12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Your logo is your company’s face; it is as simple as that. Nevertheless, it is not remotely easy. While in today’s world, fortunately, face – or say, appearance – is not measured in terms of aesthetics, it would be wrong to simply rule out everything else that is associated with the same. A person’s – and a company’s – face is not meant to simply glorify the features, brand identity, and personality of a person and/or a company. Rather, a company’s logo, its face, is meant to represent the same in its entirety. 

Having said that, it is a given that a logo is one of the most important – at times, foremost – elements of a brand identity. Considering the same, we have discussed and analyzed some of the best logo designs in the world. However, while the logos of the well-established companies help stir the creativity of logo designers to create memorable logos for your brand, we can always take it a step further. 

In this article, we will discuss the best startup logo designs which can be a true inspiration that would lead you to an astonishing, unique, and modern logo for your brand. 

Human Interest

12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Founded half a decade ago, the company providing financial services reflects the same via its name itself. This US-based company taps one of the untapped markets and offers retirement as well as investment support to employees of small and medium-sized companies by maintaining its B2B approach. Be that as it may, this brand is a lot more than its services, and weighs in millions. The company’s logo design represents the sense of simplicity that the brand promises to offer its clients. With a subtle way of combining its initials into a logo, and creating the same using a color palette that indicates security, strength, and approachability, this brand has certainly proved how something as unnoticed as negative space can be used to create a minimalist letter logo

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12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Regardless of the industry in which your business is, it most certainly aligns most of the operational and organizational activities with data and technology. With Dataiku, one of the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and data management companies, over 450 businesses are leading towards better systemization. Furthermore, the brand has been named under Forbes AI 50 for the last 2 years. Be that as it may, Dataiku holds similar quality and pride when it comes to its branding – especially its logo. With a calming color palette and a bird as the logo, it represents the sense of credibility and solution-oriented approach that the brand promises to offer. 

Well Health

12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Ranked at the top in the Electronic Health Record industry, this company is a perfect example of how things can be simplified, and how the phrase ‘do not fix what is not broken’ is flawed. Moreover, founded in the year 2015, this US-based company is a communication platform that connects patients to providers through various mediums such as email, live chat, telephone, etc. To talk about its logo design, I would like for you to notice how unseen elements have been combined to design a seemingly effortless logo. With a heart surrounded by a circle, the logo gives impressions of safety, communication, and wholesomeness brought to the users by the brand. 


12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Within a year of its establishment, the company was valued in the range of $50 to $100 million. Helping its clients with their voice performance requirements, the company aims to protect the customers of their clients from any manner of spam, modernize voice channels, and increase overall reach. With an ultra-fine appearance represented via its website, the company has one of the most easy-to-browse and clean designs I have ever come across. This also includes – and is highlighted by – the brand’s logo. The single-color logo says everything it must have been intended with: the name of the company, a visual that tells people what the brand is about through the letter I turned into a person saying Hi, and it does it all while keeping it simple. 


12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Established in the year 2016, this company is one of the companies which enter the market to break norms. While some companies play it safe and stick to one very specific domain concerning the services these companies provide, Rippling is an exception beyond doubt. The company acts as a platform that allows businesses to manage their human resource as well as IT needs all at one go. On a mission to eliminate administrative work and help businesses manage all employee data, the logo of this brand is a perfect inspiration if you are inclined towards designing a logo that is both: a symbol and the initial letter of the name of the brand. It is simply a recipe for a logo that not only attracts potential customers but is also one of the most exquisitely memorable logo designs they come across.  

Kephera Diagnostics

12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

With the COVID-19 affecting our lives in all aspects to such a degree, it was about time to integrate technology into the health industry to a greater and more precise level. Founded recently, Kephera Diagnostics discovered the opportunity at an early stage and acted upon the same quicker than its competitors. Along with the same, the brand made sure not to compromise on its design and other branding aspects. Designed by one of the top logo designers on a leading design crowdsourcing platform, DesignBro, the logo is another great example of turning a combination of letters and visuals into a unique logo resembling all that a brand is about. 


12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

As the name suggests, this brand is about communication. To be precise, the company, ManyChat, focuses on message marketing and serves more than 1 million customers. With time, some companies have forgotten or ruled out the importance of direct communication with their customers. For the companies who do understand its importance, there is a struggle concerning resources – such as time, employees, software, etc. – spent in conducting message marketing. ManyChat not only solves this problem but conveys the same through its well-designed logo. The logo of the brand consists of the following symbols: an octopus, a text message, and a face. All these symbols are incorporated into a logo design that speaks for itself. 


