Great Monogram Logo Designs for you

What is a monogram logo?

How can you tell a story briefly but effectively at the same time? How can you express your brand’s goals with just one unique symbol? Sounds like a real graphic design achievement doesn’t it?

Monograms are indeed what we can call a mastery in the accurate adaptation of a concept into a sign. They are simple motifs, created by a unique or overlapping letters into a single symbol. Often times, monograms are created by mixing a business’ or person’s initials for the sake of logo or symbol branding. See Louis Vuitton’s brand logo, for example, which is a personal homage to Georges Vuitton’s father.


Monograms can serve well for a business, therefore we will be providing you with some great ideas and inspiration regarding its uses for branding purposes. However, they can equally be as useful when it comes to wedding logo designs as well as other personal event invitation cards which will require stunning visuals. The main focus here, therefore, lies towards the typography of the logo design.

Our Favorite Monogram Logo Designs

It comes to no surprise that the best-known monogram logo designs have a worldwide recognition. From Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton which are the top luxury fashion brands, to LG, Volkswagen, McDonalds, and NASA, monogram logos are used by quite a wide range of brands!

Since they’ve been around for decades, they tend to be easy to spot. With that being said, let’s have a glimpse at the many amazing monogram logo designs there are!

1) Louis Vuitton Monogram

Louis Vuitton Monogram Design

Monogram logos that derive from names underline an individual tradition of the brand. For instance, LV’s monogram represents innovation as well as the deluxe design combined with the overall elegance of the Maison’s heritage.

This French company, which is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, was founded by Louis Vuitton Malletier in 1854. At first, they produced bags, leather trunks, suitcases, and purses. In 1997, Marc Jacobs started creating ready-to-wear clothing for them. His contribution then caused the brand’s fame to skyrocket.

In their logo, you can see that an italic, serif, capitalized ‘L’ is set slightly to the left and bottom of an equally serif, capitalized ‘V’. The black and write choice of colors give an impression of elegance and directness.

In addition, the logo’s shape acts an important feature that conveys a sense of tradition and stability over time. It has undergone a few changes since its the logo itself was conceived a long time ago, but thanks to the awareness of the brand’s designers, it’s being continuously updated.


2) McDonald’s Monogram

McDonald’s Monogram Logo

This internationally known fast-food company knew how to climb up the ladder of success and drive consumers’ desire for their burgers. Little do many people know, the letter ‘M’ in their logo represent mythic architectural structures that used to enhance people to triumph when entering the dining area. This is the main reason why the letter is designed with a very specific arched shape. Hence, it could be said that this monogram logo is one that highly symbolizes the happy, family-friendly place, almost a utopian land, that Mcdonald’s is branded to be.

3) London Symphony Orchestra’s Monogram

London Symphony Orchestra’s Monogram


Another excellent example of letters which help create an interesting logo is that of the London Symphony Orchestra. Although not so distinctively recognized around the world, it’s a marvelous example of hidden meanings in logos, which in this case, is not the typical subliminal negative space used in designs.

First, you’ll notice LSO, an acronym for the name of the organization, but can you also spot the orchestra conductor holding a baton in his hand? This logo plays with shapes and symbols effortlessly.

When to choose a monogram logo for your business


There is no doubt that monogram logos seems to be the cherry on the top of the logo designs. They are marvelous for expressing the individuality of the brand and its core inspiration. Moreover, they can convey it in an exceptionally smart way. If you are wondering when it’s a good fit for your brand to incorporate monograms, take a look at all the factors to consider below.

  • Business name can naturally turn into an acronym

This one is essential. If you find out that the name of your company almost naturally takes the shape of a pretty font, then why not try it? Take one letter, then take the second one, maybe even a third, and check if there is any way you can turn these fonts into special shapes or symbols to convey the essence of your brand’s identity.

  • Length of business name is on the longer side

If your company’s name is a bit on the longer side and is hard to fit it in such limited space, try designing a monogram logo! Simple icons and letters will help customers remember you for a long time. There are also a huge number of concepts to consider for your design, including all sorts of taglines and mascots.

  • Your business covers global markets

There is one reason why it’s an inspirational and wise move to use monograms for your logo. It helps illustrate who you are and what your company does in an effective manner. It’s hard to be adequately understood around the world, so it’s important to find unique ways to make your brand known. Using monograms, you can make yourself recognizable out there whilst communicating the correct brand message! Bring out your charming fonts and put them together to create a modern aesthetically pleasing visual design.

  • Your business has family ties

The history behind your brand’s success is something to be proud of. Whether it has already happened or is just about to take place, a personalized piece of content of your monogram logo is nothing but a valuable story that should be embraced.

Especially if the company was kick-started by some of your great ancestors, the greatest thing, in this case, is that you’ll probably be able to create your own monogram by taking deeply rooted family stories as inspiration. The advantage of being brought up with such a personal background is the incontestable uniqueness of the brand.

Monogram Logo Design Tips


There are thousands of guidelines on how to create both a beautiful and effective monogram logo for your brand. Since monogram logos are optimal for telling stories and putting forward your company’s core identity, it is definitely something that you should take into consideration when designing your logo. Once the perfect form of monogram is found, it can have the ability to stick to your consumers’ minds forever.

Moreover, monogram logos will strongly represent the values and traditions that you company stands for. If you wish for your brand to become recognizable and unique amongst the other companies that operate in the same industry, the best thing you can do is to check out other monogram logos and to decide to create one for your own brand.


Decide how your monogram logo is going to be used – will its destined place fit with this kind of logo? Will it be used in advertisements, brochures, business cards, or printed on a t-shirt? Keep in mind that monograms are created using letters and specific font that represents the brand well. Just to give you an example, not everyone wants to wear a t-shirt with a monogram logo on it. Maybe they will prefer the full name on it.

Also consider your audiences on a wider scale – if you don’t become known world wide, people may become confused with your monogram logo and its meaning, especially if it’s rooted solely in your brand’s story. In this case, consider writing the whole name next to it. This way, it can add some information that will help other consumers recognize your brand’s initials.


Train yourself on combining letters, and turning those combinations into attractive and memorable acronyms. Monogram logos are a popular practice for fashion brands since they convey it all: originality, uniqueness, craftsmanship, exclusivity, luxury, taste, and so on. Monogram logos are commonly used in all industries and niches.


In order to help to convey a personalized message, especially if you’re not sure which font you should use, ask yourself a few basic questions: Should your monogram logo be more elegant or casual? How exactly should the font look like? You will surely be able to find the font for free online, it all just comes down to good research. Remember that a logo (whether it’s monogram or not), should help you sell your product and brand. That’s the main goal.

Companies from different industries reaffirm their identity by using a well-thought out monogram logo. Monograms are used as recognizable marks from historical sculptures, paintings, coins, and postboxes. They have oftentimes been turned it into a symbol of elitism and impeccable intelligence.

Remember that no matter how intelligently you decide to create it, your monogram logo should look as simple as possible! You will probably use it in different sizes, so try to keep it simple in order for it to be usable in limited spaces. Moreover, do not use too many colors. While you can definitely use your imagination freely to play around with different color combinations, choosing a few good colors would be a better choice than to include the entire rainbow in your logo.

Lastly, be open to experiment with different styles for your logo design. You never know which one will end up being the perfect match for your brand!


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