Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

Let’s slide the complexities of each step concerning designing, creating logos, understanding different types of logos, and other whatnots – and clear our glasses for an instant. 

Everyone has their own perspective and understanding of what design is and how it comes to life. However, if we take a bit from everyone’s perspective and combine it together, the term ‘design’ would land to seem like a fancy word for making things just right – in terms of usage, appearance, and the entire experience that the user receives. 

For perspective, a Pen Drive that requires a second to be figured out by the user is simply an example of poor design. Here’s why:

Poor design example
  • A piece of the design should be easy and obvious concerning its usage, it shouldn’t require the user to think of another piece of design as a better variant. (In this case, the Gigs 2 Go pen drive makes it easier for the user to not only use the product but also organize the pen dives by labeling it on the package.)
  • The design should be appropriately associated with the person or company on which it is based. This doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expressive, but enough to have its own personality. 

Now, when some designers throw in some massively disastrous designs in a hurry, it feels tempting to tell ourselves that good design cannot matter as much as it is highlighted. A logo, for one, is a part of your company’s identity and the first one out of the box to impact the customers. It certainly depends on the products and services of the company, however, your logo, selection of fonts for logo, the color of the logo, and other elements combine together to open (or close) the door of your company for the potential customers. 

Elements of Design Leading to The Logo

Elements of logo design

Before you browse through different types of logos and pick one, there are a lot of elements to consider. A lot. Contradictory to the above-mentioned, overwhelming statement, all these elements combine to become a separate and easier concept: corporate identity. 

In simple terms, corporate identity is a part of brand identity – the face of it. Starting from tagline, color palette, fonts for logo, imagery, and tone of voice to product-centric brochures, flyers, and packaging design – it is a vast yet well put-together aspect of a company. 

While logo is the most given aspect of the elements of design, it is quite layered itself. Designing a logo involves selecting the type of logo that suits the design of your company in its entirety, understanding the psychology behind colors and putting it to the best use while creating color palette for the logo and other design elements, and lastly, completing it with typography that beats all other fonts for logos. 

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Types of Logos

Your logo is going to set the standards of your company and products. Period. Thus, you need to ensure you hit the nail on the head. Regardless of whether you choose to plan to design your logo through a template or by hiring a professional logo maker, a decent way to ensure you understand which logo you want is by getting acquainted with the types of logos.

Wordmarks (a.k.a. Logotypes)

Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

A few brands have no inclination towards graphics and choose rather to put their name up front. All things considered, these types of logos are a full-fledged approach as these are an effortless path of putting your organization name as a logo. If you choose this type of logo, it is important to understand that here typography is everything. Whatever your textual style decision, it must be readable yet attractive. Additionally, Wordmark logos admirably work wonders when an organization has a distinctive and memorable name. Google has been supporting this claim since 1998.

Abstract Logo Marks

Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

As the name suggests, an abstract logo is not simply a recognizable symbol, rather a combination of geometric symbols . In contrast to a bird or a panda, this type of logo is more of a specific type of pictorial logo. Similar to all imagery, abstract design turned into a logo works great on the grounds that they consolidate your entire brand identity  into a single picture. Nonetheless, rather than being confined to an image of something familiar, abstract logos let you make something genuinely unique to showcase your company, products, and services through a logo.

Lettermarks (a.k.a. Monogram Logos)

Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

HP, CNN, IBM, H&M… see a pattern? These companies have become memorable names as well as logos by simply putting together the entire name into abbreviation or initials. With complicated or lengthy names, the chances of customers remembering it delay with each letter. Furthermore, if your company works in a minimalist and simplistic way, a lettermark logo is the way to convey the same to your customers. However, typography plays a crucial role in creating lettermarks. After all, all you can use are fonts and color (for the most part).


Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

For the companies targeting younger generations, this type of logo can market and brand itself. Mascot is an illustrated character that speaks for your organization. Consider them the fun (yet fictional) ambassador for your brand. These types of logos are more adaptable than your run-of-the-mill logo as their appearances and perspective depends on an individual. Thus, providing something pleasing for everyone. 

Some of the most famous mascots are the Kool-Aid Man and KFC’s Colonel. These companies have proven that Mascots are incredible for organizations that aspire to build a wholesome environment for families and kids.

Pictorial Marks (a.k.a Logo Symbols)

Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

Power of Pictorial Marks: the iconic Apple; it has changed our association to the fruit. Unlike the abstract logos, these are directed towards making a connection with customers through familiarity. Eventually, becoming memorable for decades. 

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However, let’s get it out in the open: creating these types of logos require an ample amount of creativity and effort. Thus, it becomes crucial for a company to hire a professional logo designer and let them do what they know the best. 

Combination Mark

Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

What’s in the name? Well, a lot. And that is exactly what Combination Marks prove. These logos do precisely what it says on the package: it joins an image with a word to make an effectively unmistakable logo. The image and text can be spread out side-by-side, incorporated together to make a picture, or stacked on top of one another. With both, the text and graphics working together, these types of logos are strongly memorable. 


Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

Also known as Crests, these types of logos are a perfect blend of typography and graphics. For the most part, the Emblems are created by putting a piece of text inside a symbol or an icon. While these logos have been around for a very long time, they still manage to enhance the overall corporate identity of newer companies. Similar to me, Education and automobile industries are huge fans of Emblems. 

In spite of the fact that all the types of logos are simply a combination of imagery and fonts, a well-skilled designer knows that each kind of logo brings a different vibe to a brand – and how to do the same.

Did Nike Swoosh?

Types of Logos | Creating the Ultimate Logo Design for Your Company

Nike logo history is anything but a series of random acts into designing a logo. Named after the Greek Goddess, meaning Victory, Nike promotes a fast-paced, successful movement. So, what is it that the company did differently and became a leading brand for sports enthusiasts?

It combined the sound of Swoosh – what we hear when there is pace involved, and put it into a simple, appropriate, and memorable logo. The Nike logo history proves that even the simplest of creations in designing can represent the thoughts put into it. 

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