12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Any list of logos cannot be considered a complete list without the mention of an extraordinary letter logo. With the world inclining towards minimalistic concepts, the letter logo is a path with the least hurdles, be it in terms of branding or marketing. Founded in the year 2013, this US-based company, acing the social media industry, proves the effectiveness of a letter logo. With a quirky brand name, Hylo, the company uses the first letter H as its logo. Not only is this one of the best ways to help the users associate the logo with the brand and make it memorable overall, but it is also a representation of the simple and minimalistic approach that the platform seems to offer its users. 


12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Based in Washington, United States, Wrench is one of the best auto repair platforms. Founded in the year 2015, the company is known for its quality in terms of services as well as branding. For services, the company assures its customers to provide them with the best and certified mechanics at your doorstep along with fleet management services. On the other hand, for branding, the brand is known for taking tiny yet consistent measures such as an Instagram theme to provide value to its customers while being actively engaging with the same. This branding effort is also quite noticeable through its logo, where a red location symbol is combined with a wrench creating two diagonal lines forming the location symbol. If noticed carefully, these two lines represent speed that is associated with their quick services. 


12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Another great example of how letter logos can be effective in all industries: OriginStamp. Founded very recently in the year 2019, this brand is known for its services to help its users verify data. This, in turn, helps their users’ customers to have a rock-solid relationship with the businesses associated with OriginStamp. The company’s logo is certainly one of the ways the brand communicates this all for itself. With the perfect and inter-twined alignment of the initials of the brand, i.e. letters O and S, the logo also has an outline in the form of a circle which represents safety and security: two of the most important pillars on which the brand stands. 


12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

With the speed of technology seeping in, people have been realizing the potential of digital currencies now more than ever. Be that as it may, this interest of people in newer currencies has been accompanied with justifiable doubt concerning the overall safety and return on investment (ROI). Nevertheless, Coinfirm solves this problem with its upfront manner of operations in the field of FinTech and risk management protocols. As the company is in the finance industry, it needs to have a strong and reliable brand identity. That is exactly what is portrayed through the brand’s logo. With a combination of blocks turning into chain, and a tick mark within the same, the logo gives a sense of credibility to Coinfirm that many companies lack. 

Spacemaker AI

12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

One of the most disruptive companies, Spacemaker AI, in the real estate industry – specifically, real estate development – aims to stir the world with its combination of software, data scientists, architects, and everything in between. With increasing urbanization and modernization all around the world, this company offers a sophisticated set of solutions for site development requirements. We can notice a similar sophistication in the branding efforts taken by the company.

Taking a look at its logo, it looks like one of the most effortless logos with simply the first letter of the name of the company combined with the perfect use of negative space representing how AI connects and portraying how the brand plans to resolve site development problems with the help of technology. Moreover, the black and white color palette gives a minimalist appearance to the overall logo while keeping it simple and memorable. 

Creating a Logo with Perfection

12 Remarkable Startup Logos To Inspire New Logo Designs

Taking inspiration from the above-mentioned startup logos is one of the crucial steps to getting started with the logo designing process for your own logo. On that account, let us briefly understand the do’s and don’ts of an effective logo. 

Before we wrap it up, I would like to preface by saying that perfection is a subjective term, to each its own. Therefore, I am not here to tell you specifically which color to pick and how many mockups to come up with before finalizing a logo. Rather, a guideline based on logos designed by the best logo designers, which should come in handy considering your logo requirements as well. 

  • As a logo designer or a professional who needs a logo for their brand, you must ensure that you have a detailed idea of everything that you need to represent through the logo. A symbol, a letter, and color can speak a lot without any words having to be incorporated into the same. That said, a creative brief would help you with deciding what you want to convey to the customers, and the same shall be integrated with all the elements of logo design. Some of the aspects which you would like to convey (to help them associate the logo with the brand) are brand name, a hint of industry in which the brand operates, and overall brand identity including what the brand stands for, etc. 

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  • Moving ahead, while a logo designer can simply start sketching out the mockups, it is suggested to keep factors such as print requirements, the company’s scalability, color palette, and target customers in check. Along with the same, after roughly trying various logotypes, the final work should be done on the logotype that is selected by the company. For this reason, it is important to run your concepts by the clients before spending too much time or effort on a single concept and turning it into logo design based only on your, a logo designer’s opinion. Following this, you rule out the need for unnecessary redesigning activities and convey all that the brand must have intended. 

Be it learning from a logo created by a new startup, or learning from a logo of a well-established company, the essential element here is to give your own touch to your logo design; leading to making it a part of your brand identity.

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