Top 7 most talked about sports logo in America

The sports market is huge in America. According to a recent estimate, the North America professional sports market is worth $ 64 billion and growing. Businesses and clubs who want a sizable market share must come out with innovative marketing strategies which would give them the much needed visibility.

A logo is one of the most important visuals used to market and promote a sports team. Sports agencies and teams require professional and unique logos with which they can hope to achieve their marketing goals.  A logo designer can get some inspiration from top sports logos and learn what goes into the making of one.

Here are the top 7 most talked about logos for sports in America:

1. Chicago Bulls Logo

Chicago Bulls Logo

A champion logo from a champion club! The Chicago Bulls logo is a great place to start with when considering a logo for your team. Two extremely powerful elements required for a great sports emblem come together in the logo; aggressive mascot and a lot of sharp points. Angry mascots depict a team’s capability of overpowering opponents and inspiring fans. The Chicago Bulls logo does just that. The angry oxen could be a reason for the team winning trophies after trophies.

2. New York Yankees Team

New York Yankees Logo

The New York Yankees logo has gone on to become one of the most recognized logo for sports on the planet since it first appeared in 1909. The logo was designed to honor an NYC policeman who died in the line of duty. The “N” and the “Y” are interlocked in an aesthetic fashion giving the logo a unique identity. The sharp edges add sharpness and confidence while the blue background conveys the message of calmness; a lethal combination for a sports team.

3. Brooklyn Nets Logo

Brooklyn Nets Logo

The Brooklyn Nets basketball team is a legend of sports along with being a recognizable brand. Though the club’s logo has changed a few times, the current logo very well describes the essence of the team. Designed by the famous rapper Jay-Z, the Brooklyn Nets logo features black and white color scheme inspired by the old system of signs of the New York subway. The minimalist lettering on the badge represents the club’s character. Simple, amazingly cool and culture- defining, the logo describes the identity of Brooklyn’s best team.

4. Cleveland Browns’ Logo

Cleveland Browns’ Logo

The team’s orange helmet is the unofficial logo of the team. Though the team does not have any official logo, the helmet has been associated with the team for long and has been the talking point across sporting fraternity. The only team not to have any logos in their helmet to show their visual identity has gone on to become their visual identity!

5. Super bowl Logo

Super bowl Logo

Another famous American sports logo that has kept people buzzing about is the Super Bowl logo. The logo features the Vince Lombardi trophy along Roman numerals and the stadium, making the emblem amazingly unique.

6. Major League Baseball Logo

Major League Baseball Logo

Designed to commemorate the Major League Baseball anniversary, the logo has gone on to become an inspirational design. Very balanced and absolutely amazing use of colors, the MLB logo indeed is a trendsetter. The logo has been a talking point since its inception for designers all over the world.

7. Charlotte Hornets Logo

Charlotte Hornets Logo

The aggressive bee ready to sting is what describes the team and the logo. Blue, purple and white color scheme truly sets the logo apart from its peers. The design really connects well with the fans of the team.

How amateur teams and clubs can get professional-level logo for sports

The best way to learn about how to get the best looking logo for your team is to first check out what the big clubs are doing. Notice the patterns; understand the design trends and you are set. However, you will need professional help along the way to get your very own dream logo.

Tips and inspiration for creating outstanding logos for sports

Here are things you can do if you really want to create the best logo for sports:

  1. Get aggressive
  2. Sharpen edges and points
  3. Youthful typography
  4. Proper framing

Getting aggressive with your logo design can really do wonders. The trend really is to get an aggressive version of the team’s mascot. Predators like lions, bears and bulls can really do the trick. Think about the Chicago Bulls and the number of championships they have won!

Unlike circles that give a feeling of playfulness, sharp points create a jarring effect. Sharp points also create alertness which is crucial for a sports logo. So, when you design a sports logo next time, make sure you sharpen the points!

Typography is a very crucial area for sports logo designs.

Remember this: If flashy points are too gaudy for a business logo, then they are the perfect fit for a sports logo.

The ‘Gestalt’ theory propagates that the mind tends to see the ‘unified whole’ of anything rather than its parts. A logo maker must frame every element of the logo in such a way that it packs the maximum punch.

Some sports logo design ideas

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The top 7 most talked about sports logos in America can be extremely useful to any logo creator.

With so much competition around the world to get the best sports logo design, designers must generate ideas which would not only support the brand but also be in line with the team’s essence.

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