Essential Elements to Help You Design the Perfect Cleaning Logo

If you’re looking to start a residential and commercial cleaning company, you need to work with the nitty-gritty of launching one. This includes a business name, a housekeeping service list, cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, and a cleaning logo.

Let’s face it, maintenance and cleaning services are the rage these days. It’s an essential and lucrative business – plus, it’s easy to start. According to Allied Market Research, the cleaning industry is expected to be worth 74 billion dollars by 2022 at a growth rate of 6.6% annually.

A lot of homes and establishments need cleaning services, and there are people eager to get their hands down on it. If you need to put up a cleaning business, here’s what you need to know.

How do you create a logo for a cleaning business?

Set goals and objectives

How do you want customers to see your brand? Setting goals for your cleaning business logo will help channel your marketing strategies better.

Know your audience

Is your audience a little bit on the high end, or are you looking to serve middle-income families for their residential needs? Your logo design will be aligned with who your target audience is.

Define your style and personality

Are you old school? Perhaps a vintage cleaning logo would define your personality. What about a sleek and minimalist look for contemporary customers?

Know the elements of the cleaning industry

What aspects of the cleaning business would you like to incorporate into your logo? Will there be suds and soaps or brooms and mop? You also need to define the colors for your logo design.

Why a cleaning logo matters to your business?

A logo is an important asset of your business. A poorly executed logo for cleaning service can turn off clients. We advise you not to grab a free logo over a public domain design site, but invest in creating one for yourself or with a professional logo maker.

Here’s why you need to invest in cleaning logo designs for your business.

Serves as your business identity

A logo design defines your business personality and how prospects resonate with it. A clear cleaning services logo tells customers what services you sell and how they can benefit from your brand.

Helps people remember you

People are visual creatures – they rather remember your cleaning service logo over your business name. Therefore, cleaning logos serve as an introduction of your brand to consumers. It helps them remember you and your services to the community.

Offers a solid branding foundation of the business

Essential elements of a logo such as fonts, colors, or designs offer a solid branding foundation of the business. It can also influence your customers’ purchasing behaviors and perceptions. For example:

Builds trust and credibility

A business without a logo is a business without a face. How can people trust you if you don’t have a profile to show to prospects? The cleaning logo conveys the professionalism and seriousness of your operational activities to run the company.

The basis for marketing strategies

After defining your cleaning logo design, you can make visual decisions for your future marketing activities. Imagine creating your website, social media accounts, or posters. You can refer to your logo for design guidelines.

Separates you from the competition

There may be 100 cleaning services all over the city, but a logo separates your company from the rest. Do you offer residential or commercial cleaning services? What about an eco-friendly product to use for the job?

What principles should cleaning logos contain?

Cleaning logos should be fleshed out with color or graphics that best represents the brand. It needs to have functional principles to stand out among the competition. Here are the principles designers follow when creating a logo.


A clean logo often sticks to your customer’s mind. Don’t complicate your design with too many elements. The best logo designs are often simple and clean.

Distinctive and memorable

Your logo’s graphic elements should be recognizable and distinctive for customers to remember you.


Do companies use the same design elements as yours? They may have that water bucket or mop placed on the logo, but, what sets them apart?

Consistent, yet, flexible

Your logo should remain consistent in all mediums. However, you can have different versions of it while retaining the original design. For example, you need a white and black version on different poster designs, a site icon for the website, and images on business cards.

Incorporate personality

A good logo defines your brand personality. Does the brand feel homey and inviting or high-end? Properly using design elements can get you the right tone.

There are cheap logo design services and free logo template tools to get you started. However, a competently-made logo from top designers resounds more to prospects.

Essential elements of a great cleaning logo

To create the perfect cleaning logo, you must apply essential design elements. Graphics and colors play a huge role in it, but it takes a plotted strategy to form a representation of your brand identity.


Colors in cleaning logos form emotions, identity, and customers’ perception of a brand. What’s more, colors convey different meanings in commercial and house cleaning companies.

What colors are best for a cleaning business?

