10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

2020 wasn’t the best year for almost anyone. The worse it was, the stronger our urge to begin 2021 with the best approach. In the past year, the pandemic affected many sectors, more often than not in a negative way. There is no doubt that real estate was one of them. Gladly, as the economy is picking up at its pace, the real estate sector is also showing signs of recovery. 

Path Breaking changes born in a time of crisis are often a blessing for companies. Many opportunities to evolve and transform come bundled with the hard times. Thanks to these “rocky roads” brands came up with new work strategies. Now, they can serve their customers more seamlessly than ever before. 

Those who refrained from starting a real estate business this year, or couldn’t focus on rebranding, can start rethinking it now. It’s worth getting ready for a big 2021 comeback. We were wondering what are the most current design trends in the real estate sector. We decided to take a look at the subject. We collected the top 10 fascinating real estate logos that look at the future. When it comes to the real estate logo design inspiration, you must take a look at the list below.


10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

JLL is the world’s second-largest commercial real estate company in the world. It provides property, asset, and facility management, capital markets, advisory, and consulting services. As of 2019, it operates in 80 countries and has 91000 employees. The JLL symbol is the ‘Worldmark’. It represents a global brand in the most literal meaning of this word. The company manages many strands of expertise working in collaboration. Pentagram Berlin has updated the brand identity of JLL. 

This well-known graphic agency retained the iconic symbol for the refresh but made it red. It helped it better stand out. Pentagram also added shading to make it more dimensional. The updated logo includes the shortening of the company’s name from “Jones Lang LaSalle” to “JLL”. Not to mention how comfortable the shortened name is for digital applications. At first, letters were set in Minion Pro Condensed. Newly drawn by the designers for the identity, the JLL letterforms are bold yet narrow serif letters. They look modern but still flash with the glow of the brand’s heritage.

Smith Mountain Homes

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Smith Mountain Homes brand was founded by Paul Moore. This firm is now a $25 million enterprise. Paul Moore discovered an opportunity to apply customer service expertise to the real estate field. The team worked to improve customer service standards in real estate. What’s disarming about the company’s logo is how simple and natural it is. You almost cannot see how much hard work the development of the company involves. 

The logo looks like an embodiment of nature, fun, leisure time, summer bath in a lake, and chill in the forest. There is no bigger winner than a well-designed simplicity in the logo. They’ve used graphics to signal the type of property they sell. The design and font choices are simple and that’s often the best way to create a memorable logo.

Instone Real Estate

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Instone Real Estate is one of the leading residential developers in Germany. The brand takes care of planning mixed districts, attractive residential, and multi-family houses. They are also involved in publicly subsidized housing construction. Moreover, they realize the necessity of social infrastructure. 

With 1.9 million square meters developed since 1991, the brand needs to stand strong on the legs of its visual identity. Such a broad range of customers needs that the logo is universal. On the other hand, it needs to stand out. The good choice of a sans serif font in a brash ultramarine color gives the audience what they need. The brand is stable and trustworthy but doesn’t avoid taking big steps towards development. The three-dimensional logo adds a dash of a modern graphic approach.

Good Realty

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Good Realty is a relatively new brand; a small boutique, non-franchise real estate company. It’s located on the coast of South Carolina. The logo is communicative and easy to read at first glance. This project exudes the feeling of action, sale, quick but good deal. It’s modern but it also has an aura relating to tradition. The surprising choice of colors gives off a warm atmosphere. Tones’ pick comes from the local environment: palms, beaches, ancient oaks.


10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Covivio is a European investment and development company. Its business activities encompass office real estate, hotels, and residential accommodation. Europe’s fourth-largest real estate investment trust (€23 billion). Two-thirds of the portfolio is divided between Paris, Berlin, and Milan. This logo is distinguished especially by its unique font. While the black color is classic and elegant, the uncommon, unique design of used lettering is hard to forget.  

Digital Realty

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. invests in carrier-neutral data centers and provides colocation and peering services. The brand built the global standard for technical real estate, developing a unique capability to acquire, manage, and scale data center campuses. As of December 31, 2019, the company owned interests in 225 operating data center facilities totaling 34.5 million rentable square feet in the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia. Their logo screams “digital” from first sight. We can easily predict that the pixel-like structured building will have to do with those two areas of the company’s interest.

 Live Dubai International

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Live Dubai International is a Dubai-based property brokerage that has been operational in the emirates since 2003. They established the company in the UK in 1993. The brand shifted to the UAE with the opening of the freehold market in Dubai. Live Dubai provides services related to the buying, selling, and leasing of commercial and residential property offerings. The taste of luxury in this high-end golden logo design is undeniable. It resembles a gold trouser belt or a brooch, a part of the luxurious wardrobe or a lavish but classy necklace. The lettering creates an interesting logo that’s unique to its brand name.

