Interior Logo Designs That Will Inspire You

For those who work in the design industry, you’ve probably already familiarized yourself with the world of interior design, and if you’re someone who works with graphic design, you’ve probably already come across a wide range of interior logo designs.

However, if you don’t seem to fit into any of the categories mentioned above and aren’t so sure what exactly an interior logo design is, don’t you worry. We are here to explain it all to you.

An interior logo is a critical part of any interior company’s branding efforts. In general, logos are known to be the face of any business and are an important element that helps define and separate one company’s identity apart from others in the same industry.

In fact, the logo is usually the first brand visual element that consumers would come across. Therefore, without having to actually know the company or its products, the logo plays a powerful role in consumers’ resonation and liking of the brand, and this equally applies to interior logos.

Because interior companies operate within the design industry, the attention that needs to be paid towards their logos is even greater. In order to prove themselves as a credible interior design company, they can’t create just any logo. Their logo designs have to be absolutely stunning. Otherwise, they simply just won’t impress, and without a great first impression, the company just won’t sell.

If you are currently searching for some cool and trendy logo ideas for your interior design company, look no further. We’ve compiled a short-list of interior logo designs that can be used for inspiration!

1) Eden eden interior logo design

Image source: Dribbble

Eden Interior Design’s logo is one that elicits quite the tranquil feeling. The name is derived from the Garden of Eden, which was where Adam and Eve once lived in perfect harmony. Today, ‘Eden’ is a term that refers to the perfect state of happiness and bliss, hence why this logo was intentionally designed to provoke such emotions.

The detailing in the leaves and imagery of the apples are also highly associated with Adam and Eve, which gives this logo an interesting story to remember it by. Although these symbols have nothing to do with the subject of interior design itself, the combination of the brand name, color, and images used is what helps create a strong brand identity for the company.

This logo design applies the use of clean lines and shapes, and the golden color chosen for both the image and text enhances the communicative value of this logo. From this logo alone, you can tell that this company delivers high-quality interior design services and that it excels in designing spaces in ways that create a calming and modern atmosphere.

2) Five In Studio

Five In Studio logo design

Image source: Dribbble

The Five in Studio interior logo design is a prime example of how you are able to play around with shapes and letters in a fun and smart way. Depending on the typeface you use as well as how you choose to edit it, it can simply transform into a unique symbol that becomes synonymous with your brand.

Take a closer look at the logo and observe the bubbly shape on the left hand side. If you were to tilt your head towards the left, what you’ll see is an illustration of the number “5” with a dot next to it. It is obvious that this number is supposed to represent the first word of their brand name “Five”. Yet, some may say that the letter can also be looked at as an “S” which of course, stands for studio. Depending on how you personally choose to interpret, it could really be a “5”, an “S” or both at the same time.

However, you might not notice this at first, but if you were to also tilt your head more towards the right, the overall shape actually spells out “in” in lowercase letters. It’s quite mind-blowing, right?

Ultimately, this specific symbol plays a role in representing the brand name in a concise yet memorable way.


INSIDEOUT logo design

Image source: Dribbble

An interior logo design with a metallic finish is definitely one to remember. It’s crazy how an added touch of texture can make a logo go from good to great. As seen here, the INSIDEOUT logo has kept to a minimalist style with its selection of a basic font and a clean-looking symbol.

To some people, the symbol may appear similar to the infinity sign or astrological symbols. The mysteriousness of this symbol is what makes the logo design highly intriguing and addicting to look at. The symbol is simple yet extraordinary at the same time.

Additionally, the use of curvy lines instead of bold straight lines gives this logo design a very soothing appeal to it. You could even say that the symbol resembles ocean waves, or that the lines are twisted in and out to visually emphasize the inside-out concept. Either way, this logo is absolutely gorgeous. In combination with the metallic finish, this truly increases the overall classiness and elegance of this interior logo design.

