7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

Every business needs a brand identity that embodies its goals, purpose, and personality. Logo is one of the most classic yet extremely effective strategies one can invest in. Remember the hit logo games that once plagued the internet? People were crazed!

A good logo design puts together elements like colors, fonts, and images to communicate with potential clients. Many successful companies believe that good logo design is a competitive advantage you can use to enter and dominate the market. The key to a powerful and attention-grabbing logo is the perfect logo color for your business.

Latest surveys show that majority of advertising companies focus on selecting and using the right color. This strategy was founded on the recent findings showing that color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. Furthermore, studies also demonstrate that color can influence the reaction and attitude of consumers towards a product.

This blog will explore the potential of pink logos in bringing an impactful impression to your target audience.

Color Psychology of Pink

Over the years, various meanings and connotations have been attached to the color pink. In color psychology, pink embodies hope, warmth, and comfort. It is also used to signify compassion, love, peace, harmony, and friendship.

The color is also quite famous among the female audience as it continues to be associated with femininity. The pink color is always used to display characteristics of women like nurturing, softness, and kindness.

Furthermore, pink also symbolizes love and romance. However, unlike red that represents heat and passion, pink has a softer take on love such as sweetness, tenderness, and romance. The lightness of the pink color strips off the negative and strong emotions linked to red like aggression and anger.

Everyone must agree that color pink has become the official color for young girls. The sweetness, innocence, and warmth in pink paint a picture of a child that we were once.

Undeniably, images of everything sweet and nice like cotton candy, cupcakes, and flower flash in your mind while staring deep at the pink color.

And most certainly, naughtiness, immaturity, and silliness are included in the package. Hot pink has always been used to depict playfulness and sensual love.

There is richness in the color that elicits feelings of joy, freedom, and boldness people often feel during their youth.

Scientific studies also support the positive connotation attached to the pink color. In recent findings, exposure to the color is said to significantly calm a person by alleviating negative emotions like anger, sadness, resentment, loneliness, and aggression.

In many cultures and places, the pink color holds a different meaning. Japan for example, has an undeniable fascination for pink. In the country, pink is the official color of spring and good health. It is also interesting that in contrast to the usual association of pink to women, in Japanese culture, pink is often linked to masculinity.

There also have been phrases and expressions that make use of the word pink. If you happen to hear “pink-collar worker”, it pertains to jobs that were traditionally performed by women such as caregivers, nurses, and teachers.

Pink is also used in many idioms like “in the pink of heath” which means good health. Another popular idiom is “tickled pink” which just implies amusement, euphoria, or elation.

In a gist, like any art, the meaning and emotions attached to the color pink, depend on several factors like creative use, culture, and audience.

Pink Logos are often seen in these industries:


Pink is extremely popular in this billion-dollar worth industry. Companies capitalize on products like cosmetics, skincare, perfumes, and hair products. Businesses that offer services like salons, spas, and dermatologic clinics are also frequent patrons of pink logos. The most obvious reason is, companies use pink logos to target primarily female consumers. Recent findings show that a woman spends approximately $200,000-$300,000 on beauty products in a lifetime. Furthermore, 82% of the total sales of skin-care products was purchased by female customers.

Fashion and Apparel

Pink is also quite famous in the fashion industry. With women as the powerhouse, it is rather not surprising that many companies would choose to incorporate pink in their logos.

Pink has forever been linked to feminine sexuality. The color embodies everything women aspire to have – love, beauty, sophistication, and elegance. Probably, this is one of the many reasons why pink appeals more effectively among women than men. Designer brands like Chanel incorporate a touch of pink in their logo to add creativity to their products.

Children’s Apparel and Toys

The pink color dominates this industry. Most companies distributing children’s toys, shoes, bags, and clothes add a touch of pink in their logos. This is especially true for businesses targeting young and baby girls.

As stated before, the color pink has officially become the color of girls. The pink logo embraces the cuteness, tenderness, and fun in children. Besides, no matter how far the aisle is, any pink logo would always grab a young girl’s attention. Robbie Rabbit, Hello Kitty, and Barbie are just a few of the most popular brands with pink logos.

Sweets and Desserts

Even though the color pink is not considered an appetizing color, many businesses venturing into sweets, pastries, and desserts are fond of using a pink logo for their companies.

