

The script typeface is divided into two categories that have various attributes attached to it. It is crucial to understand what each of these script fonts portrays so that it becomes easier for you to choose the right one for your project.

  1. Formal scripts

As the name suggests, formal scripts are best where a sophisticated tone is required. This category of script typeface was popularized by English authors such as George Shelly and George Bickham. These authors used calligraphy pens and metal ribs to produce highly attractive and elegant letters. Fonts such as Balmoral and Greyhound fall under formal scripts.

Here is a great video on calligraphy tips for beginners.

  1. Casual scripts

One of the main characteristics of this category of script fonts is that the letters are more loosely connected than their formal counterparts. Casual scripts are friendlier and are best suited for sending out messages with a warm tone and feel. Casual scripts also fit in very well with book covers, banners, ads, and anywhere a more casual look is required. Berolina and Pristina are some examples of casual scripts.

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Now that you know what script fonts are, it’s time to explore 15 script fonts that can help you stand out with your projects.

  1. Barcelony
Barcelony is an easy-to-read script font, making it perfect for invitations.
Barcelony is an easy-to-read script, making it perfect for invitations.

Image Credit: Mats-Peter Fross / Crella Marketplace / Creatype Studio

Barcelony is a free script font that is both elegant and smooth, making it perfect for invitations. This easy-to-read typeface follows a signature style that makes it different from other script fonts.

Download and other details here

  1. America
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
This font is inspired by the hit song “This is America.”

Image Credit: Alex Joganic

Inspired by Childish Gambino’s hit song, This is America, the free script came into existence. America is a bold textured script that is characterized by its free-flowing stroke.

Download details here

Here is the hit song by Childish Gambino.

  1. Ochre
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
Ochre is all about romance and elegance.

Image Credit: Pixel Surplus

Designed by Gizem Kiliç, Ochre Script resembles calligraphy. This script font is perfect for wedding cards, letters and anything you need to add a personal touch.

Download details here

  1. Hoodson Script
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
The Hoodson Script is perfect for logo designs.

Image Credit: Hendra Maulia

Created by Hendra Maulia, the Hoodson Script appears perfect for logos and packaging designs because of its powerful personality. The script font can be downloaded for personal use; however, you may have to pay $17 as a license fee if you want to use it commercially.

Download details here

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  1. Vegan Style
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
Vegan Style evokes a sense of youthful energy.

Image Credit: Font Space

Designed by Billy Argel, Vegan Style is one of those script fonts that evoke youthful energy. The fresh typeface is a blend of beauty and grace along with underlined boldness. The typeface is free to download; however, you can only use the font for personal use.

Download details here

  1. Serendipity
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
This font is best if you want to appear original with your logo designs.

Image Credit: Pixelbuddha

Designed by The HungryJPEG, Serendipity can inspire anyone. Whether you are looking for an inspiring script font for your content heading or something to go along with your latest logo design project, Serendipity fits in just well.

Download details here 

  1. Hickory Jack
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
This awesome-looking font is easy on the eyes.

Image Credit: DaFont

Created by Brittney Murphy, Hickory Jack is a script font that has an easy-going vibe. This free font can be used commercially after obtaining a license from Murphy.

Download details here

  1. Alex Brush
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
Alex Brush is a smooth and legible script font.

Image Credit: 1001 Fonts

Designed by Rob Leuschke, Alex Brush is a highly legible script font. The font can be perfect for various design projects, such as YouTube channels and business card designs. The font is available for personal and commercial use for free.

Download details here

  1. Beautiful Broom
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
This script font can be used to design eye-catching designs.

Image Credit: Mats-Peter Forss

Mats-Peter Forss boasts of designing some beautiful free fonts. Beautiful Bloom is a free script typeface that can be used for both digital and print projects.

Download details here

  1. Variane Script
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
This script font brings a touch of vintage.

Image Credit: Font Space

Created by Boy Moch Tomi, the retro-style script font reminds one of vintage American signage and billboards. This free script font is best suited for retro-style logos and business cards.

Download details here

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  1. Debby
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
Debby works well on posters and greeting cards.

Image Credit: Befonts

Created by Artimasa, Debby is a hand-drawn script font that works well on logos, wedding invitations, and posters. The irregular characters of Debby are the most attractive aspect of the script font.

Download details here

  1. Tahu!
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
Tahu! is a modern script font loaded with special characters and punctuations.

Image Credit: Pixelify/Syaz Rizal/Mats-Peter Forss

Tahu! is a modern script font that is versatile and professional. The typeface comes loaded with several special characters and numerals. The font can be used for personal and commercial projects under the condition that you give credit to its creators.

Download details here

  1. Christopher Hand
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
The font beautifully mimics handwritten letters.

Image Credit: Cufon Fonts

Created by El Stinger, Christopher Hand is one of those script fonts that resemble the roughness of handwritten letters. The typeface is perfect if you want to share a romantic note or where the warmth of handwritten letters is required.

Download details here

  1. Cervanttis
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
Cervanttis is a signature-style script font.

Image Credit: Mats-Peter Forss/Crella Marketplace/Creatype Studio

If you are looking for a signature-style font, your search ends with Cervanttis. This script font has a natural flow that can attract readers immediately. The typeface can be used for personal projects for free; however, an $11 license fee is involved for commercial usage.

Download details here

  1. Bimbo
15 Best Script Fonts To Make Your Designs Look Professional
Bimbo mimics real handwriting.

Image Credit: Francesco Canovaro

Created by Francesco Canovaro in 2018 for Zetafonts, Bimbo is a natural-looking script font that resembles real handwriting. The typeface is perfect for logos and notes where a handwritten feel is required.

Download details here

Those were some script fonts that can help you with your design projects or create attractive content. Script fonts can make your designs or blogs look appealing, but excessive and incorrect use can cost you your design or content. So, here is as I promised:

Tips for using script fonts effectively 

Script fonts are fun to use and can be applied to logos, book covers, headings, posters, movie titles, and many other things. Here are three tips to use script fonts effectively.

  1. Do not change the tracking of a connecting script

The majority of script typefaces you encounter are carefully crafted to resemble the formal handwriting of a lettering artist or calligrapher. Most of these scripts are connecting scripts. Connecting scripts have joining strokes that make it easier for characters to connect. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid changing the overall tracking of a connecting script as it can result in altering the carefully crafted lettering space.

  1. Avoid all caps

The capitals in scripts should mostly be used as decorative pieces. Script caps go well with lowercase letters, not with other uppercase letters. You should also avoid setting all caps for most scripts because it makes the design or the written piece unreadable.

  1. Combine scripts with care

Scripts get all the attention because of their personality. Script fonts stand out and easily grab the attention of the readers, which is why you must be careful when you select other fonts to go along with scripts. You should avoid other script fonts when combining because the chances of them clashing remain high. Choosing neutral fonts from non-scripts makes the design looks balanced and attractive.

Final thoughts

Script fonts are known to bring designs and other written content to life. While there are hundreds of script fonts available for personal and commercial use, these selected fonts can help you with a majority of design projects.

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