4) Georgette Sturam Georgette Sturam interior logo design

Image source: Dribbble

The Georgette Sturam interior logo design is yet another great example that demonstrates how you can play around with letters to create a unique logo. At the bottom of the logo design, you can see the logo of the letters “g” and “s” vertically intertwined.

From afar, you would recognize it as being the lowercase “g” representing “Georgette”. A similar “g” is also apparent in the center of the brand name itself. However, if you look closely, you can see that there is also an “s” overlapping the “g” in a subtle way. Without this specially designed symbol, this logo would be just another interior logo design in the market. The positioning of these two letters is what increases the aesthetic appeal and power of the overall logo design.

5) Somerset Interior Somerset Interior interior logo design

Image source: Dribbble

Last but not least, the Somerset interior logo design evokes a classy and feminine feel. It makes use of the bee symbol to make a statement of its brand, while also strengthening the communicative power of the logo design with the selected shade of yellow.

The image of the bee could be representative of many things. While it can represent summer and brightness, bees can also be a symbol of harmonious community and power. This may or may not be the meaning that the brand is going for, however it could be assumed that Somerset is an interior company with positive spirit that truly prioritizes its clients and brand community.

We can see how this bee symbol can be adapted into many forms of logo designs. Either with the brand name written underneath it, in a badge, or even on its own. In each version of the logo, this symbol is able to retain is amazing appeal and that’s what makes it a powerful and timeless design.

The Fundamentals of Logo Design

Logo designing can be a tough task. Even the most experienced graphic designers have had their fair share of challenges with it. With so many logos out there in the world, it will be hard to find ways to distinguish your brand’s logo design from them. However, this is not something that is impossible to achieve.

When designing a logo for no matter what industry, whether it’s the interior design or food industry, there are a few fundamentals that one must remember. We’ve narrowed down it all down for you to the top 3 key aspects of logo design, which include:

1) Communicativeness

A great logo is highly representative of the business it belongs to. Therefore, all of your brand’s main messages must be visually communicated in a succinct manner. Your mission, vision, values, and personality should be clear to your target consumers the moment they come across your logo.

At the end of the day, it will only take one single look for your customers to decide whether or not they feel attracted to your brand and want to engage with it. For this reason, it is extremely important that you are able to catch their attention within a second. If not, you might have already lost your potential customers.

2) Cohesiveness

Furthermore, your logo design must remain consistent and cohesiveness with the rest of your brand’s visuals. This means that there must be an apparent match between all of your design elements, whether that would be in terms of color, font, or overall style, as cohesiveness will be necessary for a strong brand identity.

Prior to designing your logo, you should carefully select the style that best fits your brand. Are you going to go for a professional, playful, classic, or hipster look? There will be many possibilities, but whatever it is that you choose, your logo design must clearly illustrate this.

3) Adaptability

Lastly, your logo should look amazing on all types of devices, especially so when it comes to mobile phones. Today, brands are going digital and making their online platforms a priority. Therefore, to continue to appeal to your target audience, your visuals must equally look as great on mobile screens as it would on print material.

For mobile purposes, this also means that your logo design should look great when scaled down. So, be sure to double-check all the details in your logo. Make sure that everything is still clearly seen when your logo is adjusted to a smaller size.

How to Get a Logo

Now that you’ve learned quite a bit about logo designs, you might wonder how you can get one created for your interior design company.

Well, if you have experience with graphic design, you could consider creating it yourself using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. If not, it would be better to hire a professional logo designer if you have the budget. While there are also many free logo makers online, it does not necessarily guarantee that your logo will sell. With experience in the design industry, graphic designers know exactly what they are doing and are able to advise you during the process so that you end up with the best custom logo for your company.

At DesignBro, our customer’s satisfaction and success is our biggest priority. With our top-quality logo design service, you can trust that we’ll be able to deliver the most creative interior logo designs that will stun your audiences. Contact us here to find out how you can get started with your logo design project.


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