Emirates Properties

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

The logo of Emirates Properties has all that it takes to bring to mind a slender, graceful design. A modern “building” consists of narrow, proud shiny stripes. The glittering serif font adds a dash of the traditional feel of prestige. A deep carmine in the background makes a good combination with gold. Even if it’s a little too heavy, it expresses what the company customers want – deluxe service. It’s a real estate logo that expresses luxury for affluent clients. The company wishes to target customers who are Arabs and expats. Thus, the logo is a bit royal and bold.


10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Equinix connects businesses with partners and customers around the world. They do it through a global platform of high-performance data centers, containing dynamic ecosystems and networks. This brand operates in 38 strategic markets across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia- Pacific. Equinix invests in expanding its platform to power customer growth. The company converted to a real estate investment trust (REIT) in January 2015. 

As of 2020, it had approximately 8,700 employees globally. There is a great history behind the Equinix logo. “The Fortress” logo debuted in 2008 to mark Equinix’s 10th anniversary. It reinforced the vital role Equinix plays in the protection and exchange of global information. Its design symbolizes a stronghold with safeguarded assets. The interconnection that the company provides is represented by the continuous line that interlinks all elements.

Red Oak Realty

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Red Oak Realty is a leading independent East Bay real estate brokerage established in 1976. It’s a small company by design. Real estate has always been a local and personal business. The brand follows this approach through the whole time of its functioning. They believe that if decisions are made in faraway offices, and management grows distant from the experience of clients, too much of the real feel of this branch is lost. 

They remained true to themselves. How does their logo express it? The attractive red color calls our attention and expresses the brand’s individuality. In 2018 designers introduced a new logo and branding to better reflect its status as an innovative and modern company. The wordmark logo was built off an existing typeface that a lettering specialist customized for Red Oak. The new design’s strong lines and upward sweeping letters are reminiscent of the tree logo used in the past. The company’s vibe is bold, honest, and authentic. 

The logo says that the brand is serious but also approachable. This wordmark is a tangible symbol of the deep roots of the brand. Colors and letters remind the viewer of the great eclecticism in the community and in Red Oak itself.

10 Best Fonts for Real Estate Logos

In 2021, to finally have a breath of fresh air, designers will search for simple styles with neutral color palettes. This minimal approach will provide a timeless allure to the upcoming designs. For now, the time of flashy projects has come to an end, and logo designers’ can focus on the following fonts for real estate business logos in the approaching year. 

Sentinel Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

This amusing font was created by Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones for Hoefler & Co in 2009. Even if the main theme for this year is minimalism, Sentinel plays with clear and expressive gestures.

Moranga Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Released this January, a totally new design designed by Sofia Mohr for Latinotype. Moranga is a retro-style serif that mixes Café Brasil’s flowing, organic shapes with elements from popular 1970s fonts such as Cooper and Souvenir. We must admit, this one is not that simple, and pretty exciting.

Bogart Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Relatively new, released in September this year. Bogart is designer Francesco Canovaro’s typographic tribute to low-contrast, old-style fat faces like Cooper Black and Goudy Heavy Face.

Mirtha Display Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Debuting last month, Mirtha Display by Nois is a clean and elegant decorative font with the ability to create chains: you make a shape in Adobe Illustrator and type @@ to form a link on it. It’s a great choice for short headlines. It can be used in posters, branding, logos, packaging, magazines, and more.

Degular Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Finally, a calming presence. Degular aims to fade into the background like a white noise machine. Designed by James Edmondson this font comes in three optical sizes.

Futura Now Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

This font was launched this October. The latest version of one of the families that defined modern typography, its contemporary alignment of names and weights offers an improved user experience.

Modena Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Modena is a high fashion duo font with thick, bold lettering and slender cursive styles. The synergy between these two weights and styles creates an exclusive impression.

Joules et Jacques Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

A stylish modern font duo consists of a natural handwritten script and a refined, elegant serif font adds a touch of high-end design and class. The script has a multitude of natural-looking ligatures in its OpenType features – making the font look very close to natural handwriting.

Qanaya Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Qanaya is a brand new rounded serif font family that includes all basic glyph with multilingual support. Qanaya can be used for various graphic materials. Its simplicity provides its incredible universality.   

Beatrice Font

10 Most Fascinating & Creative Real Estate Logo Ideas For 2021

Beatrice is an exploration of contrast methodologies. This font combines various aspects from the canon expansionist systems, inverted contrast, and the contrast behavior of standard sans-serif grotesques. It was built on the foundation of a traditional American Gothic.

Key Takeaway

Inspirations for the upcoming year’s designs are not spectacular or original. It was easy to predict that we would get back to nature and simplicity. It’s worth remembering that the logo, being the “cover” of a book called the company, has a special role in sales and the perception of the brand’s services. That’s why it’s extremely important that it’s coherent with what the company has to offer. 

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