This is probably because pink reminds you of everything sweet and nice. The pink logo embodies the sweetness and pleasure you experience while indulging the sumptuous treat. Desserts are anything but nice that the pink logo can effectively communicate to customers.

Pink Logo Inspirations

Here are some of the most successful companies that dared to use pink logo to penetrate and dominate the market:

1. Barbie

Pink Logo Barbie

With young girls as their potential customers, Barbie used the most perfect color for their logo. The bright shade of pink complemented by the whimsical font style, succeed in reaching out to girls. The logo itself emanates femininity, beauty, childhood, and fun, which fit wonderfully with their products.

2. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Logo

Baskin Robbins is a famous American chain of ice cream and cake stores. Their logo makes use of three colors – pink, blue, and white.

Although the logo is not entirely painted in pink, the company rather used the color wisely and creatively. Looking closely at the company logo, the pink shaded region resembles “31” which refers to the total number of ice cream flavors Baskin Robbins sells.

Some people view pink as the sweetness in ice cream and cakes sold by the store.

3. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan Magazine Logo

As one of the leading magazines for women, the Cosmopolitan logo perfectly matches the vision and target audience of the company. The pink logo also orients readers on what to expect from the contents of the magazine that revolve around topics often associated with women such as love, relationships, fitness, and celebrities.

4. LG

LG Logo Design

The company chose to use a unique reddish-pink color in its logo to symbolize warmth, friendliness, and determination. According to the company, LG means “Life’s Good” which is depicted in the smiling human face of the logo. The use of pink color can also be interpreted as a strategic move to appeal to more women buyers.

5. Pink Studio

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

The company is popular for its beauty products, which explains why pink is the most appropriate logo color for their business. Their logo is straightforward and connects well to women. The pronounced use of pink in the logo can be read as feminine beauty and charm.

6. Pink Panther

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

The media company used a pink logo for an obvious reason – its name. However, it also seems fitting since most of their shows were made for children who are the epitome of innocence, silliness, and warmth.

7. Victoria’s Secret

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

The famous lingerie, clothing, and beauty retailer is another successful company whose logo is visibly painted with pink color. It should not come as a surprise since the company targets women and teenage girls as customers.

8. Kylie Cosmetics

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

Everyone could notice the boldness and sexiness in the pink logo of the popular cosmetic brand owned and endorsed by Kylie Kardashian. The logo embodies perfectly the personality of the brand, even of its owner.

Different Shades of Pink

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

Like any color in the palette, pink exists in many shades and tints. You must familiarize yourself with some of them as they have significant impacts on marketing and advertising. There are more than 50 shades of pink color available.

Lighter and softer shades of pink such as taffy, ballet slipper, blush, and flamingo exude calmness, innocence, and tenderness. These shades are also often used to encourage feelings of sentimentality and romance among the audience.

One of the most successful shades of pink that dominated the market is a light shade of pink called “millennial pink”. It appears like a fusion of beige and pink color. What is noteworthy about this shade it its ability to transcend gender barriers established around the color pink. Men and women alike are fascinated by the trend.

Brighter and saturated shades of the pink color beam with youthfulness, excitement, fun, and sexiness. Magenta, fuchsia, hot pink, strawberry, and punch pink are among the best options if you want to appear confident and bold. These shades commonly appeal to a younger and girlier demographic.

There are also dark and deeper shades of pink like rosewood and rouge that are popular for their sophistication and elegance. Unlike the brighter shades, these pink variants seem more suitable for young adults and older women.

Pink Logo Color Combinations

Pink can blend well with other colors to evoke certain emotions and reactions from your target audience. Here are some of the most popular color combinations in marketing campaigns:

Pink and Purple

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

This combo is very chic and fashionable, perfect for the female audience. The majestic touch of purple complements well the warmth of pink.

You can opt to use darker shades of purple to create a beautiful contrast with the lightness or brightness of pink. The feminine style in this combination attracts mostly young and teenage girls.

But you can also try exploring the analogous scheme for your logo. In this style, you pair shades of pink tinted with blue, appearing purplish-pink with your purple. They are gentler and more visually calming for many.