Common colors found in a cleaning logo:

  • Blue: Water, cleanliness, confidence, and integrity.
  • White: Purity, simplicity, hygiene, and safety.
  • Green: Environmental, nature-inspired, eco-friendly, and conservative.
  • Orange: Enthusiasm, success, change, and fun.
  • Pink: Empowerment, health, growth, and inspires change.
  • Black: Elegance, glossy, and power.
  • Orange: joy, success, and determination. It also evokes prestige, tropical delights, and encouragement.
  • Yellow: Energy, attention, and caution.
  • Red: Vigor, fast and alert, warmth


Lines indicate divisions, movement, and composition. They serve as the architecture of your cleaning logos. For example:

  • Thin lines imply fragileness
  • Thick lines define strength
  • Horizontal lines suggest calm and comfort
  • Vertical lines show stability
  • Curved lines denote dynamics


Shapes form the external features of a logo. They convey different meanings and emotions such as:

  • Geometric: Structure, safe, and familiarity
  • Organic shapes: nature-based shapes like leaves and water connote comfort and approachable feeling
  • Abstract shapes: Creativity and dynamism

To break it down, squares and rectangles often mean stability and strength. It’s the most popular shape in logo designs because of its familiarity with prospects. Meanwhile, triangles mean alertness, action, and power.

Circles and curves often give off the emotions of harmony, protection, and community. It’s often a positive emotional message that attracts energy and nature.

Other elements to take note of


Texture refers to the appearance of a surface. You can say that your logo is rough, smooth, or glossy like a cleaned glass.


Space refers to the area revolving around the objects pointed out. Designers emphasize space by modifying the object’s placement and perspective.

Size, Scale, and Proportion

Size refers to the physical aspect of a product while the scale is the relation of the object to its standard dimension. Lastly, proportion is considered as the unity of size and scale.

Ethics of a clean logo design

Now that you know the elements of a logo design, we put into a piece all of these elements to make a harmonious visual branding for your cleaning business.


Balance is the state of symmetry in a logo. You can say that your logo gives off symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial tone.


What object do you want your prospects to first see on the cleaning logo? Is it the color, shape, or lines of the image? Maybe you want it on your business name?


Harmony refers to how pleasant the arrangement of different elements in a logo.


Contrast refers to elements placed opposite each other. It is designed to achieve an emphasis on a particular object.


Alignment organizes the elements into place. It gives a definitive structure to the logo.

Repetition and rhythm

Repetition is the recurrence of a design element that often turns into a pattern. Rhythm refers to the elements repeated in different ways.

What’s a good name for a cleaning service company?

Some companies place their business names in their logo, but it’s often hard to make one. What’s a good name for a cleaning service company?

Make it short and simple

People prefer short names so they can easily remember. Examples of famous cleaning names are Mr. Clean, Dawn, Cheer, Joy, and Scrub Daddy. Notice that many of these businesses have one-word names. At most, keep your cleaning company name to a maximum of three words.

Place words related to cleaning

What are words related to ‘cleaning?’ For a cheat sheet, you can use the following terms: air, bath, bio, cleaner, color, detergent, dishwashing, detergent, fabric, breeze, laundry, oil, soap, towel, mop, broom, wash, wipe, glass, gloss, clear, spic and span, flush, sanitation, etc.

Feel free to play with the name

Make use of a play on words or puns when generating names. Spic and Span is a great name used by a famous brand that led to generations of cleaning products. Another is Mr. Clean – simple, everyday words that connote a cleaning company. You can even add your name to words related to cleaning, too!

It shows the value you give to your customers

A company name should reflect the service and value you give to your customers. It not only shows what you can do, but why it should matter to prospects. It serves as a promise that you’re a problem solver to their needs.

It should be unique

You don’t want to run into a business having the same name as yours would you? The last thing you need is a trip to the court for fines on trademark infringement. Plus, you don’t want customers to get confused about transacting with you.

What makes a good cleaning logo?

There’s a lot to be considered in crafting a logo that lasts for years. A good number of strategy and planning goes into designing a cleaning logo before you launch your business. You also need to tread carefully on how your brand should sound to prospects.

Will they love it? How can you stand out from your competition? Keeping in mind these essential elements will clear your objectives in designing a cleaning company logo that represents the brand.

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