Learn How to do Fitness Brand Logo Design the Right Way

The logo of a fitness brand is the purest reflection of what a fitness business stands for. It is the initial association that individuals/consumers establish with businesses or even when talking about particular fitness (GYM) brands.

Logos for fitness brands serve a lot of beneficial functions, including:

  • A fitness logo is the visual identity of a brand that differentiates them from the competition
  • Fitness logos help with gaining the trust of clients
  • The heart or essence of fitness establishments can be conveyed through perfectly designed fitness logos
  • Logos help people be aware of what exactly a fitness company does, who they are, and what they value

A creative logo shows professionalism; thus, it is imperative to create the best and the most unique logo designed for your fitness branding.

Learn How to do Fitness Brand Logo Design the Right Way
by DesignBro

Gym & Fitness Logo Design Ideas

You want your logo to speak for your establishment and want it to possess the power to make people associate it with your gym, and highlight the uniqueness of what you offer.

If you are just starting to look for a logo design that fits your enterprise, this article has you covered. Consider incorporating these logo-for-gym tips:

↪ Jot Down Important Details

These important details include business name, slogan, history/background, purpose, goal, visions, and so on. Your logo should reflect at least a couple of these aspects.

What of these things do you think can make your logo stick in the minds of your target audience?

↪ Use Your Design Skills and Own Fitness Logo Ideas

Do you possess some basic design skills? Perhaps, it is not yet the time to call a professional logo designer. Perhaps you can start with some shapes and draw every idea you can formulate onto a piece of paper even with just those simple shapes.

If any logo design idea pops into your mind, make a visual representation of it by drawing it on the paper. When you meet with a professional fitness logo maker later on, that collection of shapes you have might be of great help.

It will help a lot if you have some experience working with some drawing software or app in this initial stage of your project.

↪ Get Feedback Every Step of the Way

Another fitness logo idea that can help a lot involves the participation of your target customers. Consumer feedback is always an important part of your business operations including matters that pertain to branding and in particular, to the creation of your gym logo.

Here’s the most significant value why you need customer feedback as a backup to your own workout logo ideas:

When you implement this particular strategy, you make your customers feel valued and treated as an important part of the creative team. By getting their feedback, you make them feel that their opinions are highly valued.

↪ Outsource Your Fitness Logo Design Project

Look for a design firm that can help you improve what you already have, and craft the fitness brand logo you have in mind.

You need to be careful in choosing such a firm, though. Outsourcing sometimes takes time and the outcomes are not always the best.

The problem is most of these people are also busy working for other companies. If you get designers who do not have the time to know your business in-depth, do not expect the best result.

Work with a logo editor who can take the time to know the important details of what your enterprise does and incorporate those details in helping you design your business logo.

How to Design a Gym or Fitness Logo

↪ Research the Industry

One basic gym logo idea or strategy to employ when designing your own company’s insignia is to research the workout industry first and that is the first important step that you should take.

While there is a need to incorporate in the insignia the objective of your services, there is also a need to thoroughly understand how the industry operates and what appeals to its target market.

For instance, the look and appeal of the design for a real-estate entrepreneurial venture will be not the same as that of a symbol for an enterprise operating under the restaurant or food industry.

In addition, do a thorough research and analysis on the latest trends in fitness logo designs under your industry.
If you are not yet familiar with the latest fitness company logo trends, try a Google search on the keyword “free fitness logo”, and you will get list of websites that offer thousands of free logo samples which you can download to your device. Get 5 – 10 logos to get an idea of how logos in your industry feel and look like.

↪ Create a Rough Sketch of Fitness Logo Designs

In addition to what has been mentioned, create multiple design sketches to show your prospective outsourcing professional designers, and modify the designs before finalizing the logo.

↪ Create a Simple Typography

The size of the font or text should not be too small or too big. Those who look at your logo should not experience any difficulty in trying to make sense of what you want to express through it.

↪ Add Colors

Colors are also key ingredients in logos along with the font. Choose carefully the color palette that you will use.

Just a bit of useful information: blue is the most used color in color schemes for logo branding, as the color has the ability to generate trust and harmony.

↪ Check If Your Representation Imitates Someone Else’s Logo

The main purpose of coming up with distinctive gym logo ideas is for you to craft a unique identity with your own design. If you make one that looks like hundreds of other logos, you will fail in the “uniqueness” criterion required in making logos, which will make your venture fail to stand out.

Fitness and Workout Logo Practices

In creating the symbol or image for your branding, here are some guidelines to follow:

↪ Color

Plenty of brands make the mistake of using more than three colors. Google uses only three. Keep the imagery simple and the number of colors to a maximum of three. Playing with more than three will make you run the risk of cluttering the logo layout completely.

↪ Layout

In order to create a masterpiece of a logo, have a good layout, which requires a good understanding of the relationship between shapes and hues.

To gain a good understanding of such relationships, especially under the current state of advanced technologies, do study current trends and also know how successful logos have evolved over time.

Perhaps the changes incorporated over time by these brands can be an eye-opener to you about how these relationships work.