The 1994 Taco Bell logo is one of the most popular company logos that make use of the pink and purple combination. It features high contrast between intense and bright shades of pink and purple. The purple color in the logo is interpreted as the luxury of eating delicious food while the pink color symbolizes the affection of the franchise towards its customers. Furthermore, the pink color can represent the target market of the food chain, which is the youth.

Black and Pink

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

The high and good contrast between black and pink make it the perfect combination for a logo. The black color in company logos symbolizes confidence, intelligence, power, and sophistication. The color bonds well with any color.

The neutrality of the black color blended with the youthfulness of pink results to a bolder and more elegant look. In fact, the combination is so powerful that it can quickly catch attention of potential customers.

A popular reference of this combination is the Kpop group Black Pink. The black color in the logo emphasizes the subtleness and depth of the lighter shade of pink. Such high-level contrast can increase audience recognition.

White and Pink

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

The youthfulness and playfulness of brighter shades of pink are emphasized by the neutrality and plainness of the white color. This combination is often used by companies that want straightforward but powerful logos. They prefer saturated hues to make the brand name stand out visually. This approach is observed among the logos of Barbie, Dribbble, Lyft, and T- Mobile.

However, you could always stick to lighter shades of pink like pastel and paired with white. This mix feels refreshing and serene.

Blue and Pink

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

Blue and pink also make a visually attractive combination. Blue is one of the widely used colors in logo making as it signifies trust, loyalty, and reliability. To attract more people visually, a pinch of pink shade is infused with blue to evoke happier feelings.

Like in purple-pink combinations, you can explore creating different levels of contrast between shades of blue and pink.

There are sweetness and tenderness in the mixture of blue and lighter shades of pink. While, boldness, confidence, and sexiness are apparent when saturated pink hues are combined with the blue color.

Many successful ventures used blue and pink combination like Baskin and Robbins, Vineyard Vines, and Flickr.

Pink and Pink

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

Contrasting darker lighter shades of color never gets old. This technique pairs saturated hues of pink with lighter and more subtle shades of pink to create emphasis. Such a combination strikes customers even from afar.

Some of the successful companies that made use of the pink-pink combination are Victoria’s Secret and Dribble.

Orange and Pink

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

Another interesting combination is orange and pink. They make a good pair since they are analogous colors. The fusion of these two colors can give off feelings of warmth, energy, and earthiness.

The most visible use of this combination is in the Dunkin Donuts logo. The company decided to use bright and bold shades of orange and pink. The intensities of both colors are extremely compelling, thus effective in marketing.

Besides, only a few companies risk having these colors in their logo, thus presenting an advantage in personal branding.

Pink and Gold

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity

This combination is probably the most elegant, classy, and sophisticated pair on this list. Even in the past, gold has been revered as a symbol of extravagance. This blends perfectly with the sophistication of the pink color. The fusion of these two colors is very attractive and striking.

There are very few brands using this combination. These include Chanel (in their selected products) and Record Famous. The pink and gold colors in both examples are able to establish that the brands are luxurious and extravagant.

How can you harness the potential of the pink logo for your business?

The first step you must take before designing your logo is to imagine how you want your company to be known.

A logo painted with a subtle and lighter shade of pink is an excellent choice if you want your company to emanate warmth and serenity.

But if you want your company to embody all there is to youth, then bright and booming shades of pink are perfect as they can uplift the moods and spirits of your audience.

Most importantly, identify your target demographic. Remember the most important purpose of logo making is to catch the attention of your potential clients. The logo must be able to communicate the story and quality of your brand.

This is also where artistic value matters. Put together the most suitable elements to create a visually attractive pink logo that can grab the attention of more people, even individuals that do not usually vest interest in your products or services. Never hesitate to combine colors and to try new things.

Stunning Pink Logo Ideas by Our Logo Designers

7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity
7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity
7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity
7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity
7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity
7 Popular Pink Logo Color Combinations for Perfect Brand Identity


With so many emotions, concepts, and meanings attached to pink, its potential in logo making is limitless, and with the right ounce of creativity, a pink logo might just help you maximize the potential of your company.

You can always choose to use a pink logo if you feel like it’s perfect for the business personality you want to go for. You can also set the trend by using a pink logo in atypical situations like how “millennial pink” broke the gender stereotype.

It’s high time that pink logos dominate the market once more. Be among the first!

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