Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

Top brands around the world have earned brand recognition after years – even decades – of efforts put into strengthening their brand identity, visual communication (social media posts, logos, marketing media, etc), and many more elements that play a role in the success of a brand. Nike, for example, holds pride in a logo that has a name itself: Swoosh! 

Then why these reimagined logos?

Graphic designers are the pillars of the part of the world that requires change – dare I say, even improvement. The best designers reimagine how things can be improved and how they would make human lives better. 

With these reimagined logos of the top and famous brands, the designers of these logos got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to give us brand clarity. Expressing clarity through logos is important because of a few reasons: 

  • There are an endlessly growing number of companies and limited resources to stand out from such competition, a logo that clearly shows what a brand does saves customers’ valuable time, which is reciprocated by them in the form of brand loyalty. 
  • As you must have noticed a number of times, we do judge a book by its covers. Here, the cover being a logo and a book being a brand, it is important to present a clear picture in front of the target customers so that they judge, assess, and engage with a brand accordingly. 

To get a clearer picture of how reimagining logos could align with the above-mentioned points, let us explore these top 8 reimagined logos of famous brands worldwide. 

Reimagined Ikea Logo: Inspired by Ikea’s Unique Selling Point

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

As a brand that boasts its exceptional visual brand identity redesigns, Ikea certainly does not hold back from standing out amongst the crowd. From its first logo in 1951 (a thin, red, traditional wax-seal logo) to its current logo (blue and yellow logo which are also the colors of the Sweden flag: Ikea’s origin), the Ikea logo has changed with time. 

Our designers reimagined the Ikea logo to bring a little bit more clarity to the logo as to what is so special about the company. This reimagined logo, with an instruction manual and ready-to-assemble table, could tell even an alien that Ikea is a furniture manufacturing company that provides ready-to-assemble furniture to its customers. 

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Reimagined Absolut Logo: Inspired by Absolut’s Effects on its Customers 

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

Same as Ikea, this vodka brand: Absolut, is also a Swedish company that has been around for decades and has a very impeccable brand reputation. Unlike Ikea, Absolut has not undergone many logo-redesigning processes; in fact, Absolut’s first logo has a similar font as its current logo (but the word ‘vodka’ and the phrase ‘country of Sweden’ were eliminated). 

Ironically, by giving it a blurry font, our designers worked on making the Absolut logo a bit more customer-centric and clear. When you look at the reimagined logo of this vodka brand, Absolut, you will mostly sense dizziness and zest in its logo that matches Absolut’s vodka after-effects on its loyal target customers. 

Reimagined Google Logo: Inspired by Google’s Service

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

Starting under the name: BackRub, Google is undoubtedly one of the most used websites in the world. Besides its quality services, a.k.a. the most used search engine, Google also leveraged its visual communication tools to reach its wide target audience. Though changed a number of times, Google’s first logo has always been the base for its visual identity designs. 

Reimagined by our designers, besides its colorful ‘G’ letter, there is a subtle addition of a magnifying glass to the logo. The logo seems more direct as to what a new customer who does not know anything about the company (difficult, yet possible) can expect when they will use Google. 

Reimagined Dell Logo: Inspired by Dell’s Widely Used Shortcut

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

Unlike Ikea, Absolut, and Google, this computer – products and services related – the company does not have a very significant and remarkable visual design (or redesign) journey. With its first logo being simply the name of the company, Dell has been very crisp and clear with its logo design from thereon. 

In this reimagined logo, our designers brought a bit of unconventional creativity and clarity to the logo. The Ctrl+Alt+Dell logo comes from one of the most famous keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+Del; it would most definitely catch the attention of people coming across it, and increase brand awareness with a conversational logo. 

Reimagined Duracell Logo: Inspired by Duracell’s Quality Products

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

Launched in 1964, this alkaline and rechargeable batteries manufacturing company has always chosen a monochrome wordmark logo. Be that as it may, there have been 5 – sometimes subtle, other times significant – tweaks in the Duracell logo. 

As the name suggests ‘durable cell,’ and also because the brand is quite established in itself, this reimagined Duracell logo is the same font as the current Duracell logo. However, to tell its target customers about the brand and its products, our designers aligned the name of the brand with its product and made a battery-shaped frame that clearly expresses the durability of Duracell’s products. 

Reimagined Adidas Logo: Inspired by Adidas’ Products Specification

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

It is impossible to believe that the current Adidas logo was once a logo of some other company – unbelievable yet entirely true. Reaching the permanency and brand recognition that comes with this current logo has not been very easy for Adidas. There have been a number of changes but most were inspired by its iconic three stripes which represent the speed that comes with Adidas shoes. 

To make it even clearer, our designers reimagined the Adidas logo and it looks something like we all feel while wearing Adidas footwear and clothing materials: reaching the top of the mountain peak, if not cloud nine. We do adore the well-recognized three stripes and would not reimagine an Adidas logo without the same. 

Reimagining Shell Logo: Inspired by Shell’s Position in Oil Industry

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

With a rich logo history that goes 100 years past, Shell has exceptionally worked its way through the visual identity department. First designed using a monochrome color palette, today’s Shell logo is not only perfect to depict the brand’s success but also serves as an emblem in the oil industry. 

However, to be loud and clear about what Shell does and in which industry it is, our designers aligned a fuel pump to the Shell logo. In this reimagined Shell logo, as the fuel pump seems to be filling the logo (as a tank), there is an altogether more young and confident touch to the current Shell logo. 

Reimagined Lamborghini Logo: Inspired by Lamborghini Experience

Reimagined Logos: Brand Clarity Hidden in Plain Sight

Based out of Italy, Lamborghini is an unbeatable luxury car manufacturing company. These sports cars – which were once trucks (called Lambos) – are not only known for their speed but also for their aesthetic and the entire luxurious experience that the brand provides its users. As Lambos are named after bulls, the current Lamborghini logo is a more refined version of one of its previous logo redesigns. 

To explore it further, our designers reimagined the Lamborghini logo design and added elements that represent the speed, beauty, and success of the brand’s products. The logo is reimagined precisely by keeping Lamborghini’s target market in mind and focusing on transferring Lamborghini’s product experience into the reimagined logo design. 

To Wrap Up, 

From a subtle additional element to an entire makeover, these hypothetical and reimagined logo designs of the top companies in the world show that a logo design is a combination of its designer, the brand, and its target customers. As you change any element (in this case, designers), you will see a change in logo designs. Surprisingly, as these logos have been ingrained in our minds over time, these changes do not make the logos unrecognizable at all; that is the power of a well-designed logo.

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