↪ Typography

Typography does not only cover the images and font size. It also covers the kind of font people use and also utility of available space. Again, the presentation should be simple, easy to understand and uncluttered. The message that the image or icon will evoke should be also clear and not complex.

↪ Symbol

Symbols are good channels for effective conveyance of your brand’s message. Your logo’s symbols must reflect what your establishment does, its personality, and the benefits it can bring to your consumers.

Choosing the Perfect Fitness Company Logo Ideas

Here are some more tips to help lead you to a perfect logo for your entrepreneurial venture:

↪ The Message

To reiterate, your logo should be a reflection of your message to your target consumers. Think of Nike and their swoosh badge. In Greek mythology, Nike is the Winged Goddess of Victory. The depiction therefore represents the goddess’s wing “swoosh,” which in turn symbolizes speed, power and motivation.

Can you find a way to stand out with your icon or symbolism, and yet be clear about its meaning to your audience?

↪ Target Audience

It is important that you know what sector of audience you are specifically targeting. In other words, your logo should appeal to the specific demographic you are targeting.

If you are targeting bodybuilding enthusiasts, perhaps your image should include a man packed with bulging muscles. For weight loss, an image of a woman with a fit shape might be appropriate to include in the imagery content.

Learn How to do Fitness Brand Logo Design the Right Way
by DesignBro

↪ Catchy Image

One of the advantages of the logos of global companies is they stick to memory because of their catchy designs. The visual effect must be something that encourages people to remember a business name and imageries for a long time.

⚡ What Makes an Awesome Sports & Fitness Logo?

Great logo styles appear good even in black and white presentation. If your symbol or icon fails to appeal in its black and white presentation, it is likely that it will fail to impress in its colored form.

Another idea to carefully consider is scalability. Whatever the size your logo comes with, the goal is to make it appear attractive in different media. The presentation should look good in billboards and in your website as well as in your business cards.

Balance is another important aspect for excellent artistry; meaning that not a single element in the image overshadows the others. That balance can be achieved by a powerful combination of colors, shapes and line density.

❓ Who Needs Professionally Designed Fitness & Gym Logos?

The challenge for you is to create a unique fitness logo design, and if you are a beginner in these matters, you may find yourself at a loss on where to start. If that is the case with you, you will need the help of an experienced fitness logo maker.

Of course, there are designers that have built a name for themselves by creating successful logos for international companies. You must think of collaborating with them first or at least know their artistry and expertise.

Their distinctive logo styles are available online, so check these works out. Collaborating with them though will require you to set a huge amount of budget for that purpose, as they are the very best in the field.

❗ How Can I Hire A Fitness, Gym or Workout Logo Maker?

Step 1 – Have a List of Designers

As has been already stated, when choosing a designer or a logo maker, choose the one that has the time to know your enterprise and understand what your enterprise does in-depth. Otherwise, they will just create fitness logos that do not really express the message that will reach your target market.

Step 2 – Consider the Budget

When you have already listed some designers who you think will give you sufficient time, it is now time to consider the cost. Do they fit your budget? If not, then you have to tick off some of the entries from the list. If you can hire online designers, they should be cheaper, but take note that you will be responsible for most of the administrative work.

Step 3 – Invite Applications through a Job Posting

Once the above requirements have been met, the next step is to upload a logo job posting through your account. If you can talk to them directly using a phone or notify them through their email address, then you can also do so. After you make a post through your account, expect that there will be a deluge of applications. Make sure you ask all applicants to send you their portfolios.

Step 4 – Interview and Select

The last part is an interview with each applicant that meets your criteria. Then choose, and hire the best applicant

How to Crowdsource and Create Your Own Fitness Logos with DesignBro in a Jiffy

Learn How to do Fitness Brand Logo Design the Right Way

Different designing services present different ways of giving the best result for prospective and current clients. Check below for an example and then compare us on with other services. In this example, there are only three steps:

👉 Step 1 – See Samples of Inspirational Logos

Learn How to do Fitness Brand Logo Design the Right Way

We will show you different logos for inspirations. There are experienced designers out there who know exactly the inspirations that you need for your workout establishment.

👉 Step 2 – Choose Designers

Learn How to do Fitness Brand Logo Design the Right Way

Once you’ve chosen the 5 best logos given as samples, you will be able to connect with the designers, so you can directly collaborate with the designers of the samples you have chosen.

👉 Step 3 – Pick 3 Top Designers

Learn How to do Fitness Brand Logo Design the Right Way

You have the privilege of getting the best 3 designers in the list. You can ask them to continue working to provide the best interpretation of the idea you have in mind.

In the end, you can pick the winner who will submit your production-ready files securely under your account registered with us. You have “all rights reserved” privilege of the final design they will send to you.

Give Your Gym, Workout or Physical Fitness Business the Boost It Needs!

There are many companies and agencies that can accommodate your specific fitness logo needs, and who emphasize on quality workmanship and expertise that are not easily available elsewhere.

Make sure that you perform a thorough check on the background of the fitness logo designers who work for them, and ensure that their team only consists of hand-selected professionals.

We at DesignBro works with world’s best 5% designers, and can guarantee that your fitness brand draw in lots of prospective customers through images that people can’t forget.

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