15 Athletic Logo Ideas for your Inspiration

Creation of logo is a work of art and involves careful planning and execution. People not only remember a great logo but things that are associated with it. A great athletic logo communicates with its colors, shape and design elements.

Brand development has become crucial due to fierce competition in sports. Branding allows teams to develop an identity which would suit their overall image. Brand designing has become more important than ever and by using professional help you and your team could get the well deserved visibility.

So, without any further ado let’s take a look at the 15 athletic logo ideas to inspire you in 2021:

1.   Thrill and fun for adventure sports

Be it bungee jumping, skydiving or river rafting, adventure sports is probably the most appealing form of sports. Adventure sports not only attract young people but people across all age groups. Adventure sports logos must depict the adrenalin rush that one experiences during the sport. The logo must be extremely exciting and energetic. These kinds of logo must include contrasting colors and pointy edges which imply action and thrill. If you are looking to make your own adventure sports unit, then a professional can surely help you with a logo that accurately depicts the kind of adventure sports your unit provides.

2.    Angry mascots for basketball clubs

Think of the Chicago Bulls or Charlotte Hornets logo, what do you see? You are instantly attracted to their angry looking mascots ready for action. The Chicago Bulls logo has two very important elements needed for a successful athletic emblem come together: pointy edges and an angry mascot. Angry mascots inspire fans and let them know they are in for victory. Opponents feel overpowered by angry looking mascots. The Bull in the logo is ever ready to attack its opponents with its horns. The bee about to sting could also be a reason for Charlotte Hornets putting up such great performances. So if you are looking to design a logo for your basketball team, ensure that it has an angry looking mascot and a lot of pointy edges.

Not only are angry mascots great for basketball, but can be amazing for other sports like football, baseball, athletic clubs, and athletic societies.

3.   Say more with a minimalist logo

Be it big corporate houses or sports clubs, minimalist logos are now popular among all sectors. Minimalist logos have the power to make instant connections. A minimalist logo registers quickly in the mind and packs a powerful punch on the audience. Some of the greatest sports clubs have used minimalist logos such as Juventus FC, New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls.

A minimalist logo does not have any extra information: it is neat and conveys exactly what it has to.  The key to a great looking minimalist logo is space. Good designers use minimal design elements as a golden key. So, if you are looking for maximum impact for your club or team, minimalist logos can do the following:

  • Audience can easily remember
  • Elegant and grabs attention within seconds
  • Does not lose its impact on smaller mobile screens
  • Easily sets your team apart from the rest

4.   Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes, if used the right way, can be extremely useful for your team as it can deliver the maximum impact on the audience. Just like minimalist logos, geometric shapes trigger various emotions in the mind. When various geometrical shapes and patterns are combined with different colors, the result can be outstanding. The combination of geometric shapes and various colors in the Olympic logo is a great example of an excellent sports emblem. Circles, triangles and squares can be used interestingly to create great athletic logos.

Circles are highly symmetric and portray playfulness when used in a sports logo. Considered to be the ultimate geometric shape, the circle represents cyclic movement and time: crucial elements in athletics.

Squares portray physical balance and signify reliability and security. An extremely common choice by designers, squares can deliver powerful messages if used creatively.

Triangles can be used to display hierarchy and stability.  Triangles also symbolize the union of body, mind and soul: an extremely important physical state for a sportsman.

5.   Use mythological creatures for greater impact

Use of mythological creatures would simply add another dimension to your sports logo. Using powerful mythological creatures would project their power in your logo and elevate your team to their status. Using the image of Greek mythological creature, Damysus, would let the audience know that your team is the fastest of all. So if you have a team of runners, consider using the image of Damysus, the fastest giant of all. The fire breathing dragon can be used in the logo to depict extreme strength, agility and fury.

6.   Country flags stir patriotism

National flags evoke the feelings of patriotism: therefore, using it in a sports logo can generate a tremendous amount of patriotism. The greatest football clubs have used their national flags proudly in their logos. The New England Revolution FC has the US flag in their logo. It looks beautiful and evokes patriotism. The NFL logo is also a prime example of the US flag creatively used for their emblem.

7.   Greek Gods

Just like using mythological creatures, using the image of Greek Gods in sports logos can do amazing things. Using the image of Greek Gods can help in overpowering opponents. Logos with Greek Gods help in elevating teams to their status. Poseidon, the god of seas, droughts and earthquakes, can sit on your logo to depict extreme power and destruction of your competitors. Mythological gods and creatures have the power to evoke extreme emotions, using them would definitely give you an unspoken power over other teams and clubs.

8.   Sports skills

Showing a superior skill on the logo allows you to have an upper hand during competitions or tournaments. A back volley for a football logo, produnova vault for gymnastic or a jab for boxing could add the element of excitement to your logo. Depending on what you want your logo to convey, you could use a number of superior sporting skills in your logo design.

9.  Colors

Just like different shapes evoke different feelings, various colors are known to generate various feelings. Blue is known to generate calmness whereas red generates the feelings of passion and anger. Yellow is known to evoke hope and happiness and green generates the feeling of abundance and freshness. All these colors when mixed with various shapes generate unique emotions. A great designer will help you design a logo with color combinations that will convey the right messages to the audience.

10.   Sports Trophy

A trophy can be used to convey various messages. A team logo with a trophy would indicate that they are the champions. Again, an image of the trophy to be presented to the winners of a championship could be the highlight of a sporting event logo. Highlighting a trophy in a logo is not only simple but an effective way of communicating with the audience.

11.   Adaptability is key

Apart from all the above, there are a few essential elements that an athletic or sports related logo must have. Adaptability is a crucial element that a sports logo must have. Adaptability provides long-term flexibility amid growing challenges in the world today. A sports team or a club must adapt quickly with time and their logo must reflect that change.

12.   Merging motion and dynamism

While talking about essential design elements one cannot forget about synching motion with dynamism. Merging motion and dynamism remains the key for creating a timeless sports logo. A sport is all about movement and that must be clearly visible in the logo. The logo must be clear of all the hindrances that block communication. The better the two are merged; the better will be your logo!

13.   Focus on the sport

Simplicity always wins and there is a reason for it. Psychology says that our brains are not designed to remember complicated or complex structures. The brain tends to retain simple information and structures. Even if the brain is to remember complex things, it simplifies it! Therefore, simplicity must be top priority. A bit of the sporting knowledge and you are set! Focus on the sport and simplicity: take a look at the team logos competing in the NBA.

14.   Bring uniqueness

Uniqueness is a key element to keep in mind while you are designing your team’s logo. The best way to be unique is to avoid imitating. When you fix your mind to someone else’s original idea, you appear to be aimless and that could result in your team losing supporters. Take a look at your team and focus on your sporting niche; these will help you come up with an interesting idea for your team’s logo.

15.   Corporate sports logo

We spoke of various inspirations and design elements that you could imbibe in your logo design; however, corporate sports logo is a different ball game altogether. The corporate world is now participating in various sporting events therefore; the logo must have the existing company logo along with the image of the sports they are participating in.  Combining the two would create a fantastic and engaging logo.

Quick tips:

  1. The logo should look good on the team jersey and poster
  2.  It should be appealing across all age groups
  3. Have a story behind your logo
  4. Do not imitate
  5. Keep it simple
  6. Strive for uniqueness

Sports logos should make one energetic and passionate. Sports logos should convey messages in the simplest way possible and with the maximum impact. These kinds of logos require precision as there are too many elements to consider while designing them. A logo designer with years of practice and great insight can design a timeless piece of sporting logo.

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