Malibu Logo: Sun, Beach, Palm Trees and Fun

“Havana Moon, Havana Moon

Me all alone with jug of rum

Me stand and wait for boat to come

Is long de night, is quiet de dark

De boat she late, it’s twelve o’clock…”

Those are the opening lines of the famous Chuck Berry song “Havana Moon.” This song never seems to get old and remains a favorite in hangouts and bars near beaches. Talking of beaches and bars, one has to mention Malibu – the number one coconut-flavored rum in the world.

Revisit the magic of Chuck Berry here:

Any brand, whether big, small or in the startup stage, cannot rule out the importance of a logo. A good logo has a direct impact on its audience and helps leave a lasting impression. A good logo also contributes in developing a good and healthy brand image. The most iconic logos in the world can provide great insights into developing your own visual identities. We will explore what the Malibu logo can teach us in terms of design aesthetics in the bonus section of the article.

What is Malibu?

Malibu is one of the world’s most widely known alcohol brands with an equally iconic logo. The brand is famous for its coconut-flavored drink made with Caribbean rum and produced in the island of Barbados. 

Malibu has been a part of the French beverage giant Pernod Ricard Group since 2005 after it acquired Allied Domecq for $14 billion.

Malibu Logo: Sun, Beach, Palm Trees and Fun

The Malibu logo: meaning and history

Malibu Rum shares the Caribbean spirit with consumers around the world. From lime to mango, Malibu Rum is available in a wide range of flavors which never fail to amaze people.

The iconic logo is inspired by the Caribbean sunset and includes the setting sun, two palm trees and a beach along with the wordmark. The logo symbolizes good times and fun with a hint of serenity.

The logo captures a very important time of the day which is both beautiful and inspiring – the time of the day when the setting sun kisses the ocean. The logo immediately transports one to the peaceful surroundings of a beach surrounded by palm trees: you could almost feel the gentle sea breeze on your face.

The serenity of the logo is an inescapable aspect of the logo and seems to curb the free spirit of Malibu. The ever-modern visual identity of Malibu emphasizes its unique character.

With the latest redesign of its visual identity, Malibu intends to capture the imagination of future generations of customers. The latest rebranding looks fresh and has the capability of resonating with the younger generation. The latest redesign can also easily fit into the e-commerce sector. 

While the new design has all the elements that have the ability to resonate with the younger generation, it does not completely move away from its old look.

The Malibu logo: evolution

Professor and writer of several books and articles, Leon C. Megginson, said “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Professor Megginson hit the nail on the head! While it is true that the strongest or the most intelligent have the capability to achieve unimaginable heights, it is often the one with adaptability skills who moves on to the next stage of evolution. The same theory can be applied to logos!

Not all logos are timeless; therefore, it must find a way to adapt with changing times.

An article published on the official website of Malibu states, “Through the evolution of its much-loved design and logo, Malibu is seeking to maintain strong brand equity and relevance with millennials, aiming to reinforce its quest to become a global icon of summer.”

Color palette  

Malibu Logo: Sun, Beach, Palm Trees and Fun

Inspired by the Caribbean sunset, the Malibu logo color scheme includes various shades of orange. The logo also includes deep brown for the wordmark and palm trees and white for the bottle.

The different shades of orange used in the logo portray the feeling of playful energy along with calmness and serenity. Deep brown used in the insignia represents reliability and a sense of warm feelings.


Malibu Logo: Sun, Beach, Palm Trees and Fun

While it’s true that Malibu stands for fun, energy and life, the brand has committed itself to various sustainability programs to ensure a better and a brighter future. Just like the Malibu logo which stands for both carefree spirit and serenity, the brand stands for both fun and seriousness. The seriousness of the brand is reflected through various ecologically sound programs it promotes.

Malibu has partnered with Earthwatch and has successfully tagged over 600 sea turtles who return every year to the Caribbean islands to nest. Tagging sea turtles have enabled marine scientists and conservationists to understand their behavior and protect them from “harmful human activities such as coastal development, net fishing, poaching and pollution.”

Apart from the sea turtle conservation program, Malibu is committed to using recycled plastics, helping coconut farmers in the Philippines and  sourcing sustainable materials to “secure the future of the product and – and the future of summer itself.”

Don’t forget your drink

Malibu Logo: Sun, Beach, Palm Trees and Fun

All this information must have made you tired and to be completely honest, there’s more in the bonus section. But before you head there, let’s get you a drink!

Apart from the Malibu original there is a wide range of flavors to try from.  Plus the amazing variety of mocktails can keep you rocking all day.

Well, if you are indoors due to the pandemic situation, Malibu has great mocktail recipes you can try from: I will share one with you. Head to your refrigerator and get some ice; pour 50ml Malibu original, 75ml pineapple juice and 25ml coconut cream. Pour everything into a shaker and don’t forget to add ice. Shake well while you listen to Havana Moon. Voila, your Piña Colada is ready!

4 Lessons to Learn from the Malibu Logo

The iconic Malibu logo can provide us with insights on how a creative piece of artwork becomes timeless. Whether you are a graphic designer or a content creator or just a curious know-it-all, there is a lot one can learn from the Malibu insignia.

The 4 lessons one can learn from the Malibu logo are the following:

#1. It is memorable

One of the most important elements of a great logo is that it is memorable. A great logo establishes connection with consumers and quickly generates the likeability factor. One of the key traits of iconic logos is that they can easily be remembered.

People invest only an insignificant amount of time looking at a logo, mostly under a second, based on which they make their judgement if a brand is good enough for them. Therefore, a logo must create a powerful impact for it to be memorable.

Malibu logo truly creates an impact in a matter of seconds, immediately transporting you to another plane of existence. How it achieves that is a whole different story!

#2. It is appropriate

A logo is an extension of a brand and should tell the brand story in the best way possible. In simple words, a logo should not drift from its purpose and remain appropriate. The more relevant a logo, the more in sync it is with the brand.

There are various elements that designers use to convey a brand’s narrative. The use of various colors in combination with varied shapes triggers different emotions. This in turn helps in conveying the brand story.

The Malibu logo is one of the best examples of a logo which is appropriate and conveys the brand story to a tee.

#3. Simplicity is at its core

Some of the best logos in history are simple to its core. From wordmarks to minimalistic designs, all can be surprisingly simple. The iconic Apple logo or the ever-famous Nike logo only shows how a simple logo can create an everlasting impact.

The attention span of people is getting shorter as we speak; therefore, a simple logo can create the desired effect in a matter of seconds.

If you have a logo which is complex, it is a good idea to get rid of the clutter and use negative space as effectively as possible to get a minimal and simple looking logo.

The Malibu logo might not be minimal, but it surely has simplicity at its core. The setting sun just behind the palm trees is a simplistic representation of nature which never fails to attract the attention of the people.

#4. It is timeless

 How do you know a logo is timeless? Well it does not fade away with time or trends. New trends and styles always come and go but there are some that stand the test of time and remain new forever.

From the iconic Coca-Cola wordmark to the golden arches of McDonald’s, timeless logos never lose their charm. Well, they do evolve from time to time but their timeless elements remain the same.

The Malibu logo is truly a timeless insignia. Though the logo has been redesigned, the essential elements have remained the same.

Malibu logo – a true inspiration

Besides all the fun and frolic that Malibu provides, they have an icon that truly deserves praise. The purity of the logo speaks volumes about the brand. Whether you are a designer or a musician, the Malibu insignia is filled with inspiration for you.

To conclude, it is all about rum, reggae and obviously Captain Jack Sparrow! 

Here is another legendary singer from the Caribbean nation of Jamaica, Bob Marley, performing One Love.

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